Definition of Antioxidant:

A chemical compound that slows or prevents oxygen from reacting with other compounds.  Antioxidants are substances that protect cells from oxidative damage caused by molecules called free radicals.  These chemicals can damage important parts of cells, such as proteins, membranes, and DNA.  Some antioxidants have been shown to have cancer-protecting potential because they neutralize free radicals.  Examples include vitamins C and E, beta carotene, the minerals selenium and germanium, superoxide dismutase (SOD), coenzyme Q10, catalase, and some amino acids.

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Topics Related to Antioxidant

Addictions / Addictive Tendencies

...the condition
“...An antioxidant that supports liver function...”

Aerobic Exercise Need

...relationship to Vitamin E Requirement
“...The inverse relationship between tocopherol levels and levels of body fat may explain why this is a risk factor for coronary heart disease, due to vitamin E's role as an antioxidant and protective agent in cardiovascular disease...”
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More topics Related to Antioxidant

Allergic Rhinitis / Hay Fever

...recommendation Elderberry / Sambucol
“Elderberry is rich in Vitamin C and the bioflavonoid quercetin, both of which are powerful antioxidants and anti-histamine nutrients...”
...recommendation Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
“Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and anti-histamine nutrient...”

Alpha Carotene

...related topic
“...Studies have shown that several carotenoids other than beta carotene are potent antioxidants that provide profound health benefits...”

Alpha Lipoic Acid a treatment
“...Lipoic Acid is considered to be among the elite, multipurpose antioxidants and has been variously called "the universal antioxidant" or the "ideal oxidant"...”

Alzheimer's Disease

...recommendation Melatonin
“Melatonin, a powerful antioxidant and heavy-metal-chelating agent, has been shown to protect against heavy metal exposure which is in turn implicated in Alzheimer's Disease...”
...recommendation Vitamin E
“Ensure sufficient antioxidant intake.  A study of more than 5,000 men and women found that people who consumed very high amounts of dark green, yellow, and red vegetables appear to reduce their risk of dementia by about...”

American Skullcap a treatment
“...Both baicalin and baicalein are powerful antioxidants, protecting red blood cells from free radical damage better than vitamin E can...”

Aminoguanidine a treatment
“...Oxidative damage plays a role in the glycosylation process, which helps to explain why antioxidant supplements have shown benefit in preventing diseases associated with diabetes...”

Andropause/Male Menopause

...recommendation DIM / I3C
“...At the basic level of lipoprotein status, 2-hydroxy and 2-methoxy estrogens are powerful antioxidants.  In recent experiments, these metabolites, whose production is promoted by DIM, have been shown to prevent the oxidation of human lipoproteins...”

Antioxidant Requirement

...the condition
“...Many compounds in the food we eat are antioxidants: they join (react) with these reactive molecules and thus prevent them from damaging our bodies...”
...relationship to Parkinson's Disease
“...Numerous studies have shown that Parkinson's disease victims have low levels of natural antioxidants (glutathione and superoxide dismutase) and high levels of iron in the substantia nigra areas of their brains...”
...relationship to Atherosclerosis
“High-potency antioxidant supplements can reduce atherosclerosis in humans...”

Antioxidants a treatment
Antioxidants can be conceptualized in a number of different ways: as insurance against some of the more visible effects of aging; as a weapon in our fight to make our average life expectancy more...”

Artichoke Extract a treatment
“...It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities...”


...recommendation Increased Fruit/Vegetable Consumption
“Vitamin C, present in fruits, is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent...”
...recommendation Bioflavonoids
“...It is also an antioxidant.  Other flavones also inhibit histamine release, but to a lesser degree.”


...the condition
“...degrees of negative attitudes (such as hostility and cynical distrust), excessive experience of negative emotions (such as depression, anger, and anxiety), and high ratio of free radical markers to antioxidants.  Pain and cramps at the site of the narrowed artery, such as chest pain or leg cramps when walking; a hardened feel, like small, hard pipes, of arteries in forearms or carotid arteries in...”
...recommendation Selenium
“Considered to be from 200 to 500 times more potent an antioxidant than vitamin E, selenium and vitamin E are synergistic as antioxidants and inhibit or prevent the damage to tissues by free radicals which have been cited as causal factors in heart...”

Beetroot a treatment
“...Consuming beetroot increases the level of antioxidants in the liver...”

Beta 1,3 Glucan a treatment
“...Cholesterol reduction through cell activation and antioxidant activity.  Beta glucan is used to maintain or stimulate the effectiveness of the immune system...”

Beta-Carotene a treatment
“...Beta-carotene is a common ingredient in multi-vitamin, immune enhancing, as well as antioxidant formulations...”
...related topic
“The most abundant of the carotenoids, beta-carotene has strong provitamin A activity and is a stronger antioxidant than vitamin A...”

BHT (Butylated Hydroxytoluene) a treatment
“An FDA-approved preservative for food, oils and fats, this powerful antioxidant is mentioned in books such as Pearson and Shaw's Life Extension and Mann and Fowke's Wipe Out Herpes with BHT...”

Bilberry a treatment
“...The ability of the flavonoids found in bilberry to stabilize collagen as well as their potent antioxidant activity make them very good agents for joint care...”

Bioflavonoid Need

...the condition
“...They possess antioxidant properties that help fight poor health and aging...”

Bioflavonoids a treatment
“...Bioflavonoids are antioxidants and reduce blood cell stickiness and decrease bleeding from small, fragile vessels...”

Calcium-D-Glucarate a treatment
“...Scientists are discovering that, like antioxidants such as vitamin C, carotenoids, and folic acid, D-Glucarate appears to protect against cancer and other diseases – but through a different mechanism...”

Cancer, General

...recommendation Plant-Based Nutrition
“...Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidant substances, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, and carotenoids, which protect cells against oxidative damage, which is related to cancer risk and other health problems...”

Carnosine a treatment
“...As an antioxidant, carnosine potently quenches that most destructive of free radicals, the hydroxyl, as well as superoxide, singlet oxygen and the peroxyl radical...”


...related topic
“...Carotenoids have antioxidant activity and some, but not all, can act as precursors of vitamin A...”

Catalase a treatment
“...It is an antioxidant.”


...the condition
“...The lens, like many other tissues of the body, is dependent on adequate levels and activities of superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase, glutathione (GSH), and adequate levels of the accessory antioxidants vitamins E and C and selenium, to help prevent free radical damage...”
...recommendation Increased Fruit/Vegetable Consumption
“People with low blood levels of antioxidants and those who eat few antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables have been reported to be at high risk for cataracts...”

Chanca Piedra (Break-Stone) a treatment
“...The phenolic component that it has, have been identified as a strong antioxidant.  It is also known its hepatoprotector effect on the Hepatitis type B, C, A, herpes, and HIV...”

Chinese Skullcap a treatment
“...It also appears to have antiepileptic, anti-insomnia, anti-histamine, antioxidant, antianxiety, antifungal, antiviral, and anticancer properties, but more research is needed...”

Chlorophyll a treatment
“...Chlorophyll is known as a "super food" because of the range and quantity of nutrients (vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and essential fatty acids) that it contains, including...”

Chocolate a treatment
“Dark chocolate (not milk chocolate or dark chocolate eaten with milk) has recently been found to be a potent antioxidant.  Antioxidants remove free radicals from the body – destructive molecules that are implicated in heart disease and other ailments...”

Chronic Renal Insufficiency

...recommendation Vitamin E
“...This reflects increased oxidative activity and suggests the need for antioxidants such as vitamin E...”

Cilantro a treatment
“...The herb contains an antioxidant that helps prevent animal fats from turning rancid...”

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) a treatment
“Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a potent antioxidant, immune stimulant, and anticancer agent in all species of animals tested...”

Coconut a treatment
“...It is quickly metabolized, and functions in some ways as an antioxidant.  Every study using natural, unprocessed coconut oil found a normalizing of cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure...”

Coffee a treatment
“...Caffeine is a digestive stimulant, an appetite depressant, and an antioxidant.  It is a powerful diuretic, but loses its effect with continued use...”

Concern Over Wrinkled Skin

...recommendation Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
“...These two antioxidants intercept free radicals before they can damage your skin...”
...recommendation Vitamin E
“...These two antioxidants intercept free radicals before they can damage your skin...”

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

...recommendation Cysteine / N-Acetylcysteine (NAC)
“...NAC may also protect lung tissue through its antioxidant activity.”
...recommendation Increased Fruit/Vegetable Consumption
“A diet high in antioxidants may protect against the free-radical-damaging effect of environmental toxins or cigarette smoke...”

Copper a treatment
“...It is also one of the most important blood antioxidants.  A copper deficiency causes higher serum cholesterol levels along with the lesions similar to those seen in coronary artery disease...”

CoQ10 (Ubiquinone) a treatment
“...It also functions as an antioxidant which is important in its clinical effects...”

Coronary Disease / Heart Attack

...recommendation Vitamin E
“...Free radical stress can be reduced with antioxidants such as vitamin E...”
...recommendation Plant-Based Nutrition
“Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidant substances, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, and carotenoids, which protect cells against oxidative damage, which is related to cancer risk and other health problems...”
...recommendation Selenium
“Selenium is considered to be from 200 to 500 times more potent an antioxidant than Vitamin E...”

Cranberry Juice a treatment
“...Additionally, a healthy dose of dietary fiber, antioxidants and phytochemical nutrients help to protect you against heart disease and cancer...”

Crohn's Disease

...recommendation Superoxide Dismutase
“A study from France demonstrated the use of an antioxidant called superoxide dismutase and desferoxamine (an iron chelating drug) which allowed 82% of severe Crohn's patients to go into remission.”


...related topic
“...Cysteine is a sulfur-bearing amino acid with antioxidant properties...”

Cysteine / N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) a treatment
“...NAC helps the body synthesize glutathione, an important antioxidant.  Cysteine is the rate-limiting amino acid in the production of glutathione...”

DMAE a treatment
“...Improves free-radical scavenging of other antioxidants.  Increases life span, including maximum life span, in experimental animals...”

DMAE Requirement

...the condition
“DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) is an antioxidant and free radical deactivator which is found naturally in the human brain...”

DMSO Topically a treatment
“...It is an antioxidant – a scavenger of the free radicals that gather at the site of injury...”

Down's Syndrome

...recommendation Vitamin E
“...Antioxidants such as vitamin E provide protection in such situations.”

Eclampsia / Preeclampsia

...recommendation Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
“Several studies imply that harmful free radicals called lipid peroxides contribute to preeclampsia, and that women with this condition are low in the antioxidants that combat them...”

Essential Fatty Acids a treatment
“...LNA requires the same antioxidants, minerals and vitamins necessary for LA functions...”

Excess Phytates in Diet

...the condition
“...Phytates act as an antioxidant.  Scientists are beginning to express concern over excess iron in the body for this reason...”

Excess Protein Consumption

...the condition
“...In general, high protein diets, depending on the food choices of the diet, increase risk for the following: inadequate vitamins and minerals (especially antioxidants), low fiber intake, high total and saturated fat intake, excess caloric intake, excess protein intake...”

Fried Foods Avoidance a treatment
“...Olive oil also has antioxidant qualities which may reduce the risk of diseases such as cancer...”

Gallbladder Disease

...relationship to Low Melatonin Level
“...Melatonin inhibits cholesterol secretion from the gallbladder, helps convert cholesterol to bile, and as an antioxidant can reduce oxidative stress on the gallbladder...”

General Detoxification Requirement

...the condition
“...Many of the antioxidant nutrients found in a healthful diet neutralize free radical molecules...”

Germanium a treatment
“...It is known to possess powerful antioxidant properties that enable the body to fight the harmful effects of free radicals...”

Ginger Root a treatment
“...Also, it is a very mild anticoagulant and contains twelve potent antioxidants.  It also has a claim for antiaging...”

Ginkgo Biloba a treatment
“...Ginkgo is a mild antioxidant and may be useful in asthma, coughs, and allergies...”


...recommendation Vitamin E
“The evidence in favor of vitamin E for kidney diseases in general is not strong, but there are some studies which suggest that the antioxidant effect of vitamin E may be beneficial in cases of chronic kidney disease...”


...related topic
“...Glutathione acts as an antioxidant and detoxicant and is involved with the selenium-containing enzyme glutathione peroxidase...”

Glutathione Peroxidase

...related topic
“A family of antioxidant enzymes containing selenium which are important in the reduction of different hydroperoxides, including hydrogen peroxide which is involved in the irritation of the gastrointestinal tract...”

Gout / Hyperuricemia

...the condition
“...Though an excess of uric acid is known to cause gout, recent studies show that, in proper concentrations in the blood, it has antioxidant properties and helps protect the cells and tissues from irritation and damage caused by singlet oxygens and hydroxyl free radicals...”
...recommendation against Molybdenum
“...deficiency may reduce uric acid formation, which was not previously thought to be a problem, but it may be important to supplement molybdenum to maintain uric acid levels in midnormal range for the antioxidant function as well as possible others.”

Grape Seed Extract a treatment
“With high levels of oligomeric proanthocyanidin, which is 50 times more potent than vitamin E and 20 times more potent than vitamin C, grape seed extract is an antioxidant and free-radical scavenger par excellence...”

Green Tea a treatment
“...Green Tea has demonstrated superior antioxidant properties in experimental studies than vitamin C or E...”

Hawthorn Berry Extract a treatment
“...It also has antioxidant effects.  While many herbalists recommend the whole, dried berries, leaves or flowers; extracts are available in which the extract has been standardized to various amounts of vitexin...”


...recommendation Vitamin E
“...In a preliminary study of people with hepatitis C, 544 IU of vitamin E per day for 24 weeks improved the response to interferon/antioxidant therapy, although the results did not reach statistical significance...”
...recommendation Picrorhiza
“...This confirmed earlier evidence suggesting picrorhiza contains antioxidant glycosides...”
...recommendation L-Glutathione
“Glutathione (500mg twice a day) or N-acetyl cysteine (200mg two to three times per day) provide liver cleansing and antioxidant support.”
...recommendation Dandelion
“...It also stimulates the liver's production of Glutathione S-transferase (GST) — an important antioxidant that also helps cleanse the blood.”

Hives (Urticaria)

...recommendation Food Additive Avoidance
“Food additives that have been shown to trigger hives include colorants (azo dyes), flavorings (salicylates), artificial sweeteners (aspartame), preservatives (benzoates, nitrites, sorbic acid), antioxidants (hydroxytoluene, sulfite, gallate), and emulsifiers/stabilizers (polysorbates, vegetable gums).”

Honey a treatment
“...Honey is a good source of antioxidants, which play a big role in the prevention of cancer and heart disease...”

Hot Drinks a treatment
“...At the forefront of these compounds are so-called flavonoids, which act as powerful antioxidants.  In this way, these compounds help protect the body against the damage that can be done by free radicals...”

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

...recommendation Vitamin E
“Vitamin E is a unique antioxidant containing a lubricating oil which is thought to prevent constipation...”
...recommendation Cranberry Juice
“Although it is not a cure for IBS, the antioxidants and flavonoids found in cranberry juice can help calm inflammation in the stomach and digestive tract due to IBS...”

IP6 - Inositol Hexaphosphate a treatment
“...IP6 is a premier antioxidant.  Research has shown that IP6 can help prevent kidney stone formation, complications of diabetes (i.e. cataracts, renal damage), lung fibrosis, fatty liver disease, sickle cell anemia...”

Lactoferrin a treatment
“...It is involved in fighting against infection and inflammation and it acts as an antioxidant.  Lactoferrin is a glycoprotein that belongs to the iron transporter or transferrin family...”

L-Glutathione a treatment
“...L-glutathione is a powerful antioxidant; it is necessary for carbohydrate metabolism; it has anti-aging properties and breaks down oxidized fats...”

Lipoic acid

...related topic
“(Thioctic Acid) A sulfur-containing coenzyme used in the energy process which is also an extremely powerful antioxidant capable of trapping many different types of free radicals in the body...”

Liver Detoxification Phase II Support a treatment
“...Antioxidants reduce the damage caused by these free radicals...”

L-Taurine a treatment
“...Taurine specifically supports heart function with its antioxidant action, by preventing arrhythmias, reducing hypertension, reducing platelet stickiness and by improving cardiac contractility...”

Lung Cancer

...recommendation Vitamin E
“...The researchers attribute the decrease in cancer to vitamin E's antioxidant properties and anticancer properties...”

Lutein a treatment
“Lutein is an effective antioxidant in the body and is found in the region of the retina called the macula and in the lens of the eye...”

Lycopene a treatment
“Lycopene, found primarily in tomatoes, is a member of the carotenoid family, which includes beta-carotene and similar compounds found naturally in food, and has potent antioxidant capabilities...”

Macular Degeneration

...recommendation Bilberry
“Bilberry contains compounds which act as antioxidants in the retina, making it a possible preventive measure for macular degeneration...”
...recommendation Lutein
“Lutein, an antioxidant found in spinach and kale, works extremely well in protecting the retina against sunlight damage...”
...recommendation Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
“...Since oxidative damage of the eye can cause macular degeneration, taking antioxidants may lower the disease's occurrence...”
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More topics Related to Antioxidant

Magnesium a treatment
“...One of the most powerful antioxidants for your heart and circulatory system, magnesium is important for proper nerve, lung and cardiac function...”

Manganese a treatment
“...Manganese can be found in arthritis, osteoporosis and antioxidant formulations; among others...”

Manganese Requirement

...the condition
“...It also has also antioxidant, free-radical-fighting properties...”

Melatonin a treatment
“...While melatonin is widely touted as an antioxidant, the current evidence suggests that it is not an important antioxidant when typical concentrations are used...”

Methionine a treatment
“...Methionine prevents fat build-up by assisting in the breakdown of fats; it detoxifies the digestive system; it is a powerful antioxidant; it reduces histamine levels; helps women excrete estrogen; helps to detoxify the liver...”
...related topic
“...It is an antioxidant nutrient and lipotropic agent which promotes the physiological utilization of fat.”

MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) a treatment
“...It also contributes a sulfur to the body needed to make vitamins such as B1 and the antioxidant amino acid glutathione...”

Multiple Vitamin Need

...the condition
“...goal, why settle for less with a marginal nutrient status?  Select populations will benefit from specific supplementation as in the following examples ... Daily vitamin/mineral supplements with antioxidant nutrients can reduce infections in the elderly by enhancing immune function...”
...our question about Low-carbohydrate dieting
“...of disease-promoting substances like the cholesterol and saturated fat, and industrial pollutants and carcinogens in meat, yet restrict one's intake of fiber and the literally thousands of antioxidants and phytochemicals found exclusively in the plant kingdom (like the carotenoids, lycopenes, bioflavonoids, phytic acid, indoles, isothiocyanates, and so on) that have "anti-aging...”

Multiple Vitamin Supplement a treatment
“...Multiple vitamins or supplements should contain the antioxidants vitamin C (250-1,000mg), vitamin E (100-400 IU), and beta-carotene (10-30mg)...”

Myeloproliferative Neoplasm

...the condition
“...The following supplements may help: A daily multivitamin containing the antioxidant vitamins A, C, E, the B-complex vitamins, and trace minerals such as magnesium, calcium, zinc, and selenium; Omega-3 fatty acids such as fish oil, 1 – 2 capsules or 1 – 3 tablespoonfuls...”

NADH a treatment
“...NADH is the body's most potent antioxidant, but any comments on the mechanism of action are speculative...”

Noni a treatment
“...Their conclusion: "The results suggest that prevention of carcinogen-DNA adduct formation and the antioxidant activity of TNJ may contribute to the cancer preventive effect of Morinda citrifolia...”

Olive Leaf Extract a treatment
“Olive leaf extract contains oleuropein, a bitter substance with antiviral, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties...”

Olive Oil a treatment
“...Olive oil also contains saturated fatty acids (8-14%), polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs at 4-20%), and other important minor constituents, particularly antioxidants, such as vitamin E and polyphenols...”


...recommendation Vitamin E
“...The benefit was thought to be due to vitamin E's antioxidant and membrane stabilizing actions...”

Oxidative Stress

...related topic
“An imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in the body in which there are more free radicals present than can be kept in balance by antioxidants...”

Parasite Cleanse a treatment
“...Also recommended are rice products, high vitamin-C and antioxidant rich foods such as citrus fruits, broccoli, strawberries, melons and Brussels sprouts...”

Parkinson's Disease

...the condition
“...The fact that antioxidants retard the development and slow the progression of existing Parkinson's disease was demonstrated in 1991 in a pilot study carried out by Dr. Stanley Fahn of Columbia University...”
...recommendation Increased Fruit/Vegetable Consumption
“Fruit is a good source of antioxidants.”
...recommendation Vitamin A
“Vitamin A works with other antioxidants to provide a protective effect.”
...recommendation Melatonin
“Melatonin is one of the most powerful antioxidants in the brain, and can help to gradually slow down chronic degenerative brain diseases such as Parkinsons.”
...recommendation Grape Seed Extract
“...Proanthocyanidins are water-soluble antioxidants that are stronger than vitamin C and which readily cross into the brain fluid...”
...recommendation Glutamine
“Raising glutathione levels (a potent antioxidant and detoxifier) will provide a protective effect...”
...recommendation Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
“...Inasmuch as vitamin C is a highly effective antioxidant and is particularly adept in quenching hydroxyl radicals (the main culprits in the dopamine-cell destruction), it is becoming increasingly clear that this vitamin may be an excellent...”
...recommendation CoQ10 (Ubiquinone)
“Other antioxidants such as coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone) and proanthocyanidins may be equally or more effective than vitamins C and E...”
...recommendation L-Glutathione
“Since the discovery more than a decade ago that Parkinson's patients suffer from a profound deficiency of the powerful brain antioxidant glutathione, medical researchers have been actively exploring techniques to administer this naturally-occurring chemical...”


...related topic
“...It is also a powerful antioxidant protecting the body from age-causing free radicals.”

Poor Memory

...recommendation Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
“Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which inhibits free-radical damage of cells and improves circulation, both of which are necessary for mental activity...”

Poor/Slow Wound Healing

...recommendation Superoxide Dismutase
“...SOD and other antioxidants such as vitamins C and D stop the free-radical oxidation process and promote the healing and repair process itself...”
...recommendation Gotu Kola
“Known for its remarkable wound healing properties, centella has been found to induce levels of antioxidants in wounds and newly-formed tissue, including superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase, vitamin E, and vitamin C...”
...recommendation Turmeric Extract, Curcumin
“Curcumin is an extract of the spice turmeric, known to have antioxidant properties and other health benefits...”
...recommendation Copper
“...Copper also plays a critical role in the synthesis of the natural antioxidant called copper/zinc superoxide dismutase (SOD)...”

Pregnancy-Related Issues

...recommendation Selenium
“...The same study suggests that the antioxidant selenium protects the cell membrane, thereby maintaining appropriate levels of magnesium...”
...recommendation Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
“Several studies imply that harmful free radicals called lipid peroxides contribute to preeclampsia, and that women with this condition are low in the antioxidants that combat them...”
...recommendation Vitamin E
“Several studies imply that harmful free radicals called lipid peroxides contribute to pre-eclampsia, and that women with this condition are low in the antioxidants that combat them...”

Premature/Signs of Aging

...the condition
“...A health restoration program could include many modern laboratory assessments such as testing for antioxidant status, digestive analysis, immune system function, hormone status, circulation, and other aging markers...”
...recommendation Selenium
“Considered to be from 200 to 500 times more potent an antioxidant than vitamin E, selenium and vitamin E are synergistic as antioxidants and inhibit or prevent the damage to tissues by free radicals which have been cited as causal factors in heart...”


...related topic
“Also called procyanidin, it is a powerful antioxidant that chemically belongs to the class of bioflavonoids...”

Propolis a treatment
“...Flavonoids are well-known plant compounds that have antioxidant, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties...”

Pumpkin Seeds a treatment
“...The seeds also exhibit antioxidant activity and anti-inflammatory properties...”

Raw Food/Fruitarian Diet Consequences

...the condition
“...The raw food diet is attracting more recognition following the discovery of phytochemicals, antioxidants, bioflavonoids and the other cancer-fighting, rejuvenating elements in fruits and vegetables...”

Red Wine a treatment
“...Particular compounds called polyphenols, such as catechins and resveratrol, are thought to have antioxidant or anti-cancer properties...”

Rheumatoid Arthritis

...recommendation Manganese
“Manganese functions in the antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase (manganese SOD), which is deficient in patients with rheumatoid arthritis...”
...recommendation Selenium
“...Selenium plays an important role as an antioxidant and serves as the mineral cofactor in the free-radical scavenging enzyme glutathione peroxidase...”

Rosemary a treatment
“...This herb's antioxidant power was used for centuries to preserve food...”

Sage a treatment
“Sage acts as an effective antioxidant and is approved by Commission E for use against indigestion and excessive perspiration...”

Schisandra Berry a treatment
“...on liver function, especially its protective effect on the liver, its effect on the production of various liver-detoxifying enzymes, the activation of the CYP450 enzyme system, as well as the antioxidant activity of the extract...”

Selenium a treatment
“...The antioxidant properties of selenium are related to this interaction as well as its active selenoprotein involvement in glutathione metabolism...”
...related topic
“An essential element involved primarily in enzymes that are antioxidants.  Three selenium- containing enzymes are antioxidant peroxidases and a fourth selenium-containing enzyme is involved in thyroid hormone production...”

Selenium Allergy Protocol a treatment
“...Dr. Levine has published a number of interesting articles regarding his theories of how selenium works as an antioxidant.  The main thing to remember is that it is a slow process and may take two months before the ability to tolerate petrochemicals has improved...”

Siberian Ginseng a treatment
“...Siberian ginseng has also been used in antioxidant, hypoglycemic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-hypertensive studies, with some beneficial results...”

Silymarin / Milk Thistle a treatment
“...Milk Thistle Extract is many times more potent in antioxidant activity than vitamin E...”

Soy Isoflavones a treatment
“...Soy isoflavones have antioxidant properties which protect the cardiovascular system from oxidation of LDL (the bad) cholesterol...”

Stomach Cancer

...the condition
“...In contrast, a diet rich in antioxidant vitamins (A, C and E), available in fresh fruit and vegetables, is thought to be protective against stomach cancer...”
...recommendation Increased Fruit/Vegetable Consumption
“Eating a diet rich in fruit and vegetables (which contain antioxidant vitamins) will reduce the risk of stomach problems, including cancer.”

Sunlight Exposure a treatment
“...First, while ultraviolet radiation generates free radicals that can do damage, dietary antioxidants and skin pigmentation are nature's way of fighting free radicals...”

Superoxide Dismutase a treatment
“Superoxide dismutase (SOD) is an antiinflammatory, antioxidant enzyme produced by the body that protects against joint inflammation...”
...related topic
“An antioxidant enzyme which helps protect cells from free-radical damage.”

Supplemental Fiber a treatment
“...Vegetables, nuts, whole grains and legumes are the best dietary sources of fiber – and are nutrient dense foods high in micronutrients, protein and antioxidants.  The bottom line: Fiber really is good for you...”

Susceptibility To Miscarriages

...recommendation Magnesium
“...The same study suggests that the antioxidant selenium protects the cell membrane, thereby maintaining appropriate levels of magnesium...”

Syndrome X / Metabolic Syndrome

...recommendation Vitamin E
“Vitamin E is an important antioxidant that protects against free radical damage caused by high glucose and insulin levels in the blood...”
...recommendation Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
“Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that protects against infection and boosts the immune system...”
...recommendation Selenium
“Selenium is a mineral that works alongside vitamin E as part of the antioxidant protection against free radical damage caused by high insulin levels...”

Tendency To Sunburn Easily

...the condition
“...Its accomplices are loss of moisture and essential fatty acids, and the body's nutritional status – especially low antioxidant levels.  Prevention is best...”
...recommendation Vitamin E
“Vitamins C and E (antioxidants) help reduce the damage due to free radicals produced through exposure to UV light...”
...recommendation Increased Fruit/Vegetable Consumption
“For added protection under the sun, take advantage of fresh fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants, like carotenoids and flavonoids, and high in potassium.”

Test Antioxidant Status a treatment
Antioxidants represent our front line of defense against major health conditions such as heart disease, cancer and macular degeneration...”

Test Melatonin Levels a treatment
“...It can also serve as a chronobiological indicator of the aging process because of its important antioxidant contributions...”

Test Serum Uric Acid Levels a treatment
“...Cardiovascular Disease Although uric acid can act as an antioxidant, excess serum accumulation is often associated with cardiovascular disease...”

The Effects Of Overtraining

...relationship to Antioxidant Requirement
“...Free radicals deplete the body's supply of antioxidants, which increases risk of developing various disease conditions.”

Thymic Factors a treatment
“...Antioxidants like vitamins C and E, beta carotene and selenium help to protect the thymus from free radicals, unstable molecules that damage our cells...”


...related topic
“...The thymus appears to need plenty of balanced protein, and antioxidants such as carotenes, zinc, selenium, and vitamins C, E and B6.”


...related topic
“Any of several fat-soluble, oily, phenolic compounds with antioxidant vitamin E activity...”


...related topic
“...Tocotrienols have recently been isolated and have antioxidant capabilities greater than vitamins C and E.”

Turmeric a treatment
“...Turmeric (curcumin) has been shown to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cholesterol-lowering, platelet aggregation inhibition, hepatoprotective, carminative, and antimicrobial activities...”

Uric Acid Levels Low

...the condition
“Several issues are raised when levels of serum uric acid (a natural antioxidant) are low.  It has previously been thought that lower uric acid levels were not associated with any problems but that may not be the case...”

Varicose Veins

...recommendation Bioflavonoids
“Bioflavonoids may be useful because of their reported antioxidant properties, their ability to increase the strength of the capillaries, and to regulate their permeability...”


...recommendation Bioflavonoids
“Due to its antioxidant effect, quercetin can inhibit inflammatory processes mediated by "leukotrienes" (inflammatory agents a thousand times more powerful than histamines), hyaluronidase (collagen-destroying...”

Vinpocetine a treatment
“...By inhibiting PDE1, as well as through its antioxidant properties, vinpocetine reduces the viscosity, or "stickiness," of red blood cells and platelets...”

Vitamin A a treatment
“...Vitamin A is a very powerful antioxidant for your heart and circulatory system...”

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) a treatment
“...Thiamine is an antioxidant nutrient that helps the body to inhibit the formation of the damaging free radicals...”

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) a treatment
“...Vitamin B2 is an antioxidant nutrient that helps the body inhibit the formation of damaging free radicals...”

Vitamin B3 (Niacin) a treatment
“...It is an antioxidant nutrient that helps the body inhibit the formation of damaging free radicals; it lowers blood levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglycerides...”

Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) a treatment
“Vitamin B5 (also calcium pantothenate) is an antioxidant nutrient that helps the body inhibit the formation of damaging free radicals...”

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) a treatment
“...Vitamin B6 is an antioxidant nutrient that helps the body inhibit the formation of damaging free radicals...”

Vitamin B6 Requirement

...the condition
“...Once again, choose the organic alternatives; Antioxidants in the petroleum industry and plating materials and anti-tarnish agents used in metal manufacturing; Tartrazine (yellow dye #5): From 1949-1970 nearly 1 million pounds per year were used...”

Vitamin C

...related topic
“A water-soluble antioxidant vitamin essential to the body's health...”

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) a treatment
“...It is not known for sure if mega doses of antioxidants, such as vitamin C, can help decrease the risk for chronic diseases...”

Vitamin C Requirement

...the condition
“...Vitamin C may also reduce the risk of certain chronic diseases by acting as an antioxidant.  Antioxidants help the body fight the effects of free radicals, which can damage the body's cells...”

Vitamin E a treatment
“...Vitamin E works alongside other antioxidant nutrients including selenium, vitamin C, beta-carotene and others to quench free radicals, peroxides and other potentially harmful substances...”
...related topic
“...As an antioxidant, helps protect cell membranes, lipoproteins, fats and vitamin A from destructive oxidation...”

Vitamin Paba a treatment
“...PABA is an antioxidant nutrient that inhibits the formation of the damaging free radicals (unbonded oxygen molecules that cause aging and degeneration)...”

Weakened Immune System

...the condition
“...breastfed as a baby, exercising sufficiently but not excessively, stress management, avoiding food and other allergens, and being well-nourished; supplements such as TMG, zinc, vitamin C and other antioxidants; hormones such as HGH (human growth hormone – can be used homeopathically) and DHEA; colloidal silver, and l-arginine...”

Zinc a treatment
“...Zinc, in general, is considered an adjunct to the body's overall antioxidant system.  For example, the important free-radical scavenging enzyme super-oxide dismutase (SOD) requires both zinc and copper for its activity...”

Zinc Requirement

...the condition
“...Along with copper and manganese, zinc is a precursor of the antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD)...”
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