Multiple Vitamin Supplement

Multiple Vitamin Supplement: Overview

The need for good high-potency multiple vitamin/mineral supplements for people wanting to function optimally is becoming hard to deny.  When multiple nutrients are recommended, many of their requirements may be met in a single multiple product.  This saves the user time and expense, while providing insurance against potential unrecognized deficiencies.

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Of the major vitamins, some are water-soluble and some are oil-soluble.  Water-soluble vitamins must be taken into the body daily, as they cannot be stored and are excreted within one to four days.  These include vitamin C and the B-complex vitamins.  Oil-soluble vitamins can be stored for longer periods of time in the body's fatty tissue and the liver.  These include vitamins A, D, E and K. Both types of vitamins are needed by the body for proper functioning.

Why it is Recommended

If your desire is only to achieve adequate health then supplementation may not be necessary if your diet is very good.  Optimal health, however, requires optimal nutrient intake; a diet high in processed foods and those grown in increasingly depleted soils virtually guarantees the need for supplementation.


Some principles for supplement selection:

  • The best multiple vitamins should contain a broad range of vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamins A, D, K, all of the B vitamins, and trace minerals, like boron, chromium, copper, iron, manganese, selenium, and zinc.
  • Multiple vitamins should contain about 100%, but no more than 300%, of the daily RDA for each nutrient provided.
  • If you are trying to increase your calcium or magnesium intake, you will probably have to take extra supplements of these nutrients since most multiples contain low amounts.
  • Multiple vitamins or supplements should contain the antioxidants vitamin C (250-1,000mg), vitamin E (100-400 IU), and beta-carotene (10-30mg).
  • If you want to save money, look for supplements that don't contain unnecessary ingredients like lipoic acid or enzymes, or the 'natural' products, unless you feel there is a need for them.
  • If you are spending more than $10 per month on supplements, you are probably paying for unnecessary extras.

Because the potency of most vitamins may be decreased by sunlight, make sure that the container holding your vitamins is dark enough to shield its contents properly.  Vitamin supplements should be kept in a cool, dark place.

All vitamin supplements work best when taken in combination with food.  Unless specified otherwise, oil-soluble vitamins should be taken before meals, and water-soluble ones should be taken after meals.

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Multiple Vitamin Supplement:

Multiple Vitamin Supplement can help with the following:




Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Although all children should benefit from multivitamin supplementation, it is especially important for children with ADHD.


Anorexia / Starvation Tendency

A multivitamin will help compensate for dietary deficiencies.


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Multiple Vitamin Supplement can help prevent the following:

Tumors, Malignant

Colon Cancer

In October of 2003, a massive study of almost 150,000 people was published and found that those who reported they regularly took multivitamin supplements were less likely to be diagnosed a decade later with colon cancer [American Journal of Epidemiology 158 (2003): p.621].  Breaking down the various nutrients, it is thought that perhaps it was the increased calcium and vitamin D intake from supplements that was responsible for the reduced risk [Cancer Causes Control 14 (2003): p.1]  Note that dairy products were NOT found to be protective.

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