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All reports include a full-body in-depth health analysis.  A prioritized graph indicates disease conditions that you have, are likely to develop, or need to rule out.  All findings are fully explained and referenced.
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Would you like to see prioritized recommendations, including lab testing, medications, diet and lifestyle changes, supplement suggestions, preventive measures, and further reading?
Note: Consult a doctor before taking any action based on your report.
Note: All recommendations are impartial; we do not sell any of them.
Your LifeMeter® Reading
... how healthy am I?
LifeMeter® evaluates your current overall state of health to produce a score ranging from 100 (perfect health) down to 0 (mortality.)
Warning: Your LifeMeter® reading may come as a shock.

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We probe your health from multiple angles
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  • examine any attachments
  • add a detailed review
  • answer follow-up questions
This option can be selected later. See details in our FAQ.

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