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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between August and October, 2005

161 Jeanette Clarke, London, UKAugust, 2005

Feeling disatisfied with my doctor responding to just one of my
symptoms at a time and ignoring the overall fact that my health
has been diminishing rapidly over the last three years, I myself
tried researching to see if I could find the core underlying causes.
It was difficult as, when you are unwell and emotionally affected by
adverse health, you can become overwhelmed by feelings of
hopelessness and a sense of being "on you own" with your
problems.  I am so glad that in the process of researching my
conditions I stumbled across this service.

I understood that the expert system would assess me on facts and
statistics and was realistic about its possible limitations, but I was
really impressed by the resultant report.  I think the database has
been compiled using a comendable mixture of naturopathic and
medical knowledge.  And the overall sense I get is that the service
is run in an ethical and friendly way - the optimum one would wish
in this situation.  More than anything it empowered me to make
whatever adjustments I wished to impact on my future health.

What a great investment!  I intend to repeat the questionnaires with
you annually (a) to chart my progress (b) to re-motivate me in case
I've let things slip a little again.

Thank you for your service, you are helping create a better world
where people take responsibility for their health and participate in
improving it.

162 Patricia Hutton, Illinois, USAAugust, 2005

(To her reviewing doctor:) Your diagnosis was right on and you gave me the exact path of help I needed.

Instead of listing ALL the medicine I am off of -- (and it is a BAGFUL and out of sight)) let me say I only take my Plendil and Atenolol... Anyway, I am feeling GOOD..  What a difference five months have made.

Again, thank you for your guidance.

163 Lars Vanderbilt, Rockland, MA, USAAugust, 2005

This could be a huge new wave in the future as
a significant tool to assist doctors etc.
Nothing can crunch numbers / associate
symptoms / diagnosis like computers with
large databases etc.
Doctor's today should be equipped with the
very best in technology.. and this is one of
those tools.

164 Mrs. Gill Kirk, UKAugust, 2005

Thanks for your report. The results are a revelation. I had no idea that the numerous symptoms I had dismissed as insignificant were linked and that they are indicators of potential health problems. It all makes a lot of sense and puts things into context. I will definitely follow your advice.

165 Mrs. J. DeSignori, Modesto, CA, USAAugust, 2005

I want to thank you for your in-depth analysis of the information that I sent you.  You have confirmed some things, namely the need for an angiogram - and have opened my eyes in other respects, such as the simple fact that if I make some vital lifestyle changes I will without doubt be much healthier and happier.  I learned a lot about what my diet, ( or lack of it), is doing to me, and I have already started to change my bad, bad ways ... As soon as I can afford it, I will have the kidney function analysis, and will follow up on all the recommendations that you have given.

After many years of getting bad attitudes from non-caring doctors that won't help, your forthright answers and suggestions have given me hope.  I haven't had any medical coverage for at least 10 years, so your help is absolutely invaluable.  Thank you from the bottom of my soon to be healthy heart!

166 Joy Lopez, Bedford, TX, USAAugust, 2005


167 Rosa Maria, Albany, NY, USAAugust, 2005

To All of You,

I would like to express my deep appreciation for the service you are
providing.  After briefly reviewing the Report many of my concerns were
confirmed.  I have been aware of the majority of conclusions to which you
came but you have given me much needed recommendations.

I look forward to implementing your suggestions after a detailed
consideration of the Report and after consulting with my doctors.  The
recommendations offered are what I call "common sense" recommendations.
Thanks for the needed 'push' and 'wake up call' to help me get started.

I would recommend your services to anyone a hundred times over.  It was
the best use I could have given to the money spent.  Feel free to use this
as a testimonial if you wish.

Rosa Maria

168 Lucas Diorn, UKAugust, 2005

Takes a long time to take the questionnaire but all questions seem so comprehensive and relevant + the entire experience inspires confidence in the service. As such those that are motivated to find assistance (I believe) would be more than happy to spend the time going through the questions.

169 Lynne Warner, Dolan Springs, AZ, USAAugust, 2005

Please be kind enough to thank for me the person(s) who started this website.  It is an answer to a longstanding wish of mine for an expert system (yes, I do know a little about them in theory) that could perform this kind of service.  I would like to see every doctor in the country using it.  Thank you again, Lynne Warner

170 Victor Hartz, Manahawkin, NJ, USAAugust, 2005

Excellent report. All printed up very well. Thanks, Vic

171 Keren Curtis, Northampton, UKAugust, 2005

Thank you very much for the prompt response and the no-hassle assistance.
The report is extremely helpful with a wealth of explanations possible cases and advice.
i will certainly recommend your questionnaire to all my friends!

thank you very much once again for you help with re-sending my report and for a great product.

172 Angela Miller, SC, USASeptember, 2005

Hi. I have read both parts and I am very impressed. I
really thought the letter at the beginning of the
attachment, where the doctors explain things before
the report, to be very informative. It is very hard in
this city to find doctors who are thorough and
actually care about the patients. Most just want our
money and the majority of them have rude staff. I wish
I lived in a city that had a group of doctors who
would go to whatever means necessary to make a patient
well or to find out what is causing a patient's
problems. Thank you so much for all you have done.

173 Mr. DG Murphy, Galway, IrelandSeptember, 2005

Thank you most sincerely,a lot to reflect and act on.

174 Patricia Mullen, Henderson, NV, USASeptember, 2005

Thank you.  I thought your report was amazing and I am still considering whether I want to take it further.  I have already referred you to others.

175 Chevalier De'Travernent, Choppington, Northumberland, UKSeptember, 2005

(To his reviewing doctor:) WOW, what can I say, I have spent most of the afteroon reading your 'Analysis' or should I say your Epistle... Why oh why, do UK Neurologists deny their responsibilities to their patients... at this moment in time I have this to say "Why, oh why didn't I get this done sooner".
If anyone out there needs help and advice, do not, I repeat, DO NOT hesitate to fill in the Diagnose Me Form, for the minor cost, you get more in 4 days than I got in 10 years. I have wept, I have asked God to let me die in my sleep rather than wake up to face another day as I have spent in all these years. My wife has wept watching me. Drs. in my nearby hospital have demanded a Neurologist Diagnose me and yet I have met a wall of silence, tests and be passed over to another dr. or Neurologist only to be sent back to where I started... do you think I should adopt you as my MD? LOL! I'd make a trip as this is the first time I have a great report on my condition and the first time I've had an MD speak to me as though I am someone with some inteligence.

I really don't know where I would be without the help of Diagnose Me. Probably still none the wiser, still frustrated and more than likely depressed at the lack of a diagnosis.
Thank you most sincerely for your Report, your patience with the many e mails full of questions that you have continued to answer; your professionalism is worth far more than the tiny fee you charge.
I would personally recommend anyone - yes even those in the UK - to come to you for help.

I am so grateful that I finally decided to get the advice from an MD such as yourself from Diagnose Me! Obviously one can be sceptical; boy I would have been an idiot not to have filled in the forms you set. I'd gladly pay the fee again - honestly- I have had more, advice and understanding of a long term problem in such a short time than I have had in a decade - it's frightening to think that we in the UK only, what we now know as Postcode Treatment - meaning it depends where you live whether you get the correct treatment or not AND this is a 'Civilised Country'!!
Thank you most sincerely for what you have done for me and are still doing.
I'm more than grateful,

176 Mrs. A. Kidd, TasmaniaSeptember, 2005

This site is fantastic, I am currently looking after my father who felled a whole tree on his head, I have ummed and ahhed for months whether to take the time off and go and see a doctor about these leg cramps that keep me up all night, I started drinking about eight glasses of water a day after I read about the dehydration, god, what a relief, the first night, no cramps, the cramps left me pretty well unable to walk most days, the muscles in my legs felt like I had been hit repeatadly with a baseball bat, what a relief to get up, after sleeping all night and being able to walk without sore muscles. Part of my fathers physio revolves around walking around the farm three times a day, now I can enjoy it instead of endure it. Thanks, it was great, I just have to remember people need water, by the way I hate water!!!!!!!! I am really happy with the report and I think you guys will do lot of people good that can't afford the time to go to a doctor, thankyou very much

177 George Stinnett, Joplin, Missouri, USAOctober, 2005

I'm pleasantly surprised by the scope of this document.

178 Brian Jeffries, Kaiserslautern, GermanyOctober, 2005

The report you sent me has been very useful to me. Even though I realized how poor my diet ist, I have never really done anything seriously to change it.

179 Murray Naditch, Santa Monica, CA, USAOctober, 2005

Thank you for facilitating the delivery of my Health Evaluation report to me.

I've reviewed it and am more than satisfied.  It's a very good value for the money.

180 Dirk Johnson, Provo, UT, USAOctober, 2005

Wow. I do not know how to thank you enough! I wish there were some way I could let you know what it has done for my "peace of mind" to be able to read this report, and see all the items I can start working on right now, while trying to get healthy enough to return to work. Thus, being covered by insurance again. Which then allows me to get the care I need, like blood work, and whatever else I need.

Everything on the report makes such perfect sense to me now, after not knowing for so long. Even though it is somewhat scary to see all the "Risk Factors", it helps motivate me to get much more aggressive to follow the recommendations.

I am still concerned and anxious about where I am at healthwise, but I feel much relieved and hopeful tonight, after being able to read and understand what is possibly wrong. Especially, since the course of correction is laid out for me so clearly.

Thank you, again. Take care.


Dirk Johnson

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