Definition of Kidneys:

Bean-shaped organs, each about the size of a fist.  They are located near the middle of the back, just below the rib cage.  The kidneys are sophisticated reprocessing machines, each day handling about 50 gallons of blood to sift out about half a gallon of waste products and extra water.  The waste and extra water become urine, which flows to the bladder through tubes called ureters.  The actual filtering occurs in tiny units inside the kidneys called nephrons.  Every kidney has about a million nephrons.  In a nephron, a glomerulus – which is a tiny blood vessel, or capillary – intertwines with a tiny urine-collecting tube called a tubule.  A complicated chemical exchange takes place, as waste materials and water leave your blood and enter your urinary system.  The kidneys recycle chemicals such as sodium, phosphorus, and potassium and thus regulate their levels.  Renal: Pertaining to the kidneys.

Also: Kidney, Renal

Topics Related to Kidneys

A Low IgA Level

...the condition
“...Low levels of IgA occur in some types of leukemia, kidney damage (nephrotic syndrome), a problem with the intestines (enteropathy), and a rare inherited disease that affects muscle coordination (ataxia-telangiectasia)...”

A Low IgG Level

...the condition
“...Other conditions that can result in low levels of IgG include some types of leukemia and a type of kidney damage (nephrotic syndrome)...”
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More topics Related to Kidneys

Acetyl-L-Carnitine a treatment
“...aside from being an incredible anti-aging nutrient, also has shown benefit for multiple medical conditions, including cardiovascular disease such as angina and congestive heart failure, liver and kidney disease, obstructive lung disease, hypoglycemia, and many others...”


...the condition
“...Under normal circumstances the kidneys and lungs automatically compensate for pH imbalances; acidosis occurs when, for some reason, this no longer happens...”
...related topic
“Specifically, the abnormal buildup of acids in the body, commonly caused by diabetes or kidney disease.  Broadly, the potential caused by increased protein intake or metabolism, coupled with inadequate intake (or loss) of alkali.”

Addison's Disease

...the condition
“...It occurs when the adrenal glands, located above each kidney, do not produce enough corticosteroids – in particular, the hormone cortisol, and in some cases, the hormone aldosterone...”

Adrafinil a treatment
“...People with epilepsy, liver or kidney impairment, or those using tranquilizers should avoid Adrafinil and Modafinil...”


...related topic
“The adrenal glands sit on top of each kidney and consist of an outer cortex and an inner medulla...”

Adrenal Cortex

...related topic
“The outer covering of the two adrenal glands that lie atop each kidney.  Embryonically derived from gonad tissue, they make steroid hormones that control electrolytes, the management of fuels, the rate of anabolism, mineral metabolism, glucose metabolism, the...”


...related topic
“A steroid hormone secreted by the adrenal cortex that helps the kidneys regulate the amount of salt and water in your body and, thus, regulate your blood pressure...”

Alfalfa a treatment
“...Genitourinary Conditions: Eliminates stored water, fluid retention and swelling, kidney, kidney stones, bladder and prostrate disorders, relieves urinary issues, and urinary tract and bladder infections...”

Alport Syndrome

...the condition
“Alport Syndrome is an inherited disease that affects the glomeruli, the tiny blood vessels within the kidneys that filter the blood of its wastes...”
...related topic
“...It causes chronic glomerulonephritis with destruction of the glomeruli (the tiny blood vessels within the kidneys that filter the blood) and eventually progresses to end-stage renal disease at an early age...”
...relationship to Chronic Renal Insufficiency
“Alport Syndrome causes progressive kidney damage.  This means that the glomeruli undergo a gradual but persistent process of destruction, leading to kidney failure in many cases...”
...recommendation against Phosphorus
“Treatment of the kidney disease consists of controlling high blood pressure and restricting dietary phosphorus.”

Aluminum Consumption Avoidance a treatment
“...Since aluminum is cumulative toxin, slow-acting and extremely persistent, older people are at particularly at risk: the kidneys and blood-brain barrier lose their effectiveness as we age...”

Alzheimer's Disease

...our question about Duration of suboptimally controlled diabetes
“According to the "Rotterdam Study" reported in the journal Neurology, diabetes mellitus may not only damage the function of the eyes, limbs, kidneys, and heart – it may also impair the function of the brain and hasten the process of senile dementia...”


...relationship to Chronic Renal Insufficiency
“...However, the typical anemia associated with CRF results from decreased production of red blood cells by the bone marrow: failing kidneys no longer produce sufficient erythropoietin, a hormone that stimulates the production of oxygen-carrying red blood cells (RBCs)...”


...the condition
“Angiostrongyliasis is an infection by a nematode from the Angiostrongylus genus of kidney and alimentary tract roundworms...”

Anorexia / Starvation Tendency

...the condition
“...Further possible tests are generally used to look for malnutrition-related health deterioration and other possible explanations for the excess weight loss ... kidney function tests...”
...relationship to Kidney Disease
“The common medical complications of being severely underweight include kidney damage.”
...relationship to Chronic Renal Insufficiency
“The common medical complications of being severely underweight include kidney damage.”

Antibiotics a treatment
“...Use extreme caution and tell your doctor if you have reduced liver or kidney function, or are pregnant or breastfeeding...”

Anticoagulant / Blood Thinner a treatment
“...Anticoagulants may be used as a medication for thrombotic disorders, or to stop clotting in medical equipment such as test tubes, blood transfusion bags, or renal dialysis equipment...”


...the condition
“...The most common risk factors for ascites include hepatitis B, hepatitis C, chronic alcohol abuse, congestive heart failure, malignancy, and kidney disease.  Mild ascites (defined as less than 400ml of fluid being present in an adult) is often without symptoms...”

Aspirin a treatment
“...As a consequence of this, the good effects of COX-2, which gives protection of the stomach and kidneys are lost and problems with this such as ulcers, gastrointestinal bleeding, kidney failure, fluid retention and high blood pressure can occur with the higher dosage...”


...the condition
“...It can affect medium and large arteries in the brain, heart, kidneys, other vital organs, and arms and legs...”


...related topic
“...Usually caused by the inability of the kidney to excrete these compounds.”

Bad Breath (Halitosis)

...relationship to Effects of a Low Carbohydrate Diet
“...The other ketones have to be excreted by the kidneys.  In a study funded by Dr. Atkins himself, most of the people that could stick with the diet reported headaches and halitosis (bad breath).”

Baking Soda a treatment
“...Kidney stones (baking soda makes urine less acidic, which reduces the likelihood of uric acid kidney stone formation); Kidney repair (baking soda is commonly used in dialysis and treating kidney damage...”

Bayberry a treatment
“...Bayberry affects the sodium-potassium balance in the body, so those patients for whom this is important – such as people with kidney disease, high blood pressure, or congestive heart failure, for example – should seek medical advice before using bayberry...”

Beetroot a treatment
“...People suffering from kidney or gallbladder problems should avoid eating beet...”

Bladder Cancer

...our question about How much coffee you drink
“Studies linking coffee consumption with cancer are conflicting and inconclusive at this point, but there is a suggestion of a higher incidence of cancers of the pancreas, ovaries, bladder, and kidneys in coffee drinkers.”
...recommendation Caffeine/Coffee Avoidance
“Studies linking coffee consumption with cancer are conflicting and inconclusive at this point, but there is a suggestion of a higher incidence of cancers of the pancreas, ovaries, bladder, and kidneys in coffee drinkers.”

Bladderwrack a treatment
“...Bladderwrack and other seaweeds that grow in heavy-metal-contaminated waters may contain high levels of these toxins (particularly arsenic and lead), possibly leading to nerve damage, kidney damage or other problems...”

Blastocystosis (Blastocystis hominis)

...recommendation Conventional Drug Avoidance
“...The length of time that one may need to take the medical drug may actually cause damage to one's liver or kidneys.  Therefore, a slower, natural approach is definitely desirable.”

Blood Pressure Check a treatment
“...If you have a family history of high blood pressure, heart or kidney disease, diabetes or stroke, you should be tested annually.”

Body Odor

...the condition
“...The liver, kidneys, and intestines may be 'clogged up', causing odors to escape through the skin...”

Bone Cancer

...the condition
“...Cancers that tend to spread rapidly to bone include those of the breast, lung, prostate, thyroid, and kidney.  Symptoms include bone pain, primarily occurring at night, and bones that easily fracture...”
...relationship to Cancer, General
“Any type of cancer can spread to the bone, but the most common metastasizing cancers are breast, lung, kidney, thyroid, and prostate.”

Boric Acid a treatment
“...Long-term exposure to boric acid may cause kidney damage and, eventually, kidney failure.”

Boron a treatment
“...50% of borate is eliminated via the kidneys in the first 12 hours, and 90% of the remainder is gone within a week, in all but extreme doses...”

Broad Beans a treatment
“...As a detoxifier/cleanser and anti-rheumatic, the broad bean decoction is good for "washing" the kidneys and purifying blood that contains too much uric acid...”

Budd-Chiari Syndrome

...the condition
“...Pregnancy, during which blood clots more easily; Birth control pill use; Inflammatory bowel disease; Parasite infection near the hepatic veins; Liver cancer; Kidney cancer; Infection; Liver trauma; Immunosuppressive drug use; Connective tissue disorders; Phlebitis; Behcet's Disease; Tuberculosis; Not all Budd-Chiari syndrome patients experience symptoms...”

Caffeine a treatment
“...The following physiological effects of caffeine may enhance athletic performance ... stimulation of diuresis (excretion of water by the kidneys)...”

Calcium Requirement

...the condition
“...Excess calcium in the blood can cause nausea, vomiting and calcium deposition in the heart and kidneys.  This usually results from excessive doses of vitamin D and can be fatal in infants...”

Cancer, General

...recommendation Melatonin
“ successes against solid tumors, colorectal cancer, non-small cell lung cancer, brain metastases, glioblastoma, estrogen receptor-negative breast cancer, prostate cancer, metastatic renal cancer and adenocarcinoma of the pancreas...”

Chanca Piedra (Break-Stone) a treatment
“...Chanca Piedra has a great number of organic acids that after its ingestion pass through the kidney and are rapidly filtered by the glomeruli, avoiding its re-absorption...”

Chelation Therapy a treatment
“...While it has often been stated that EDTA chelation therapy is damaging to the kidneys, research (in one study consisting of kidney function tests carried out on 383 consecutive chelation patients, before and after treatment with EDTA for chronic degenerative diseases) indicates...”

Chromium a treatment
“...The kidneys clear any excess from the blood, while much of chromium intake is eliminated through the feces...”

Chronic / Hidden Infection

...the condition
“...They point to new research that links germs to some forms of infertility, kidney disease, diabetes, stomach problems and even obsessive-compulsive disorder...”

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)

...the condition
“...They may experience frequent infections of the skin, lungs, kidneys or other sites...”

Chronic Renal Failure

...related topic
“Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) is irreversible, progressive impaired kidney function.  Chronic Renal Insufficiency (CRI) is the early stage, kidneys unable to function properly but not requiring dialysis...”

Chronic Renal Insufficiency

...the condition
“...Unlike acute renal failure with its sudden (but reversible) failure of kidney function, chronic renal failure is slowly progressive...”
...our question about Duration of suboptimally controlled diabetes
“...When sugar levels rise enough to spill into the urine, as in diabetes, blood vessels in the kidneys are damaged...”
...relationship to Elevated Homocysteine Levels
“...The kidney plays a very significant role in homocysteine metabolism but this does not occur during chronic renal failure...”
...relationship to Magnesium Toxicity
“High levels of magnesium can develop in patients with kidney failure and in elderly people whose kidney functions are reduced...”
...recommendation Folic Acid
“...[Hyperhomocysteinemia: A Role in The Accelerated Atherogenesis of Chronic Renal Failure?, Netherlands Journal of Medicine, 1995;46: pp.244-251]”
...recommendation against Therapeutic Fasting
“Lengthy fasting should generally be avoided by people with renal failure.  Short-term fasts may be helpful, but must be done under an experienced doctor's supervision.”
...recommendation Homeopathic Remedies
“...Long-term constitutional therapy as well as therapy aimed at improving kidney function helps to keep the patient relatively free of symptoms and complications...”
...recommendation Baking Soda
“...Baking soda has been shown to slow the decline of kidney function in CKD, according to a study set for publication in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (JASN)...”
...recommendation against Magnesium
“If you have kidney problems, taking magnesium supplements may make you accumulate the mineral too quickly, which could be toxic...”
...recommendation Plant-Based Nutrition
“A low protein diet is important in reducing the processing responsibilities of compromised kidneys.”
...recommendation against Potassium
“Individuals with kidney dysfunction may have trouble excreting potassium and should only take potassium supplements under the observation of their doctor.”
...recommendation Reduced Water Consumption
“If the kidneys are not allowing the body to get rid of excess fluid, fluid intake may need to be restricted so that the kidneys don't have to work as hard...”
...recommendation Essential Fatty Acids
“There have been a variety of trials of omega-3 fatty acid supplementation in patients with a variety of renal disorders...”

Cigarette Smoke Damage

...relationship to Heavy Metal Toxicity
“...On average, smokers have 4-5 times higher blood cadmium concentrations and 2-3 times higher kidney cadmium concentrations than non-smokers...”
...relationship to Kidney Cancer
“Close to 50% of all bladder and kidney cancer deaths in men are caused by smoking...”
...relationship to Bladder Cancer
“Close to 50% of all bladder and kidney cancer deaths in men are caused by smoking...”

Cirrhosis of the Liver

...the condition
“...Ascites (fluid retention) in the abdomen may become infected with bacteria normally present in the intestines (bacterial peritonitis), and cirrhosis can also lead to kidney dysfunction and failure...”
...relationship to Kidney Disease
“Liver Cirrhosis can lead to kidney dysfunction and failure.”

Cleavers a treatment
“...Cleavers also acts as a diuretic and as such the herb promotes in increased urine flow and helps to rid the kidneys and bladder of gravel and stones, helps clear the urinary tract of various infections, alleviates prostate disorders and treats other acute and inflammatory urinary diseases...”

Clostridium Difficile Infection

...the condition
“...a person to C. diff infection include previous C. diff infection, gastrointestinal surgery, preexisting intestinal disease, a weak immune system, chemotherapy drugs used to treat cancer, old age, kidney disease, and proton-pump inhibitors (PPIs such as Nexium, Prevacid, or Prilosec) which reduce the amount of stomach acid present...”

Colon Cleansing a treatment
“...Regular treatments should be avoided by people with heart disease or kidney disease (renal insufficiency)...”

Congestive Heart Failure

...our question about Edema of the feet
“Due to weakened heart muscles, blood supply to the kidneys may be reduced, which in turn impairs their ability to excrete salt and water...”

Copper Toxicity

...the condition
“...If as little as 2gm of a copper salt are ingested, usually with suicidal intent, the resulting copper-induced hemolytic anemia and kidney damage are generally fatal.”

CoQ10 (Ubiquinone) a treatment
“...CoQ10 is naturally present in small amounts in a wide variety of foods but is particularly high in organ meats such as heart, liver and kidney, as well as beef, soy oil, sardines, mackerel and peanuts...”

Coronary Disease / Heart Attack

...the condition
“...If the heart is unable to pump enough blood to meet the body's needs, vital organs such as the kidneys or liver may be damaged...”

Corticosteroids a treatment
“...In children and teenagers, these medicines can stop or slow growth and affect the function of the adrenal glands (small glands located above each kidney, which secrete natural corticosteroids)...”

Creatinine Monohydrate a treatment
“...Creatinine is produced in our body's liver, pancreas and kidneys and is part of our body's energy cycle...”

Crohn's Disease

...the condition
“...Increased urine oxalate and calcium oxalate renal calculi due to increased colonic absorption of dietary oxalate...”

Cystine a treatment
“...The N-Acetyl form of Cysteine; helps prevent chemotherapy side-effects and radiation therapy side effects; increases glutathione levels in the lungs, kidneys, liver and bone marrow and has an anti-aging effect on the body...”


...the condition
“...Other internal cysts, such as those in the kidneys or the liver, may go unnoticed until an imaging scan (X-ray, MRI scan, CAT scan, ultrasound) detects them...”
...related topic
“...Cysts within the lung generally are air-filled, while cysts involving the lymph system or kidneys are fluid filled...”

Dairy Products Avoidance a treatment
“...The excess remaining calcium can cause problems: calcium builds up the mortar on arterial walls which becomes atherosclerotic plaques; calcium is converted by the kidneys into painful stones that can block the urinary tracts; excess calcium contributes to arthritis...”

Dandelion a treatment
“...As a diuretic (dandelion has been called wet-a-bed) it is often used for the kidney, bladder and even in some weight loss products...”


...the condition
“...Water ... Removes wastes through the kidneys and helps solid waste pass through the intestines...”
...our question about Daytime urination
“...The kidneys will reduce the amount of water they extract from the blood, resulting in less frequent urination.”
...recommendation Caffeine/Coffee Avoidance
“When taken in larger amounts, caffeine is a diuretic that causes the kidneys to remove more water from the body.”

Diabetes Insipidus

...the condition
“...ADH is made in the hypothalamus, stored in and secreted by the pituitary gland and works on the kidney to conserve fluid...”

Diabetes Type I

...relationship to Alzheimer's Disease
“According to the "Rotterdam Study" reported in the journal Neurology, diabetes mellitus may not only damage the function of the eyes, limbs, kidneys, and heart – it may also impair the function of the brain and hasten the process of senile dementia...”

Diabetes Type II

...the condition
“...It is not normally present, but in diabetics it can overflow through the kidneys and into the urine...”
...relationship to Chronic Renal Insufficiency
“Type II diabetes mellitus is the leading cause of chronic kidney disease, accounting for 35% of the new cases each year and 25% of all cases in the U.S.”
...relationship to Alzheimer's Disease
“According to the Rotterdam Study of 6,370 subjects over age 55, diabetes mellitus may not only damage the function of the eye, limbs, kidneys, and heart – it also appears to impair the function of the brain and hasten the process of senile dementia...”
...recommendation Plant-Based Nutrition
“...all meat and dairy, lowered their blood sugar more and lost more weight than people on a standard American Diabetes Association diet... They lowered their cholesterol more and ended up with better kidney function, according to the report published in Diabetes Care, a journal published by the American Diabetes Association...”


...related topic
“The artificial process of cleaning wastes from the blood when kidneys fail.”


...the condition
“...Biochemical screening should include serum electrolytes, tests of renal function (blood urea nitrogen and creatinine) and a basic nutritional assessment, consisting of a lymphocyte count and measurements of serum calcium, phosphorus, total protein and albumin levels...”


...related topic
“An agent increasing urine flow, causing the kidneys to excrete more than the usual amount of sodium, potassium and water.”

Diuretics a treatment
“...Each affects a different part of the kidneys, and each has different uses and side-effects...”

DMAE a treatment
“...If you have kidney or liver disease, consult your doctor before taking DMAE...”

Dry skin

...relationship to Kidney Disease
“Excessively dry, persistently itchy skin is a possible symptom of kidney disease.”


...the condition
“...If the kidneys are not inflamed, include parsley...”

Edema (Water Retention)

...the condition
“...Low protein levels in the blood that can be seen in malnutrition, kidney and liver disease...”
...recommendation Conventional Drug Use
“...It works against the kidney hormone aldosterone which is elevated in this condition and causes excess salt and water retention...”

EFA (Essential Fatty Acid) Type 6 Requirement

...the condition
“...Below are some of the risks associated with an ongoing Omega-6 deficiency ... Kidney damage...”

Effects of a Low Carbohydrate Diet

...the condition
“...And the Cleveland Clinic, and Johns Hopkins, and the American Kidney Fund, and the American College of Sports Medicine, and the National Institutes of Health...”
...our question about Low-carbohydrate dieting
“The American Heart Association states: "Individuals who follow these diets are therefore at risk for compromised vitamin and mineral intake, as well as potential cardiac, renal, bone, and liver abnormalities overall...”


...the condition
“...If the body requires an increase in oxygen, the kidney produces more of the hormone erythropoietin (EPO), which acts in the bone marrow to increase the production of red blood cells...”


...the condition
“...If the infection spreads to the kidneys, patients may notice blood in the urine...”


...related topic
“...It contains the stomach, liver tip, pancreas tail, duodenum, spleen, adrenal glands, transverse colon, small intestine, the left and right kidneys, and the left and right ureters.”

Essential Fatty Acids a treatment
“...EFAs fulfill many functions ... Are precursors of prostaglandins (PGs), three families of short-lived, hormone-like substances that regulate blood pressure, platelet stickiness and kidney function.  A delicate balance between PGs with opposing functions, in part determined by omega-6 and omega-3 intake, determines the health of our cardiovascular system...”

Eucalyptus Blue Gum a treatment
“...In large doses, it acts as an irritant to the kidneys, through which most of it is excreted...”

Excess Protein Consumption

...relationship to Liver Detoxification / Support Requirement
“High protein intakes may cause extra metabolic stress to be placed on the liver and kidneys.”

Eyebright a treatment
“...Safety in young children, pregnant or nursing women, or those with severe liver or kidney disease is not known.”

Fanconi Anemia

...the condition
“...Bone marrow failure; Birth defects; Developmental or eating problems; Approximately 75% of patients with Fanconi anemia have major birth defects, which include ... Missing or malformed kidneys...”

Female Hair Loss

...the condition
“...Common causes of hair loss or hair thinning in women ... hepatic or renal failure...”

Fennel a treatment
“...In Chinese medicine, the seeds (hui xiang) are thought to be a toner for the spleen and kidneys, and are also used in urinary and reproductive disharmonies...”

Fish Oils a treatment
“ Raynaud's phenomenon (a condition in which a person's hands and feet show abnormal sensitivity to cold temperatures), psoriasis, sickle-cell anemia, the autoimmune disease lupus, and a form of kidney disease called IgA nephropathy...”

Fluoride Toxicity

...the condition
“...syndrome, early onset of puberty, eosinophilia, eye/ear/nose disorders, fever, gastro-intestinal disturbances, gingivitis, heart disorders, hypertension, hypoplasia, hypothyroidism/thyroid cancer, kidney dysfunction, osteosarcoma, low birth weight, candidiasis, multiple sclerosis, oral squamous cell carcinoma, Parkinson's disease, seizures, slurred speech, skin irritations, ankylosing...”

Folic Acid a treatment
“...Other good sources are red beans, soy, black-eyed peas, cantaloupe, orange juice, peanut butter, oatmeal, other whole grains/whole-grain cereals, wheat germ, brewer's yeast, mushrooms, and liver, kidney and other organ meats...”

Food Poisoning

...the condition
“...The following individuals should seek medical attention if food poisoning is suspected ... kidney disease...”

Gallbladder Disease

...our question about Your usual urine color
“Gallstones block the bile duct, causing an excess build-up of bile in the gallbladder, which then accumulates in the blood and is removed by the kidneys.  The presence of bile salts in the urine gives it a darker color.”
...recommendation Hydrangea
“Hydrangea is considered an anti-lithic herb, which prevents stones or gravel from forming in the kidneys and bladder...”

General Detoxification Requirement

...the condition
“...The blood stream carries wastes to the kidneys for removal...”


...related topic
“...The genitourinary system consists of the kidneys, bladder, urethra; (in males) the penis, testicles, prostate; (in females) the vagina, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus.”

Germanium a treatment
“...Organic Germanium (Germanium sesquioxide) and Germanium lactate citrate are fairly safe but Germanium dioxide can cause permanent kidney damage.  Potential health hazards caused by certain germanium-containing dietary supplements include nephropathy (leading in some cases to renal failure and death), cardiomyopathy and peripheral...”


...related topic
“Tiny tufts of capillaries which carry blood within the kidneys.  The blood is filtered by the glomeruli...”


...the condition
“Glomerulonephritis refers to the condition in which the glomeruli (tiny filters in your kidney which help clean the blood) become inflamed and are unable to carry out their filtering functions...”
...related topic
“...The glomerulus is part of a nephron, which in turn is the basic functional (working) unit of a kidney.  Millions of nephrons acting together filter the blood to produce urine.”
...our question about Pain under right side of ribs
“Flank pain may or may not be due to stretching of the renal capsule (the covering that forms the outside of the kidney), or to irritation of the muscle tissues surrounding the kidneys...”
...relationship to Chronic Renal Insufficiency
“With about a million glomeruli in each kidney, there is an ample reserve of kidney function, and a person can go many years or even decades without feeling the effects of renal failure...”
...recommendation Alcohol Avoidance
“...Heavy drinking is injurious to the kidneys and may actually worsen IgAN.”
...recommendation Reduced Protein Diet
“A low-protein diet is almost essential for patients who have more advanced renal failure (often referred to as pre-ESRD)...”
...recommendation Aerobic Exercise
“...You may be advised against heavy contact sports, due to the possibility of an impact that might cause direct injury to a kidney.”
...recommendation Salt Intake Reduction
“...An actual 'renal diet' (low protein, low potassium, low sodium, low phosphorus, high calories) is not required until IgAN has progressed to more advanced renal failure...”
...recommendation Tobacco Avoidance
“There is steadily increasing evidence that smoking directly contributes to damaging the delicate blood vessels that form the glomeruli, even in people who do not have a chronic kidney disease.”
...recommendation Vitamin E
“The evidence in favor of vitamin E for kidney diseases in general is not strong, but there are some studies which suggest that the antioxidant effect of vitamin E may be beneficial in cases of chronic kidney disease...”
...recommendation Conventional Drug Use
“...Impaired kidneys are very good at secreting a hormone which deliberately raises blood pressure...”

Goldenrod a treatment
“...It has diuretic properties, making it useful in various urinary tract and kidney preparations...”

Gout / Hyperuricemia

...the condition
“...This can be caused by an increase in production by the body, by under-elimination of uric acid by the kidneys or by increased intake of foods containing purines which are metabolized to uric acid in the body...”
...our question about Current alcohol consumption
“Alcohol inhibits uric acid secretion by the kidneys.”
...relationship to Kidney Disease
“Hyperuricemia is caused by a variety of means, one of which is abnormal kidney function.  In addition, for some individuals gout is a progressive, crippling chronic disease that eventually damages the kidneys.”
...relationship to Chronic Renal Insufficiency
“Patients with impaired renal function filter and excrete less uric acid and therefore become hyperuricemic...”
...recommendation Conventional Drug Use
“...Several drugs that help the kidneys eliminate uric acid are available, such as probenecid, and a drug that blocks production of uric acid by the body, such as allopurinol...”

Gravel Root a treatment
“...He recommended Gravel Root in the following conditions: dropsy, strangury, gravel, hematuria, disease of the kidney and bladder from an excess of uric acid, chronic endometriosis, leukorrhea, chronic uterine disease, threatened abortion, ovarian and uterine atony, dysmenorrhea, dysuria, constant desire to...”

Gulf War Illness

...the condition
“...Symptoms include, but are not limited to, the following: Severe Headaches; Rashes; Joint Pain; Muscle Pain; Nerve/Neurological Damage; Kidney Damage; Lung Damage; Cardiovascular signs or symptoms; Thyroid Disease; Multiple Cancers; Auto-Immune Deficiencies; Unusual Fevers; Night Sweats; Fluid Buildup; Sleep Disturbances...”

Heat Exhaustion

...the condition
“...While your sweat glands are being stingy with sodium, your kidneys also help you adapt to the heat by holding on to water more tightly (lowering your urine output), which also boosts blood volume...”

Heavy Metal Toxicity

...the condition
“...As an example of the scope of a heavy metal's toxicity, lead can affect the nervous system, gastrointestinal system, cardiovascular system, blood production, kidneys, and reproductive system...”

Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome

...the condition
“...The damaged red blood cells and other factors may clog the tiny blood vessels in the kidneys or cause lesions in the kidneys, making the kidneys work harder to remove wastes and extra fluid from the blood...”


...our question about Yellow skin tone
“Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver that often causes the kidneys to excrete high levels of bilirubin into the bloodstream, leading to a yellow discoloration of the skin...”

High Body Fat Percentage

...the condition
“...This fat is found in the bone marrow and spinal cord; it surrounds the liver, spleen, heart, kidneys, and other organs...”

High/Increased Fiber Diet a treatment
“...The following chart lists good sources of fiber (food type, serving size, amount of fiber) ... Kidney beans (12 cup) – 9.0gm...”

High/Increased Protein Diet a treatment
“...Those with liver or kidney problems need to be particularly careful: Protein is metabolized by the liver and excreted by the kidneys into the urine...”

Hormone Imbalance

...the condition
“...Some of the complications of hormonal imbalances include ... Kidney damage...”

Horsetail Grass a treatment
“Early Medieval herbals indicate Horsetail's extensive use in folk medicine as a diuretic and astringent in general kidney and bladder conditions and edematous conditions of the heart and lungs...”

Hydrangea a treatment
“Hydrangea is an outstanding herb for those concerned with kidney, bladder, prostate and general urinary tract health...”
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More topics Related to Kidneys


...the condition
“...Abdominal radiographs may reveal the presence of kidney stones and a 24-hour urine collection may provide information on kidney damage and the risk of stone formation...”

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

...the condition
“...common condition in which the force of blood on the walls of the arteries is too high, resulting in a dramatically increased risk of developing serious conditions such as heart attack, stroke, or kidney damage.  Because of its potential seriousness, doctors and hospitals regularly check blood pressure even when the patient's problem appears unrelated...”

Hypoalbuminemia (A low albumin level)

...recommendation Test/Monitor Kidney Function
“Simple kidney tests like BUN and creatinine are usually done at the same time as serum albumin.”


...the condition
“...Fasting hypoglycemia can be caused by ... Kidney disorders that prevent elimination of medications from the body...”


...the condition
“...Hypokalemia may result from excessive potassium loss by the renal or the gastrointestinal route, from decreased intake, or from transcellular shifts...”

Hyponatremia (Low Blood Sodium Level)

...the condition
“...When drinking lots of water throughout the day, salts (especially sodium) are washed through the kidneys and voided...”


...the condition
“...Below is a list of the hormones secreted by the pituitary and their functions ... antidiuretic hormone (controls water loss by the kidneys)...”

Hypotension (Low Blood Pressure)

...recommendation Conventional Drug Use
“...It works by promoting sodium retention by the kidney, thereby causing fluid retention and some swelling, which is necessary to improve blood pressure...”

Hypothalamus / Pituitary / Pineal Dysfunction

...the condition
“...Most of these hormones are produced by these and the other major endocrine glands, but several other organs also manufacture hormones – the stomach, liver, intestines, kidneys, and heart all contain groups of hormone-secreting cells...”

Increased Legume Consumption a treatment
“...Common types of bean include chickpeas (garbanzo beans), lentils, green or yellow split peas, soybeans, butter beans, red kidney beans, mung beans, pinto beans, lima beans, black beans, black-eyed beans, red beans and navy beans...”

Increased Urinary Frequency

...the condition
“...After urine is produced by the kidneys, it flows down the ureters into the bladder...”

Increased Water Consumption a treatment
“...When drinking lots of water throughout the day, salts (especially sodium) are washed through the kidneys and voided...”

Insulin Therapy a treatment
“...Insulin therapy has two main goals ... Preventing long-term complications of diabetes, such as blindness, nerve damage or kidney damage...”

Intestinal Obstruction

...the condition
“...with bowel infarction; Increased pH and C02 content (metabolic alkalosis) secondary to vomiting with loss of fluid, H+, C1 and K; Increased BUN suggests dehydration, blood in the intestine, or renal damage.  Increased LDH (all isoenzymes) suggests infarction of the intestine...”

Intravenous Pyelogram

...related topic
“...The dye eventually collects in the urinary system, where it improves the contrast for X-rays and produces a well-defined image of the kidneys, ureters, and bladder...”

IP6 - Inositol Hexaphosphate a treatment
“...Research has shown that IP6 can help prevent kidney stone formation, complications of diabetes (i.e. cataracts, renal damage), lung fibrosis, fatty liver disease, sickle cell anemia, heart disease, high cholesterol and high triglycerides...”

Iron Requirement

...the condition
“...The body stores iron in the liver, spleen, kidneys and bone marrow as ferritin, hemosiderin and siderophilin...”

Irrigation Therapy

...related topic
“Washing out a cavity or wound with a fluid; irrigation of the kidney parenchyma and the urinary tract by addition of increased amounts of liquid, usually a mild herbal teas with aquaretic or diuretic properties.”


...relationship to Hepatitis
“...High levels of bilirubin my be excreted by the kidneys in response to inflammation of the liver cells caused by hepatitis.”

Kidney Cancer

...the condition
“Alternative names: Renal Cell Cancer, Renal Adenocarcinoma Several types of cancer can develop in the kidneys.  Renal cell carcinoma, the most common form, accounts for approximately 85% of all cases...”
...our question about How much coffee you drink
“Studies linking coffee consumption with cancer are conflicting and inconclusive at this point, but there is a suggestion of a higher incidence of cancers of the pancreas, ovaries, bladder, and kidneys in coffee drinkers.”
...recommendation Caffeine/Coffee Avoidance
“Studies linking coffee consumption with cancer are conflicting and inconclusive at this point, but there is a suggestion of a higher incidence of cancers of the pancreas, ovaries, bladder, and kidneys in coffee drinkers.”
...recommendation Chemotherapy
“Unfortunately, renal cell carcinoma (RCC) has proven to be particularly resistant to chemotherapy...”
...recommendation Surgery
“Surgery (to remove cancerous tissue) is usually required to treat Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC)...”
...recommendation Tobacco Avoidance
“Not smoking is the most effective way to prevent kidney cancer and it is estimated that the elimination of smoking would reduce the rate of renal pelvis cancer by one-half and the rate of renal cell carcinoma by one-third.”

Kidney Disease

...the condition
“There are many types of kidney disease, most of which are potentially serious...”
...our question about Over-the-counter pain medication use
“Some non-prescription medications – especially painkillers – can potentially cause damage to the kidneys.  This includes traditional Chinese 'herbal' medications.”
...relationship to Mercury Toxicity (Amalgam Illness)
Kidney disease, including kidney failure, is a possible symptom of mercury toxicity.”
...relationship to Lupus, SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus)
“Diverse kidney problems can arise from the deposition of circulating immune complexes in the kidneys...”
...recommendation Bearberry (Uva Ursi)
“Uva ursi soothes, strengthens, and tightens irritated and inflamed tissues and supports the urinary system by promoting healthy bladder, liver and kidney functions...”
...recommendation Parsley
“Parsley contains essential oils; the most important one, apiol, is a kidney stimulant.”
...recommendation against Magnesium
“If you have kidney problems, taking magnesium supplements may make you accumulate the mineral too quickly, which could be toxic.”
...recommendation Hydrangea
“...Hydrangea has been used for hundreds of years in folk medicine to contribute to the elimination of deposits in the bladder and kidneys.”
...recommendation Goldenrod
“Golden Rod encourages proper kidney function and was used extensively by the Indians for most kidney disorders.”
...recommendation against Potassium
“Individuals with kidney dysfunction may have trouble excreting potassium and should only take potassium supplements under the observation of their doctor.”

Kidney Function Test Requirement

...the condition
Kidney function tests are usually ordered when a healthcare provider suspects a disease that may be affecting the kidneys...”
...recommendation Urinalysis
“...A 24-hour urine test shows how much urine your kidneys produce in one day...”

Kidney Stone

...related topic
“A stone (concretion) in the kidney.  If the stone is large enough to block the tube (ureter) and stop the flow of urine from the kidney, it must be removed by surgery or other methods...”

Kidney Stones (Urolithiasis)

...the condition
“...They are the result of a hereditary disorder that causes your kidneys to excrete massive amounts of certain amino acids...”
...our question about Your muscle/body fat composition
“Many overweight people regularly need to deal with passing, breaking up, or surgically removing kidney or gall stones.”
...relationship to Kidney Disease
“A kidney stone that is obstructing will cause damage to the kidneys in the long run if left untreated and may even lead to end stage kidney failure...”
...recommendation Hydrangea
“...It gives tone to the kidneys, improving their functional activity, and thus tends to arrest the formation of urinary deposits and calculi...”

Lack of Sleep

...the condition
“...Long-term sleep deficit also has a negative impact on the lungs, kidneys, appetite, metabolism (and therefore weight control), immune system function, pain tolerance, reaction time, mood, and overall brain function...”

Left Hypochondriac

...related topic
“...It contains the spleen, left kidney, pancreas, stomach, liver tip, pancreas tail, descending colon, transverse colon, and small intestine.”

Left Lumbar

...related topic
“...It contains the descending colon, left kidney tip, and small intestines.”

Lei Gong Teng a treatment
“...Frequent upper abdominal pain, nausea and reduced appetite were also reported, and impairment of hepatic and renal functions appeared in a few cases...”


...the condition
“...Following a diagnosis, blood chemistries are used to gauge the degree of liver and kidney damage and the effects of any chemotherapy treatment...”

Licorice Root a treatment
“...extracts containing glycyrrhizin may cause adverse health effects related to salt and water retention (including elevated blood pressure), which goes away when licorice is stopped People with kidney or heart problems or a history of high blood pressure should avoid regular use of glycyrrhizin-containing licorice products...”


...related topic
“Having stones, usually in reference to the kidneys and urinary tract, sometimes to the gall bladder apparatus...”

Lithium a treatment
“...Blood tests should be carried out every 3 months to ensure the appropriate level of lithium and thus prevent toxicity, along with kidney and thyroid tests.”

Lithosperma a treatment
“...An infusion or decoction of the root has been used as a diuretic in the treatment of kidney complaints and also to treat internal hemorrhaging, and diarrhea...”

Liver Disease

...the condition
“...Liver pain is often confused with kidney pain, abdominal pain, or back pain because of its location...”

Liver Function Test Requirement

...the condition
“...It can confirm or rule out conditions such as suspected liver disease, terminal liver failure, kidney disease, pancreatitis, damage due to alcohol (ab)use, glandular fever, vitamin B6 deficiency, heart disease, heart failure, myocardial infarction, liver trauma, muscle damage, metastases...”

Loop Diuretic

...related topic
“Fast-acting, highly effective agents increasing excretion of urine by acting on the loop of Henle in the kidney.”

Low Adrenal Function / Adrenal Insufficiency

...the condition
“The adrenal glands, located above each kidney, can become 'exhausted' as a result of the constant demands placed upon them...”

Low Back Pain

...the condition
“ allergies, hypothyroidism, autointoxication or intestinal toxemia (self-poisoning by harmful gut bacteria), mercury toxicity (if stored in the sensory ganglia near the low back), arthritis, kidney involvement, and psychological issues...”

Low Purine Diet a treatment
“...The following foods have very high purine levels, and should be avoided completely ... Kidneys...”

Lupus, SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus)

...the condition
“...There is clinical involvement of the joints, skin, kidney, brain, and membranes of the lung, heart and gastrointestinal tract...”
...recommendation Bromelain
“If there is kidney involvement, bromelain can be added as a cleansing agent...”

Magnesium a treatment
“...The kidneys can excrete or conserve magnesium according to body needs...”

Magnesium Requirement

...the condition
“...Magnesium toxicity is more often associated with kidney failure, when the kidney loses the ability to remove excess magnesium...”

Magnesium Toxicity

...the condition
“...The kidneys are efficient at excreting excess magnesium and it is unlikely that the mineral will accumulate to toxic levels...”
...our question about your age
“Old age is often associated with reduced kidney function.  This increases the likelihood of magnesium overload in the aged.”

Manganese a treatment
“...Manganese is predominantly stored in the bones, liver, kidney, and pancreas...”
...related topic
“...Adults normally contain an average of 10 to 20mg of manganese in their bodies, most of which is contained in bone, the liver and the kidneys.  Manganese is essential to several critical enzymes necessary for energy production, bone and blood formation, nerve function and protein metabolism...”

Mercury Toxicity (Amalgam Illness)

...recommendation Cysteine / N-Acetylcysteine (NAC)
“...Earlier concerns over NAC causing mercury to accumulate in the brain and kidneys, as can occur with L-cysteine, now appear to be unfounded...”


...the condition
“...pills, corticosteroids, hypothalamic depressants, anticholinergics, anticoagulants); uterine fibroids; functional ovarian cysts; polyps; carcinoma of the vagina, cervix, endometrium or ovary; renal or liver disease; coagulation disorders; anabolic steroid use; IUDs or other trauma...”

Molybdenum a treatment
“...Found sparingly in the earth's crust, it is concentrated in milk and milk products, dried legumes, organ meats (liver, kidney) and some cereals...”
...related topic
“...The average adult has about 9mg of molybdenum concentrated mostly in the liver, kidney, adrenal glands, bones and skin...”

Multiple Myeloma

...the condition
“...Here are possible symptoms; rarely does one patient have all of them ... Kidney problems – Excess protein in the blood, which is filtered through the kidneys, can cause kidney damage and lead to renal failure...”

Muscle Cramps / Twitching

...relationship to Effects of a Low Carbohydrate Diet
“...Along with the toxins created by low-carbohydrate diets, one's kidneys also flush out critical electrolytes such as calcium, magnesium and potassium, which may result in muscle cramps or worse...”

Myelodysplastic Syndrome

...the condition
“...Diagnostic investigation can include ... Blood tests that help eliminate other causes of cytopenias, for example lupus, hepatitis, B12, folate deficiency, other vitamin deficiencies, renal failure or heart failure, HIV, hemolytic anemia, monoclonal gammopathy...”

Myeloproliferative Neoplasm

...the condition
“...The complications, however, may be serious and include ... Kidney or liver failure...”

Need For Routine Preventative Health Measures

...our question about Diabetes in relatives
“If you have a family history of high blood pressure, heart or kidney disease, diabetes or stroke, you should have your blood pressure tested annually.”
...recommendation Blood Pressure Check
“...If you have a family history of high blood pressure, heart or kidney disease, diabetes or stroke, you should be tested annually.”


...related topic
Kidney inflammation.”


...related topic
“Hardening of the kidney from overgrowth and contraction of the interstitial connective tissue.”

Nephrotic Syndrome

...the condition
“Nephrotic syndrome is a collection of symptoms which occur because the tiny blood vessels (the glomeruli) in the kidney become leaky...”
...our question about Systolic blood pressure
“Because the kidneys are involved in blood pressure regulation, abnormally low or abnormally high blood pressure may develop from nephrotic syndrome.”
...recommendation Conventional Drug Use
“...Some patients benefit from the use of diuretics (which allow the kidney to produce more urine) to decrease swelling...”

Noni a treatment
“...While potassium is a valuable nutrient in a normal diet, persons with advanced kidney disease cannot excrete it properly and should avoid certain brands noni juice which have been known to cause hyperkalemia.”


...the condition
“...Osteonecrosis may also be a complication of kidney transplantation, sickle cell disease, alcoholism and other disorders...”

Osteoporosis - Osteopenia

...the condition
“...Calcitriol is best considered as a third-line agent and reserved for specialist use, possibly in patients with renal impairment where vitamin D may not be effective or where there is intolerance to bisphosphonates, says Dr Patel...”
...our question about Low-carbohydrate dieting
“...They concluded that the Atkins Diet "provides an exaggerated acid load, increasing risks for renal calculi [kidney stone] formation and bone loss...”
...recommendation Plant-Based Nutrition
“...[Remer T, Manz F. Estimation of the renal net acid excretion by adults consuming diets containing variable amounts of protein...”

Ovarian Cancer

...the condition
“...However, some ovarian cancer therapies may cause kidney damage.  This side-effect may be prevented by drinking plenty of water.”
...our question about How much coffee you drink
“Studies linking coffee consumption with cancer are conflicting and inconclusive at this point, but there is a suggestion of a higher incidence of cancers of the pancreas, ovaries, bladder, and kidneys in coffee drinkers.”
...recommendation Caffeine/Coffee Avoidance
“Studies linking coffee consumption with cancer are conflicting and inconclusive at this point, but there is a suggestion of a higher incidence of cancers of the pancreas, ovaries, bladder, and kidneys in coffee drinkers.”

Pancreatic Cancer

...our question about How much coffee you drink
“Studies linking coffee consumption with cancer are conflicting and inconclusive at this point, but there is a suggestion of a higher incidence of cancers of the pancreas, ovaries, bladder, and kidneys in coffee drinkers.”
...recommendation Caffeine/Coffee Avoidance
“Studies linking coffee consumption with cancer are conflicting and inconclusive at this point, but there is a suggestion of a higher incidence of cancers of the pancreas, ovaries, bladder, and kidneys in coffee drinkers.”


...the condition
“...Lung, kidney and heart failure may all occur in severe cases...”

Parsley a treatment
“...The root was used as a diuretic and the juice to treat kidney ailments.  Parsley oil also was used to regulate menstrual flow in the treatment of amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea, and is purported to be an abortifacient...”


...the condition
“...Kidney involvement can produce varying degrees of renal failure...”


...the condition
“...Blood tests can confirm or rule out infections, and also check liver and kidney function.  A needle may be used to drain a specimen of fluid from around the heart for examination...”


...the condition
“...Antibiotics are administered to control infection in cases of spontaneous peritonitis in patients with liver or kidney disease, and dehydration is treated by intravenous therapy...”


...related topic
“...It contains the umbilicus, jejunum, ileum, duodenum, stomach, small intestines, pancreas, transverse colon, left and right kidneys, and the left and right ureters.”

Pharyngitis ("Strep Throat")

...the condition
“...It occurs when the immune system overreacts to the strep throat infection and produces excess antibodies that end up settling in the glomeruli (small blood vessels in the kidneys).  This leads to inflammation and, potentially, kidney failure.”

Phosphorus a treatment
“...These high levels of phosphorus in blood only occur in people with severe kidney disease or severe dysfunction of their calcium regulation...”

Piracetam a treatment
“...Patients with renal disorders should use piracetam with caution.”


...related topic
“...Causes include drinking too much, diabetes, kidney disease, elevated thyroid function and others.”

Poor Bone Health

...recommendation Salt Intake Reduction
“Because urinary sodium excretion and urinary calcium excretion occur together in the kidneys, increasing the level of dietary sodium triggers urinary calcium losses...”

Poor/Slow Wound Healing

...the condition
“...In sepsis and septic shock, circulation is reduced; blood pressure is markedly reduced, causing vital organs to receive reduced blood supply; heart, kidney, and liver functions are reduced or show signs of shutdown (multiple organ failure); and abnormal bleeding can develop...”

Potassium Need

...the condition
“...Eating foods high in potassium and low in sodium can also help prevent kidney disease and heart problems caused by hypertension...”

Pregnancy-Related Issues

...recommendation against Parsley
“Parsley contains essential oils; the most important one, apiole, is a kidney stimulant...”

Premenstrual Syndrome PMS H (Headache)

...the condition
“...Dopamine suppresses aldosterone formation in the adrenal glands and, in the kidneys, is natriuretic and diuretic...”
...recommendation Magnesium
“...Aldosterone increases the urinary excretion of magnesium; hence, a positive feedback mechanism results, which is aggravated since there is no renal mechanism for conserving magnesium...”

Problems Caused By Being Overweight

...recommendation DHEA
“...This two-month study also demonstrated that 7-Keto does not significantly affect blood sugar, testosterone, estradiol, liver or kidney function.  How much DHEA we maintain may be involved in determining how fat is actually stored in the body...”

Prostaglandin E

...related topic
“...These two, if made by the kidneys, slow sodium reabsorption; if within the uterus, induce a stronger response from less stimulus; if made in the stomach lining inhibit gastric secretion; if secreted by macrophages, target...”


...related topic
“The presence of protein in the urine, sometimes a symptom of kidney compromise.”

Pumpkin Seeds a treatment
“...The seeds of the pumpkin were used medicinally in Native American medicine, primarily for the treatment of kidney, bladder, and digestive problems...”


...the condition
“Alternative names: Kidney Infection, Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Pyelonephritis affects either one or both kidneys.  Possible scarring of the kidneys is an important reason to recognize, treat and, when possible, to prevent urinary tract infections...”
...related topic
“Inflammation of the renal pelvis...”

Rectal Cancer

...the condition
“...Mitomycin is associated with bone marrow, kidney, mucous membrane, and pulmonary toxicity, as well as kidney failure...”

Reduced Water Consumption a treatment
“...For example, people with kidney disease, kidney stones, a history of bladder cancer, or a tendency for urinary tract infections are usually advised to drink more water...”

Reflux Nephropathy

...related topic
“...This allows urine to flow back up the ureter directly to the kidney.  If the bladder is infected or the urine contains bacteria this exposes the kidney to the possibility of infection (pyelonephritis).”

Rheumatoid Arthritis

...the condition
“...It can affect the eyes, skin, heart, lungs, kidneys, nervous system, and digestive tract...”

Right Hypochondriac

...related topic
“...It contains the liver, gallbladder, right kidney, small intestine, transverse colon, and ascending colon.”


...the condition
“...It is a granulomatous disease in which inflammation may occur in lymph nodes, lungs, liver, eyes, skin, joints, kidneys, liver and spleen, and other tissues...”

Schisandra Berry a treatment
“...Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been used to support a healthy functioning endocrine system, digestive system, and to support normal liver function as well as a convalescent tonic herb when the kidney system is involved...”


...the condition
“...Avoid high-protein diets because they are very hard on the kidneys.  For relief of symptoms such as Raynaud's and heartburn, you may want to particularly avoid...”

Scotch Broom a treatment
“...Combined with uva-ursi, cleavers, and dandelion it cleanses the kidneys and bladder, and increases urine flow...”

Selenium a treatment
“...Selenium can build up in the human body, mostly in the liver and kidneys and, to a lesser extent, in the blood, lungs, heart, and testes...”

Senile Dementia

...the condition
“...Causes include ... Wilson disease, a rare disease causing an accumulation of copper in the liver, brain, kidneys, and corneas...”

Shepherd's Purse a treatment
“...yields a tea which is still considered by herbalists one of the best specifics for stopping hemorrhages of all kinds – of the stomach, the lungs, or the uterus, and more especially bleeding from the kidneys.  Shepherd's purse is used to stop heavy bleeding and hemorrhaging, particularly from the uterus...”

Sickle Cell Trait / Disease

...the condition
“...Complications from the sickle cells blocking blood flow and breaking apart early include ... kidney damage and loss of body water in urine...”

Sjogren's Syndrome

...the condition
“...motility; Trigeminal neuralgia – numbness or burning of the face; Glossopharyngeal neuralgia – pain in the back of the throat; Mononeuritis multiplex – weakness or paralysis of various muscles; Kidney problems (tubular interstitial nephritis, renal tubular acidosis – a risk factor for kidney stones, glomerular disease); Gastrointestinal symptoms Swallowing difficulty due to decreased saliva...”


...related topic
“...Staging factors that influence a patient's prognosis are ... Spread to tissues surrounding the kidney...”


...the condition
“...Selye identified 'diseases of adaptation' which include, amongst others, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, peptic ulcer, hyperthyroidism and asthma...”

Test for B12 Levels a treatment
“...Low results may occur in patient's with kidney problems.”

Test Magnesium Levels a treatment
“...It has been considered the most accurate test when renal function is normal...”

Test Serum Uric Acid Levels a treatment
“...In humans, about 70% of daily uric acid disposal occurs via the kidneys, and in 5-25% of humans impaired renal (kidney) excretion leads to hyperuricemia...”

Test/Monitor Kidney Function a treatment
“The purpose of the kidneys is to remove wastes and excess fluid from the blood...”

Therapeutic Fasting a treatment
“...Conditions for which fasting is not recommended include extreme weakness or debilitation, severe anemia, nutritional deficiencies, porphyria, evidence of weakened kidney or liver function, and pregnancy...”


...related topic
“ TB, Consumption or "The White Plague", tuberculosis is an infectious disease caused by a bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis, usually affecting the lungs but possibly also the brain, kidneys and bones...”

Turner's Syndrome

...the condition
“...Other physical features may include a webbed neck, heart defects, kidney abnormalities and/or various other malformations...”

Ultrasound Imaging a treatment
“...Ultrasound is used to provide images of the following ... kidneys (to find kidney stones, congenital defects, tumors, or swelling due to urine outflow obstruction)...”

Ultraviolet Light Therapy a treatment
“...Bacterial infections Staph; Strep; E. coli; Salmonella; Pneumonia; Infected wounds; Typhoid fever; Chronic disease Bronchial asthma; Chronic allergic conjunctivitis; Chronic hepatitis; Chronic kidney disease; Chronic eczema and neurodermatitis; Chronic recurrent polyarthritis; Diabetes mellitus; Diabetic retinopathy; Keloids; Migraine; Raynaud's disease; Psoriasis; Inflammatory disease...”


...the condition
“...Treatment of uremia, which is directed at the underlying kidney disease, is usually with dialysis and renal transplantation.”

Urinalysis a treatment
“...URINE DIPSTICK CHEMICAL ANALYSIS pH: The glomerular filtrate of blood plasma is usually acidified by renal tubules and collecting ducts from a pH of 7.4 to about 6 in the final urine...”

Urinary Retention

...the condition
“...Possible post-catheterization complications include Urinary Tract Infection (UTI); acute renal failure; excess urine production, possibly resulting in electrolyte depletion; blood in the urine (this usually goes away by itself)...”

Urinary Tract

...related topic
“The kidneys and the lower urinary tract, which includes the ureters, bladder, and urethra.”

Urinary Tract Infection

...related topic
“A bacterial infection that affects part of the urinary tract, which consists of the urethra, bladder and kidneys.  In the lower urinary tract it is known as a bladder infection (cystitis), and in the upper urinary tract it is known as a kidney infection (pyelonephritis)...”

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

...the condition
“...The kidneys produce a protein which contains mannose residues that block the attachment points of some types of E. coli...”

Valerian Root a treatment
“...Safety in young children, pregnant or nursing women, and those with severe liver or kidney disease has not been established.”

Valley Fever (Coccidioidomycosis)

...the condition
“...Areas affected outside of the lungs may include blood cell generating tissues, skin, kidneys, bones, the central nervous system and heart muscle...”


...the condition
“...Kidneys Vasculitis is not common in kidneys of people with lupus, even those who have lupus nephritis...”

Vinegar a treatment
“...Apple cider vinegar breaks down the body's fatty, mucous and phlegm therefore improving the health and function of your liver, bladder, and kidneys.  It also helps thin the blood, which prevents high blood pressure...”

Vinpocetine a treatment
“...Finally, elevated levels of red blood cells, as occurs in dehydration and certain lung and kidney diseases, can make the blood thicker and more resistant to easy flow...”

Vitamin A Requirement

...relationship to Multiple Vitamin Need
“...Foods rich in vitamin A include milk, cheese, liver, kidney, cod oil, carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli, spinach, cantaloupe, pink grapefruit, and most leafy green vegetables.”

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) a treatment
“...Riboflavin is not stored in the body, except for a small quantity in the liver and kidneys, so it is needed regularly in the diet...”

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) a treatment
“...Caution must be advised regarding any use of vitamin C in cases of renal failure or dialysis.”

Vitamin D a treatment
“...When taking doses of vitamin D3 in excess of 1100 IU per day, regular blood chemistry tests should be taken to monitor kidney function and serum calcium metabolism...”

Vitamin D Requirement

...the condition
“...The conversion of vitamin D to 1,25-diOH-D does not occur in the skin, but in the liver and kidneys.  First, vitamin D is converted to 25-OH-D in the liver; it then enters the bloodstream, where it is taken-up by the kidneys...”

Wilson's Disease

...the condition
“...In 5 to 10% of patients, Wilson's disease may first manifest as Kayser-Fleischer rings detected during a refractive eye examination; as amenorrhea or repeated miscarriages; or, because of renal copper deposits, as gross or microscopic hematuria or an abnormally low serum level of uric acid resulting from its abnormally high urinary excretion...”

Zinc a treatment
“...The best natural sources of zinc include: oysters, meats, wheat germ, hard cheeses, Swiss chard, lima beans, potatoes, oats, green leafy vegetables, pumpkin and squash seeds, soy beans/foods, tuna, kidney beans, ginger root, peas, leeks, lentils, cashews, sunflower seeds (and tahini), pecans, peanuts, filberts...”
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