Definition of Hydrops:

An excessive accumulation of clear, watery fluid in any of the tissues or cavities of the body; edema, ascites, anasarca.  Usually associated with weak heart performance.

Also: Dropsy

Topics Related to Hydrops

Gravel Root

...as a treatment
“...He recommended Gravel Root in the following conditions: dropsy, strangury, gravel, hematuria, disease of the kidney and bladder from an excess of uric acid, chronic endometriosis, leukorrhea, chronic uterine disease, threatened abortion, ovarian and...”

Meniere's Disease

...relationship to Consequences of Poor Diet
“Various dietary deficiencies can cause endolymphatic hydrops (excess fluid) in the inner ear.”
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More topics Related to Hydrops

Shepherd's Purse

...as a treatment
“...In the United States, the fluid extract is given for dropsy in doses of 12 to 1 teaspoonful in water...”


...the condition
“...(d) Hydrops fetalis.  This condition results from the loss of all four alpha globin genes...”
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