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Incline Board:

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Phlebitis / Thrombophlebitis

Superficial phlebitis can be treated by elevating the leg frequently.  It is not necessary to rest in bed but, every so often, rest with the leg 6-10 inches above the heart.  This speeds the healing process.  You can also lie on a slant board, if available, with your feet higher than your head for 15 minutes per day, especially if you stand on your feet a lot.

If you have to lie in bed for a long time, move your legs every so often to increase circulation.  Elevate the foot of your bed by several inches to reduce venous pressure in your legs, which also reduces edema and pain.  Do not use pillows under the legs, for doing so may reduce circulation.


Heartburn / GERD / Acid Reflux

A May, 2006 study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine showed that the two most important behavioral changes that can reduce acid reflux are eating less and elevating your head while sleeping.

It has long been known that stomach acid tends to reflux more when one is lying flat.  Based on this knowledge, a natural treatment was developed long ago for heartburn that occurs at night.  By slipping a 4- to 8-inch high block beneath each of the legs at the head of the bed a slight incline is produced.  Gravity may pull the stomach downward and minimize the amount of stomach acid that refluxes into the esophagus.  Many people find that this technique provides the additional relief they are looking for and prevents further esophageal erosion.

Another solution may be the use of a special pillow, such as the Prop Up Pillow.  These pillows are specially designed to create an incline and relieve the heartburn discomfort found in several disorders.  Pillows are useful when one's partner does not wish to sleep on an inclined bed.

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