Lithosperma: Overview

Alternative names: Stoneseed

Lithosperma possesses antirheumatic, astringent, contraceptive, and diuretic properties.  It contains phyto-progesterone, which is a naturally-occurring compound showing progesterone-like properties.

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Function; Why it is Recommended

Like Vitex, Lithosperma may act directly on the hypothalamus to improve the regulation of hormones and promote a regular rhythm to the cycles.

Lithosperma is useful in balancing hyperestrinism and balancing irregular menstrual cycles.  Use short term in the luteal phase, or full cycle to suppress high estrogen levels.

An infusion or decoction of the root has been used as a diuretic in the treatment of kidney complaints and also to treat internal hemorrhaging, and diarrhea.

A poultice of the dried powdered leaves and stems has been used to relieve the pain of rheumatic joints.

According to North American Indian women, drinking a cold water infusion of the roots daily for six months ensures permanent sterility.


Place 30 mg seeds in 3 cups water and bring to a boil.  Reduce heat and simmer, covered, until 2 cups remain, strain.  Dosage is 12-1 cup three times daily.

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Lithosperma can help with the following:



Stoneseed (Lithosperma ruderale) and gromwell (L. officinale) have a progesterone-like effect that helps balance excess estrogen.  Both species of lithosperma may act directly on the hypothalamus to improve hormonal regulation and promote a regular cycle.

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