Lipoic acid

Definition of Lipoic acid:

(Thioctic Acid) A sulfur-containing coenzyme used in the energy process which is also an extremely powerful antioxidant capable of trapping many different types of free radicals in the body.  Has been used therapeutically in the treatment of AIDS and diabetes because of the synergy between alpha-lipoic acid and vitamin E and the interlocking cycles which lead to better optimization of antioxidant nutrients.  It is also able of chelating (pulling out) heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and mercury.

Topics Related to Lipoic acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid a treatment
“Alternative names: Thioctic Acid or (less common) Thiotic Acid Discovered in 1951, lipoic acid (also called alpha-lipoic acid or ALA) has long been recognized as a coenzyme that helps break down sugar for energy production during the Krebs cycle...”


...recommendation Alpha Lipoic Acid
“It has been reported that lipoic acid has been shown to be helpful for cataracts...”
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More topics Related to Lipoic acid

Diabetes Type II

...recommendation Alpha Lipoic Acid
“...600mg of alpha lipoic acid tid was found to improve polyneuropathy symptoms in patients with type II diabetes...”

Heavy Metal Detoxification / Avoidance a treatment
“...An increasing number of doctors are using Alpha Lipoic Acid concurrently with the strong chelators DMPS or DMSA...”

Heavy Metal Toxicity

...recommendation Alpha Lipoic Acid
“Sources of sulfur such as alpha lipoic acid, MSM and garlic are helpful for protection against heavy metals in general and specifically useful in mercury toxicity...”


...recommendation Alpha Lipoic Acid
“Alpha lipoic acid is given in a dose of 300mg at least twice per day for hepatitis B or C...”
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More topics Related to Lipoic acid

L-Glutathione a treatment
“...Alpha lipoic acid, selenium, vitamin C, TMG, NAC, Milk Thistle (silymarin), coffee enemas, cold-processed whey proteins, colostrum, certified raw milk and L-glutamine support increased glutathione levels...”

Liver Detoxification / Support Requirement

...the condition
“...avoidance; Low fat diet; High water-insoluble fiber consumption; Carnitine supplementation (other lipotropics less effective); Protection from free radical damage Vitamins C, E, Zinc, Selenium, Lipoic acid

Mercury Toxicity (Amalgam Illness)

...recommendation Alpha Lipoic Acid
“Sources of sulfur such as alpha lipoic acid, MSM and garlic are helpful for protection against heavy metals in general and specifically useful in mercury toxicity...”

Multiple Vitamin Supplement a treatment
“...If you want to save money, look for supplements that don't contain unnecessary ingredients like lipoic acid or enzymes, or the 'natural' products, unless you feel there is a need for them...”

Syndrome X / Metabolic Syndrome

...recommendation Alpha Lipoic Acid
“Numerous additional studies have indicated that alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is useful for the treatment of diabetes mellitus which follows syndrome X...”
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