Definition of Scurvy:

A disease that is caused by a lack of vitamin C in the diet.  It is marked by weakness, anemia, edema, spongy gums, often with open sores in the mouth and loosening of the teeth, bleeding in the mucous membranes, and hard bumps of the muscles of the legs.

Topics Related to Scurvy

Bruising Susceptibility

...recommendation Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
“Easy bruising is a symptom of low vitamin C levels, as seen in scurvy.  While very few people actually have scurvy, even minor deficiencies of vitamin C can increase bruising.”
...recommendation Increased Fruit/Vegetable Consumption
“Many people eat insufficient amounts of foods containing vitamin C; the disease caused by vitamin C deficiency, scurvy, causes easy bruising...”
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More topics Related to Scurvy

Diabetes Type II

...recommendation Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
“Dr. Fred Klenner, MD has used large amounts of Vitamin C for many ailments, and says that diabetics are so deficient they should be considered as having scurvy.  10gm per day, according to Dr. Klenner, cures many diabetics and enhances their well being in other cases.”

Nutritional Deficiency

...the condition
“...Malnutrition can occur because of the lack of just one specific vitamin (for example vitamin C deficiency, also known as scurvy), or because of simply not getting enough food...”

Oregon Grape Root a treatment
“...Oregon Grape is rich in vitamin C and has been made into a beverage that was useful for scurvy, fever and upset stomachs...”
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More topics Related to Scurvy

Vinegar a treatment
“...Hippocrates was said to have used apple cider vinegar as a health tonic and American soldiers used it to combat indigestion, pneumonia and scurvy.  (Apple) cider vinegar is produced when bacteria naturally present in the air converts the small amount of alcohol in apple juice to acetic acid, which gives vinegar its tangy taste...”

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) a treatment
“...One of the most talked about vitamins in recent decades, vitamin C activity was first identified hundreds of years ago for it's ability to prevent and treat scurvy.  There are few conditions for which Vitamin C has not been promoted for, and in many cases had some effect...”

Vitamin C Requirement

...the condition
“...Severe deficiency of vitamin C can lead to scurvy.  However, severe deficiency and scurvy are rare in developed nations...”
...our question about Frequency of rashes
Scurvy has rash as one of its symptoms.”
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