Uric Acid Levels Low

Uric Acid Levels Low: Overview

Several issues are raised when levels of serum uric acid (a natural antioxidant) are low.  It has previously been thought that lower uric acid levels were not associated with any problems but that may not be the case.  Low uric acid levels may be associated with a molybdenum deficiency, copper toxicity, and a worsening of multiple sclerosis.

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Causes and Development

Low dietary zinc intakes cause lower uric acid levels.  This effect can be even more pronounced in women taking oral contraceptive medication. [Hess FM et al, 1 December 1977. "Effect of low zinc intake and oral contraceptive agents on nitrogen utilization and clinical findings in young women". The Journal of Nutrition 107 (12): pp2219-27.]

Drug(s) indicated for prevention of hyperphosphatemia in patients with chronic renal failure, can significantly reduce serum uric acid.

Treatment and Prevention

Correcting low or deficient zinc levels can help elevate serum uric acid.  Inosine can be used to elevate uric acid levels.

Signs, symptoms & indicators of Uric Acid Levels Low:

Lab Values - Chemistries


Conditions that suggest Uric Acid Levels Low:


Multiple Sclerosis

It has been proposed – and research is supporting the idea – that low uric acid levels are associated with increased frequency and longer bouts of multiple sclerosis.  Uric acid works by inactivating peroxynitrite, a toxic compound that may cause damage to the central nervous system in MS patients.  Researchers report that they found lower levels of uric acid in the blood of MS patients than of people without the disease.  It appears that high serum uric acid levels protect against the development of MS.  These results raise the possibility that the natural biologic product, uric acid, or a more soluble peroxynitrite scavenger that penetrates the blood brain-barrier more readily might have clinical utility in the treatment of MS. [Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 1998;95: pp.675-680]

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Risk factors for Uric Acid Levels Low:


Molybdenum Need

Xanthine oxidase, the enzyme that immediately produces uric acid, uses molybdenum as a cofactor.  Molybdenum is known to raise uric acid levels, which is why people with gout (a condition of elevated high uric acid levels) are told to avoid molybdenum supplements.

Recommendations for Uric Acid Levels Low:

Laboratory Testing



Uric acid levels can be raised with supplemental molybdenum.  While taking molybdenum orally may raise uric acid levels, IV administration may be required in some cases.  Further evidence of an interaction comes from a study of men who consumed 10 to 15mg of molybdenum per day for prolonged periods who then developed high serum uric acid levels.


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