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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between April and June, 2005

121 Maury Biggs, FL, USAApril, 2005

Coming from an engineering/math/computer type
background, I was most pleased at how well the body
can be summarized by enough statistics to do some

122 Ms. S. Colliberry, TX, USAApril, 2005

This report is just amazing.  Thank you so much.  I can tell you put a
great deal of thought into this.  It's virtually impossible to find
anyone who really listens, trusts what I say about how I feel, and
weighs the evidence objectively.  You verified that I might not
actually be crazy to disagree with my previous thyroid blood work (the
endocrinologist went so far as to say I needed a psychiatrist because
there was "nothing wrong" with me despite all my symptoms).  Your
recommendations are not easy to follow, but they are sensible,
practical, and verifiable, and not out of line with what I suspected
anyway.  Thank you for giving me some clues about what supplements
will help.  I really appreciate you and your service.  Please feel
free to use me as a recommendation.

123 Ms. C. Schulte, TX, USAApril, 2005

Just wanted to say thank you.  I feel my money was well spent.  After countless doctor visits and lab work I finally have information about my health problems that make sense.  I can see a way to better health because of the analysis I got from you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

124 Mrs. Gerri T., Johnstown, CO, USAApril, 2005

(To her reviewing doctor:) Thank you for the detailed anaylsis that you gave me. I understand MOST of what you said!!! ... I am taking your advice on getting help with my ileocecal valve syndrome.  THANK YOU SO MUCH for telling me about that.  NOONE has ever addressed that possiblity.  I nearly cried when I read about that!!!
I have started an excersise program and am changing my diet.  Thank you so much for your help.

125 John Oravainen, QLD, AustraliaApril, 2005

(To his reviewing doctor:) I have recently recieved your report from the Analyst and am very pleased with the amount of information it has provided.It has changed things quite a bit as I have taken steps to action some of the reccomendations ie.dietry changes,less booze,especially dark red wine which may have been causing the dark stools. I had the stool checked and it was clear of blood and the colour has changed since I stopped the wine fest.I hope with time , diet and exersize I will be able to reduce my choleresterol from the 5.2mmol/L it is now and my Glucose from 5.6mmol/L. Thanks once again for the Analyst it has already changed my life for the better and hopefully for longer.

126 Lydia R., Los Angeles, CA, USAApril, 2005

I want to thank you for the report.  It does give me much to think about and I have a better working knowledge of some of the health issues I face.  I did the cleanse with the grapefruit and the 'tonic' and I must stay I saw immediate results.  I saw redness in the palms of my hands.  The rash on the back of my hands seems to be disappearing.  What I appreciate most is, I was not being told to purchase a product.  I saw what I believe to be stones, they were very dark and as the day progressed they turned lighter in color.  My eyes looked different after this cleansing.  I have done the olive oil in the past, but I looked like I had aged after the process, that was not the case with this 'tonic.'

Thank you.

127 Ms. V. S., TX, USAApril, 2005

I received with no problem and could easily download it. I appreciate it.

I think this report is a very useful start for resolving my health problems. You are doing a very good job.

128 Mrs. J. G., Florida, USAMay, 2005

(To her reviewing doctor:) Thanks for your detailed report from The Analyst.
To say that I am impressed is an understatement! I am extremely appreciative of the work you have done.

I was in shock at the suspected risks/possibilities of Cervical Cancer, Lupus, HIV, Laryngeal Cancer & Meniere's Disease.
All the other items mentioned are things that I have either suspected or wondered about.
I even "knew" what supplements I needed to take, and have been just too laxed about everything!
Shame on me!

Although I feel as though a brick were dropped on my head, I am also relieved to know that I have been "analyzed" and have somewhat "confirmed" some of my suspicions.

129 Mrs. M. Reiff, MN, USAMay, 2005

(To her reviewing doctor:) I would like to THANK YOU for the thorough report, and your invaluable insight regarding what may be plaguing me... I have to admit, it has taken me several days to simply GLEAN THROUGH the report, and I am anxious to take some time this weekend to scour it thoroughly to process the information and create an appropriate strategy to improve how I feel...

130 Mrs. Monique A., Tucson, AZ, USAMay, 2005

(To her reviewing doctor:) I've already made dramatic changes as a result of 2nd paragraph of the report.  "Of particular concern to you are anorexia/starvation tendency."  It may be hard to understand, but it wasn't until I read that that I realized I have been fasting for far too long.  (I had went on a potatoe and vegetable fast about 6 months ago for 30 days, and then again shortly after that, and just didn't realize I was no longer hungry and was actually starving myself).  And then dut to the physical state I was in, my mind wasn't thinking clearly either.

Gosh, thanks for the report.  I've resumed eating and with all the good stuff suggested and glucose is good and normal and I feel so much better.  I just couldn't figure out why I wasn't feeling good, after all, when you stop eating for long enough, you tend to not be hungry and tend not to eat and tend to not notice.  My leg cramps disappeared over night from a good healthy meal and vitamins.  I'm back jog/walking with my dog now, 2x per day, and eating 3x per day, full vegetarian, flax, herbs, (with a little chicken), plenty of water, carrot juice, diet.  My weight is up a few pounds too.

It's funny, no one else seemed to notice the "starvation" thing but you.  They had me running around testing blood sugar and other things.  The minute I saw the term "starvation" on the report it hit me like a ton of bricks.  It was the word "stavation" that rang home, had it only said "anorxeia" I don't think it would have.  Most people are overweight so not too many think "starvation" right away.  So although the rest of the report needs my attention, I think most of everything will be remedied with EATING :)

Thank you!!

131 Mrs. S. Helin, FL, USAMay, 2005

I tried sending an Email to [the reviewing doctor] to thank him from the bottom of my heart for helping me with the good advice on my condition. Best doctor I've ever been to! I tried to Email him, but my computer wouldn't allow me to send it. Can you relay my thanks to him for putting me on the right track, and let him know how much I appreciate it his advice? Also, kudos to Diagnose Me.

132 Mrs. Candice F., California, USAMay, 2005

I want to thank you for your extremely thorough diagnosis... I have been prescribed so many different medications which I feel only mask the symptoms and do absolutely nothing to treat the problem.  I appreciate all of your input and will follow all of your recommendations.

Thank You SOOO much!!

133 Mrs. K. Wade, KS, USAMay, 2005

(To her reviewing doctor:) Thank you! I appreciate the service and personal touch to an online service that could certanly have been handled in a "cold" unfriendly manner and still have been "accurate". I have told everyone what a great site and service you offer.

134 Mr. D. Durost, Utah, USAMay, 2005

I recently used your service and was extreemly impressed with the comprehensive report.

135 Mrs. J. Hodge, Topeka, KS, USAMay, 2005

Thanks so much for your great communication and clear
messages.  I appreciate that very much.  Most websites leave that part
of it.. lacking allot.. but you cover all the bases and I know exactly
what is being done.  I respect that allot.  Very pleased!!

136 Mike Howe, Nunamara, AustraliaMay, 2005


137 Mrs. Roni Clarke, Surrey, UKJune, 2005

Sirs, thank you for my report. I have not yet read it in detail but have had a quick look at it and am most pleased with what I have managed to digest thus far. It seems to me that there are many who would benefit from your servicehere in the UK. If there is such a similar service I am unaware of it. Would you be willing for my organisation to act as an agent for your service? I believe that we could increase your client base if you are able to handle increased volume.

138 Mrs. Pauline Reeves, UKJune, 2005

I am extremely impressed.
thank you
Pauline Reeves

139 Naomi S., Vancouver, BC, CanadaJune, 2005

Thank you so much for your comprehensive and exhaustive report.  Although I was already aware of quite a few of the issues you addressed, there were plenty more that I was not aware of that in retrospect explain a great deal.

140 John Bollegar, Tampa, FL, USAJune, 2005

thank you for your response you are a life saver... literally... i have had a number of doctor visits over the last three years.. (two mri's) and they couldn't find nothing... all the signs were there feeling dizzy,fatigue, ringing in the left ear and a general feeling of malaise.... you were able to nail it with your quiz.. thanx..i have started a new diet no sugar or yeast..also i have started taking threelac which is a combination of bacillus,coagulans and bacillus subtilus and enteroccocus faecalis and oxygen elements along with a immune booster called vibe..it seems to be helping.. i have had this condition a while and never would have guessed!!!

thanx for your help... the world needs more caring people like yourself !!!

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