Definition of Edema:

Abnormal accumulation of fluids within tissues resulting in puffiness/swelling.  There is no pain or redness (unlike swelling caused by injury or infection), only a feeling of tightness if the swelling is great.

Topics Related to Edema

Allergic Tension Fatigue Syndrome

...the condition
“...Sometimes there is edema, especially puffiness of the eyelids and fullness and discoloration of the infraorbital areas...”
...our question about Dark circles under eyes
“Symptoms of Allergic Tension Fatigue Syndrome can include edema, especially puffiness of the eyelids and fullness and discoloration of the infraorbital (below-eye) areas.”
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More topics Related to Edema


...related topic
“Recurring attacks of transient, subcutaneous edema (water retention/swelling of tissue), often due to an allergic reaction.”


...as a treatment
“...It is used for the treatment of coronary artery disease, heart failure, edema, angina and hypercholesterolemia...”

Aspartame (Nutrasweet) Avoidance

...as a treatment
“...impotency and sexual problems, food cravings, weight gain, hair loss / baldness or thinning of hair, burning urination & other urination problems, excessive thirst or excessive hunger, bloating, edema (fluid retention), infection susceptibility, joint pain, brain cancer (in pre-approval studies on animals), death...”


...relationship to Allergy to Foods (Hidden)
“...Food challenges triggered respiratory symptoms in 59% (rhinitis, laryngeal edema, wheezing, and dyspnea)...”

Bell's Palsy

...the condition
“...During pregnancy or pregnancy-induced hypertension, the significant increase in vascular volume, particularly in the last trimester, triples the risk of facial neuropathy due to edema of the facial nerve and the resulting compression...”

Budd-Chiari Syndrome

...the condition
“...Symptoms include ... Edema of the legs...”

Chanca Piedra (Break-Stone)

...as a treatment
“...It is used to treat edema and excess uric acid (as in gout), as well as to treat stones of the gall bladder, kidney, and bladder...”

Cirrhosis of the Liver

...the condition
“...Treatment will also include remedies for complications such as edema, infections and itching...”

Clostridium Difficile Infection

...the condition
“...Bad bacteria release toxins, which lead to a variety of symptoms, including ... Widespread edema throughout the body (swelling)...”

Cold Applications (Cryotherapy)

...as a treatment
“...The most useful local therapeutic cold applications include management of edema, muscle spasm, bleeding, and traumatic pain...”

Congestive Heart Failure

...our question about Edema of the feet
“...As a result the body retains more fluid, some of which may accumulate in the extremities, resulting in edema of the ankles and/or feet.”
...recommendation Diuretics
“...Thiazide diuretics, such as Esidrix or Zaroxolyn, can be used to treat edema in heart failure.”

Copper Deficiency

...the condition
“...Fatigue, paleness, skin sores, edema, slowed growth, hair loss, anorexia, diarrhea and dermatitis can be symptoms of copper insufficiency...”


...the condition
“...bone pain and spontaneous fractures from vitamin D and calcium malabsorption, bruising and bleeding related to vitamin K deficiency, gas and bloating due to carbohydrate malabsorption, and edema from albumin and protein loss are typical complaints of those with sprue and other small bowel mucosal diseases...”

Digestive Enzyme Need

...the condition
“...They may also have edema (abnormally large amounts of fluid in the tissue) and suppressed immune systems.”

Eclampsia / Preeclampsia

...the condition
“Preeclampsia (toxemia in pregnancy) is a disorder of pregnancy that is characterized by hypertension (high blood pressure) and proteinuria (excessive protein in the urine), often including edema (swelling) and occasionally involving thrombocytopenia (low platelets) or liver function abnormalities...”

Edema (Water Retention)

...the condition
Edema is swelling due to an accumulation of excess fluid...”
...relationship to Alcohol-related Problems
“Excessive alcohol intake can cause edema.”
...relationship to Anorexia / Starvation Tendency
“Semi-starvation can cause edema.  People with eating disorders may interpret the puffiness of edema or any changes on the scale as weight gain or getting "fat" and may panic and purge or take laxatives even more.”
...relationship to Atrophic Gastritis
Edema may be due to low levels of circulating proteins from poor protein digestion.”
...relationship to Hormone Imbalance
“...A hormone imbalance can result in too much interstitial fluid, and thus edema.”
...relationship to Protein Deficiency
“When protein (especially albumin) levels in your blood go too low, the colloidal osmotic pressure will decrease and allow fluid to escape from blood vessels into your tissues, resulting in edema or swelling of the hands, feet, ankles, knees and/or belly.”
...relationship to Progesterone Low or Estrogen Dominance
“Progesterone has been used in the treatment of idiopathic edema under the premise that some women with idiopathic edema either do not ovulate or have a luteal phase deficiency...”
...recommendation Conventional Drug Use
“There is no single, accepted gold standard treatment for idiopathic cyclic edema.  Several different treatments have been reported...”
...recommendation Aerobic Exercise
Edema can be caused by a sedentary lifestyle – in other words, long periods of standing or sitting...”
...recommendation Therapeutic Fasting
“Fasting promotes the drying up of abnormal fluid accumulations, such as edema in the ankles and legs and swelling in the abdomen.”
...recommendation Test for Food Allergies
“Food sensitivities should be ruled out in cases of edema of unknown cause...”
...recommendation Ginkgo Biloba
“Idiopathic cyclic edema is characterized by water and sodium retention with secondary hyperaldosteronism (over-production of aldosterone) due to capillary hyperpermeability...”


...the condition
“...In severe cases, however, the infection can have devastating effects, including the following ... Swelling of the brain (medically referred to as cerebral edema)...”

Excess Salt Consumption

...the condition
“...Too much sodium can contribute to edema and high blood pressure; too little sodium can cause low blood pressure and dizziness...”


...related topic
“...Unlike a transudate, which is merely edema from lymphatic congestion, exudates contain dead cells, erythrocytes, white blood cells and often pus.”

First-Degree Burn

...related topic
“Burn involving only the epidermis and causing irritation and edema without blisters.”


...recommendation Salt Intake Reduction
“If you have IgAN with hypertension or edema, you may be asked to reduce sodium intake...”

Gotu Kola

...as a treatment
“...This activity has been confirmed in several clinical trials, in which edema, pain, decreased capillary permeability, and microcirculation were all improved significantly without adverse effects...”

Heavy Metal Toxicity

...the condition
“...Signs include mottled brown skin, hyperkeratosis (increased pigmentation) of palms and soles, cutis edema, transverse striate Leukonychia, perforation of nasal septum, eyelid edema, coryza, limb paralysis and reduced deep tendon reflexes...”

Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome

...the condition
“...The body's inability to rid itself of excess fluid and waste may in turn cause hypertension or swelling of the hands and feet or may cause generalized fluid accumulation (edema).  Once HUS develops, there is no known treatment that can stop the progress of the syndrome...”

Hookworm Infection

...the condition
“...Patients also can suffer from protein deficiency which manifests as dry hair, skin and edema, but protein loss can have far-reaching effects including reduced immunocompetence and reduced ability to produce gamma globulin (Antibody)...”

Horse Chestnut

...as a treatment
“...Related conditions include varicose veins, leg pain and itching, edema of the ankles, and leg cramps at night...”

Horsetail Grass

...as a treatment
“...Other uses: aging, arthritis, asthma, backaches, breasts, milk secretion, bronchitis, bruises, burns, bursitis, cancer-skin, circulatory problems, cirrhosis, edema, fracture, hair loss, heart disease, inflammation, intertrigo, kidney ailments, Lyme disease, muscle cramps, nail problems, obesity-diuretic tea, osteoporosis, Paget's disease, prostatitis...”
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More topics Related to Edema

Hot Applications (Thermotherapy)

...as a treatment
“...in localized tissues to decrease swelling and relax skeletal muscles, heat therapy facilitates the healing process by producing blood vessel dilation, thereby enhancing local blood flow decreasing edema, increasing tissue temperature and producing pain relief...”


...related topic
“An excessive accumulation of clear, watery fluid in any of the tissues or cavities of the body; edema, ascites, anasarca...”

Hyperbaric Oxygen

...as a treatment
“...This is helpful in conditions such as severe blood loss anemia (in which the blood is unable to carry much oxygen), crush injuries, compartment syndrome graft, flap salvage and edema.  Vasoconstriction results in decreased blood flow into tissues and decreased edema; this helps with crush injuries, acute burns and compartment syndrome...”

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

...relationship to Retinopathy
“...There will be flame-shaped hemorrhages and macular swelling (edema).  This edema may cause distorted or decreased vision and is a condition known as hypertensive retinopathy.”


...as a treatment
“...Edema: 5 tablets daily helps in removing excessive fluid accumulations in the body...”

Kidney Cancer

...the condition
“...The primary symptoms of RCC include the following ... Swelling (edema) in the legs and ankles...”

Kidney Disease

...the condition
“...Hypertension, edema, and/or hyperkalemia may develop in patients with kidney disease...”


...as a treatment
“...It is useful to people who suffer from atherosclerosis, heart disorders, edema, hypertension, and hypoglycemia...”

Lymphatic Congestion

...the condition
“...This can result in tissue swelling (edema) – lymphostatic edema results from the abnormal accumulation of protein in the lymph vessel, along with osmotically held fluids in the interstitial space (lymphedema)...”

Lymphatic Stimulation

...as a treatment
“...There are homeopathic drainage products and programs designed to resolve lymph related problems and various light/laser or electrical devices developed to reduce lymphostatic edema, often used with lymphatic massage...”

Natural Progesterone

...as a treatment
“...headaches, depression, fluid retention, increased risk of birth defects and early abortion, liver dysfunction, breast tenderness, breakthrough bleeding, acne, hirsutism (hair growth), insomnia, edema, weight changes, pulmonary embolism and premenstrual-like syndrome...”

Nephrotic Syndrome

...our question about Edema of the eyelids
“As nephrotic syndrome progresses, edema is noticed in the eyelids, hands, feet, knees, abdomen and (in males) scrotum.”


...the condition
“...In addition to aging, nocturia may also be symptomatic of the use of diuretic substances (including caffeine and alcohol), prescription drugs, edema from heart failure, insomnia, pain and prostate or bladder disorders.”
...relationship to Congestive Heart Failure
Edema fluid that collects in tissues during the day due to heart failure can result in increased night time urination.”

Nutritional Deficiency

...the condition
“...Symptoms include ... water retention (edema), which often hides muscle loss...”
...our question about Abdominal distension, swelling
“Low protein intake can manifest as edema of the hands and feet, swollen abdomen, irritability, anorexia, a peeling rash, hair discoloration, and a large fatty liver...”


...as a treatment
“...It may also be used to treat edema and high blood pressure...”


...the condition
“...Depending on the underlying cause, the following symptoms may also be present ... edema of the legs or abdomen...”

Phlebitis / Thrombophlebitis

...recommendation Incline Board
“...Elevate the foot of your bed by several inches to reduce venous pressure in your legs, which also reduces edema and pain.  Do not use pillows under the legs, for doing so may reduce circulation.”

Poor Cerebral Circulation

...the condition
“...Blockage of circulation leads to tissue softening and death, and to congestion of flow and edema in adjacent areas...”


...related topic
“...condition developing in the last 4 or 5 months of pregnancy that is characterized by a sudden dramatic rise in blood pressure, high levels of protein in the urine, excessive weight gain, generalized edema (especially hands, ankles, feet and face), albuminuria, severe headache, and visual disturbances...”

Pregnancy-Related Issues

...the condition
“...Magnesium – Nausea, Cramps, Edema And More.  Magnesium is essential for maintaining a healthy pregnancy...”
...recommendation Magnesium
“...Magnesium can also help treat pregnancy-related leg cramps and alleviate severe pre-eclampsia, a serious condition in which high blood pressure, edema and protein in the urine are present in pregnant women...”

Problems Caused By Being Overweight

...the condition
“...Fatigue (especially after exertion), shortness of breath, decreased energy, palpitations, irregular heart beat, edema (especially swelling of the feet and legs), sleep apnea (Pickwickian syndrome) and respiratory obstruction (for obesity to cause sleep apnea and respiratory obstruction it must be severe)...”

Protein Deficiency

...the condition
“...in the GI tract, and digestion in general); Diarrhea; Reduced blood pressure; High cholesterol and triglycerides (due to the liver processing fats less efficiently); Growth problems in children; Edema (fluid retention); Irregular menstrual cycle (a low-protein, high-carb diet contributes to insulin resistance, fatigue, inflammation and weight gain, which in turn disrupt the delicate balance...”


...related topic
“...Although tumors can cause the problem, far and away the most common causes are a lower back subluxation (responding to adjustment) or pelvic congestion and edema (responding to laxatives, exercise, and decreasing portal vein and lymphatic congestion).”

Scotch Broom

...as a treatment
“...Being strongly diuretic, it stimulates urine production and counters fluid retention (edema).  It has been used to reduce blood loss after childbirth because it causes the uterine muscles to contract...”


...related topic
“...It is marked by weakness, anemia, edema, spongy gums, often with open sores in the mouth and loosening of the teeth, bleeding in the mucous membranes, and hard bumps of the muscles of the legs.”


...the condition
“...Any factor that creates edema of the nasal tissues resulting in obstruction and the lack of proper drainage of the area will often lead to sinus infection...”


...related topic
“...Excess sodium retention increases the fluid volume (edema) and low sodium leads to less fluid and relative dehydration...”


...as a treatment
“...Squawvine is still used in folk medicine to treat conditions including anxiety, hemorrhoids, insomnia, muscle spasms, edema, and inflammation...”

Subphrenic Abscess

...the condition
“...A comprehensive list of symptoms includes the following ... Edema, especially of the abdomen and/or lower legs...”

Syndrome X / Metabolic Syndrome

...the condition
“...Syndrome X can remain effectively hidden for years, masquerading as symptoms of other conditions including fatigue, poor mental concentration, abdominal (apple-shaped) obesity, edema (fluid retention), nerve damage and an intense craving for sweets...”


...related topic
“...The disease has variable clinical manifestations including diarrhea, eosinophilia, fever, myalgia and periorbital edema.  The incubation period varies between 5 and 45 days...”

Ulcerative Colitis

...the condition
“...During an endoscopy, severe cases may exhibit signs such as: Severe inflammation of the colonic wall; Extreme edema of the colonic wall; Complete loss of normal mucosal structure; Mucosa covered with mucopurulent exudate; Extensive ulcerations beneath the exudate; In order to confirm the diagnosis, testing...”


...the condition
“...Some of the early signs include lethargy, mental depression, loss of appetite, and edema; later symptoms include diarrhea, anemia, convulsions, coma, and a gray-brown coloration...”


...recommendation Digestive Enzymes
“...By restoring normal blood flow, post inflammatory pain and edema are reduced more rapidly.”

Vitamin B1 Requirement

...the condition
“...Deficiency symptoms include ... edema (fluid retention)...”

Vitamin B6 Requirement

...the condition
“...to a few cases of peripheral neuritis which is associated with pyridoxine deficiency; Phenelzine is a drug used to treat depression and some people taking it have been found to experience pronounced edema especially in the legs; Succinic acid 2,2-Dimethylhydrazide is another chemical used in the U.S. and Canada to speed the ripening of fruits...”

Yeast / Candida Infection

...the condition
“...Genitourinary ... Fluid retention (edema)...”
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