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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between May and October, 2004

41 Mrs. D. A., North Bay, Ontario, CanadaMay, 2004

I nearly fell over when I read my results.  So very accurate and everything indicates something I have already been told and/or been diagnosed with.  Really appreciate this report, your comments and suggestions more than you will ever know.  I am passing along your questionnaire to several people I know.  Thank you again.

42 Mr. M. T., Bridgwater, Somerset, UKMay, 2004

I wish to say that your website is one of the best I have used.  It is easy to use, gives excellant information, and well structured.  Congratulations.
I especially liked your article on Type 1.5 Diabetes.  This is a condition which is not recognised in the UK, but which describes my symptoms closest.
Your information was up to date, and covered many aspects which are so far regarded in UK as 'quack' medecine, but which I have my own experience to back up.  I am trying to educate my Doctor, and now have his permission to continue Alpha Lipoic Acid supplements (after a battle).  We are so far behind here.
Thank you for giving me straightforward advice, with no political overtones, and for covering so many aspects of health care.

43 Jerry Richardson, RT.1, Box 82, Isola, MS 38754, USAMay, 2004

I took the time to fill in all the questions on the form, not expecting much in return, and I received a computer print out within hours of completeing the form(s). I am impressed with the thoroughness of your report, and it's completeness. I would suggest, to anyone feeling anxious about their health that they subscribe to your service immediately. It has been a revalation to me, and my family. I am going to act upon the advice and feedback that you provided me with your comprehensive report.
Jerry Richardson

44 Mrs. C. J., Bronx, New York, NY, USAMay, 2004

Wow! I just want to say thank you. I am so happy to know that I can start getting some answers today. I have not seen an alternative doctor (who deals with alternative or holistic healing) yet. I am looking into one now I would like to get in contact with. The doctor I am seeing now is not into alternative or holistic healing. He denys most of my concerns, and it is so frustrating talking to him.

I appreciate what you have done for me, and I will tell others about your wealth of information and service. After reading my report I was terrified. I already knew that I wasn't nourishing my body properly, and exercising as much as I should. The real shocker was the fact that I could have or be susceptible to so many illnesses. Right now, I want to do what ever I can to stop illness from attacking my body.

I hope to use your report and other helpful information as a foundation for my personal journey towards better health. I am even more motivated to seek out additional resources and support. I want to start making the changes that will heal and create a healthier new me for the rest of my life.

45 Mrs. Yvette V., (Address withheld)May, 2004

Thank you for the various methods for treating already-diagnosed problems. Doctors are so quick to prescribe lethal drugs and not offer alternative methods. I am well on the road to recovery based on what I found here.

46 Mrs. J. H., Silver Spring, MD, USAJune, 2004

Thank you for the analysis of my conditions that you sent yesterday.  I have never had such a comprehensive look at what medical issues I am dealing with and I hope that this analysis leads to a management plan for me! (I still have a lot of self-analysis to do in pouring over the report and deciding on the most appropriate lifestyle changes to make! :) I am excited to finally have a path to take!! :) )

47 Mrs. R. Linden, Bloomfield, NM, USAJune, 2004

(To her reviewing doctor:) Thank you for reviewing the results for me.  The web site is truly amazing.  I still have much to read...

48 Mr. B. D., Matteson, IL, USAJuly, 2004

Hey kewl!  I'll have to look at it "after work!" <smile>  I opened it, then
started to read stuff and decided that would be WAY too dangerous now with
what I have to get done!  It just seems too interesting to be able to
stop....I can picture myself calling for Cary to pull me away as if I were
"caught" by electricity!!!

49 Mrs. R. W., Danville, CA, USAJuly, 2004

Thank you for the report which reached me this morning.  It is indeed comprehensive. Impressive. :-)

50 Mrs. V. S., FL, USAJuly, 2004

    I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your services and those of [the doctor]. About 4 months ago I was in terrible shape. I slept for 12 hours at night and napped during the day. I was on an anti depressant for post partum depression. My energy was nonexistent even with all the sleep. To compensate I ate all the time, the wrong foods to just keep going.
    I stumbled upon your website and took the test out of desperation. The analysis showed me where I was lacking nutrition and supplements. I took some of the suggestions and to my surprise noticed a change. I kept taking suggestions and kept feeling better. Then I went all they way and contacted [the doctor]. A simple regimen made me feel a lot better.
    I am so happy to say that I am off of the antidepressants with [the doctor's] help. I have never felt better or had a clearer head. I enjoy my daughter, studies, workouts and life in general. Thank you so much for your services. It may very well have saved my life.

51 Mrs. S. H., Aptos, CA, USAJuly, 2004

I just wanted to write to let you know that I have had a most amazing experience with your services and from [the doctor]. I had a condition that I have had since age 17 (I am now 33) that would flare up occasionally and when I came to you it was REAL bad. [The doctor] gave me an excellent report and because of his recommendations and the anti inflammatory diet he put me on, my condition is gone!!!! I am the most happy person ever and I owe it all to him and your service! I wish I could express it to you more because this is one of the most wonderful things in my life. I have been to a couple dermatologists and even they were unable to help me after being treated for some time and put on medication after medication. I am most certainly recommending your service as well as [the doctor] to anyone and everyone I know for anything they may need!!! PLEASE contact me if you want any further information at all!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

52 Mrs. S. K., Southampton, PA, USAJuly, 2004

(To her reviewing doctor:)  Thank you so much for your detailed and illuminating analysis of my Analyst health report.  I have been saying for months that my fatigue and depression were related somehow to perimenopausal hormonal issues, stressed-out adrenals and my known low thyroid dysfunction, and significant people in my life (spouse, doctor, psychologist) have been saying no, it was all in my head.  It is such a relief to have my intuitive impressions confirmed AND to receive specific advice on how to turn things around, all given by you in a kindly and direct way ... In response to all these changes, I am delighted to find my fatigue lifting:  I no longer need an afternoon nap most days, and I have much more energy, notably in the evening when I used to be very tired.  My thinking seems clearer, and my memory is improving. The depression and anxiety are still with me, but perhaps they are a little lighter; I'm hoping hormonal adjustments will eventually fix them ... Again, thank you for all of your life-changing advice.  I look forward to a more detailed consultation with you in the near future.

53 Mrs. T. J., Hawaii, USAJuly, 2004

I find the report mind boggling. I didn't expect such a detailed report. I will be asking for the next level of report at the beginning of August.

54 Mrs. R. K., Willowbrook, IL, USAOctober, 2004

(To her reviewing doctor:) I would like to thank you for your thoughtful assessment of my mother's report. I really appreciate your time and talent. Many thanks for sharing your wisdom with such kindness. I wish you were in Chicago!

55 Mr. P. O., Lake Oswego, OR, USAOctober, 2004

I certainly am not dissappointed with the depth of the report.  This will be very useful to me in modifying my habits to ensure better health.  At age 62 this obviously becomes more and more important if one wants vitality to maximize remaining life.

56 Mrs. R. W., Belfast, N. Ireland, UKOctober, 2004

Think I've already maybe done this, but it's a measure of my intense appreciation of your service that I'm back to ensure that you do know how superb it truly IS!!  I was SO pleased by the response from the PC analyst alone but to then get quality feedback from a doctor on top for a small amount of money extra was just wonderful.  And on top of that your entire website is really an incredible tool, given the volume of content you provide free of charge which is equally phenomenal.  Not sure if I mentioned it last time round, but I'll be putting a link on to our website in the near future as I think many of our people would benefit from the facility.

57 Mrs. S. B., Clarksburg, NJ, USAOctober, 2004

I want you to know what a difference Diagnose-me.com has made in my life. Seven months ago I had a problem with cronic hives. I had them every day all over by body for no apparant reason. At least once a month they were so severe I should have gone to the ER. In addition to the intence itching, I felt fatigued, stressed and very unhealthy. The extreme swelling in my face worried my husband, family and co-workers. My local doctors ran tests and could not find anything wrong with me so they treated me with antihistimines that made me more tired and lifeless. I received my report and evaluation by Dr. Johnson. She told me I needed to make some changes in my life to include exercise and a better diet. She stressed the importance of doing a liver and gall bladder flush and detox. I made those minor changes and along with taking some additional suppliments that she suggested, I felt better than ever in less than two months. No more hives! I have lost some weight and have more energy than ever before. I enjoy kayaking and other physical activities that last year would exhaust me and I am thrilled about that. I am so greatful for your excellent service and my restored health!

58 Ms. S. C., Changwon, Kyungnam-do, South KoreaOctober, 2004

Hi, thank you so much for the report.  I had already started to work on a lot of the areas you suggested - I have joined the gym, I am making great efforts with my diet, am cutting down smoking/drugs etc.  Reading your report has given me the kick I needed to really give it my all.

59 Ms. Jane Hall, UKOctober, 2004

Thank you very much!!! I am delighted with this report and with the efficiency of Diagnose Me.

60 Mrs. L. G., Taunton, Somerset, UKOctober, 2004

If you get this, a Big Thank you!
I think you are 'spot on' - your remarks make an enormous amount of sense - and took to the concentrated grapefruit seed extract I had immediately.  I gave up all refined sugar straight away and have almost absolished my constant depression attacks which started in the gut and worked their way up!

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