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Digestive Enzymes: Overview

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Digestive Enzymes:

Digestive Enzymes can help with the following:



Decreasing circulating immune complexes may be accelerated by breaking them down with the use of trypsin, chymotrypsin and pancreatin.  These enzymes must be given at least one hour before meals.  One of the basic concepts in systemic enzyme therapy is that all kinds of inflammatory processes respond to enzymes.  Hydrolytic enzymes directly attack the microclots breaking open the clogged vessels and reestablishing circulation.  By restoring normal blood flow, post inflammatory pain and edema are reduced more rapidly.


IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

People with spastic colon are often fiber-intolerant and have a tendency to like fats because they produce a feeling of wellbeing.  They often respond well – sometimes even dramatically so – to a multiple digestive enzyme formula.


Blastocystosis (Blastocystis hominis)

Fat-splitting or fat-digesting enzymes are very important in combating blastocystis.  When studied under the microscope, blastocystis seems to have a fatty reservoir.  These enzymes are helpful in dissolving some of the blastocystis and weakening it, thereby allowing the herbal substances to have greater effect.

Lab Values

LDL/HDL Ratio, High

Researchers found in 1997 that lipase can help to control LDL cholesterol and is helpful in stubborn cases of high triglycerides. [Lipids 32: p.1147, 1997].

High Levels Of Triglycerides

Researchers found in 1997 that lipase can help to control LDL cholesterol and is helpful in stubborn cases of high triglycerides. [Lipids 32: p.1147, 1997].

Neck / Spine

Low Back Pain

Some find help from using digestive or pancreatic enzymes or bromelain/curcumin as anti-inflammatory agents that reduce swelling and help clear away debris.  Papain also has analgesic and anti-inflammatory action.


Acute Bronchitis

Digestive pancreatic enzymes have been used to hasten the recovery process in both acute and chronic bronchitis. [ Enzymtherapie – grundlagen und anwendungsmoglichkeiten. Naturund Ganzheitsmedizin 3, 1991.]

Tumors, Malignant

Pancreatic Cancer

Although the body of evidence is small, an alternative treatment for pancreatic cancer has brought hope to a handful of patients and caught the attention of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) which funded a five-year clinical trial.  Based on this preliminary evidence that pancreatic enzymes kill pancreatic cancer cells, it would be prudent to ensure pancreatic sufficiency or use pancreatic enzymes supplementally when the risk of developing pancreatic cancer is increased.

Dr. Gonzales, M.D. reviewed and published the follow-up results of 11 patients who followed his treatment regime.  They lived on average three times longer than expected.  Dr. Gonzales said all the patients were in an advanced stage of the illness, and their conditions were inoperable.  He further stated that "the survival rate at this stage is usually about 4-5 months, but the survival rate for the test patients was 17 12 months... I think the pancreatic enzymes do have a powerful anti-cancer effect.  We do use diet (fruits and vegetables), we do use coffee enemas, we do use vitamins and minerals.  I don't think any of those things kill cancer cells.  I do think pancreatic enzymes do." [Nutrition and Cancer 33(2): pp.117-24]

Multiple Myeloma

166 subjects with multiple myeloma who took 2 Wobe-Mugos tablets (pancreatic enzymes) tid for the first year and then 1 tablet tid for the second year of the study, along with conventional treatment, experienced an extended lifespan (for stage III myeloma) from 47 months to 83 months over those who did not use the enzymes.  The addition of oral enzyme therapy for more than 6 months reduced the hazard of death for patients at all stages of disease by approximately 60%. [Cancer Chemother Pharmacol, 2001;47(Supp1.): S38-S44 ]

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