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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between March and April, 2005

101 Paul A. Teel, Texas, USAMarch, 2005

Thank you for the quick response to my questionnaire.  I have been through most of it and I consider it excellent work.  Thank you and staff for a super job in a limited time.

102 Georda Smith, VT, USAMarch, 2005

I think this site is great! I get very frustrated by doctors who can only meet with patients for 10 or so minutes. I am old enough to remember when doctors treated the whole patient, not just the current crisis.
Thank you !

103 Elaine Cortese, NV, USAMarch, 2005

I have just finished printing your report. I scanned some of it and I'm very impressed and definitely getting an education. As an RN for 65 yrs, I am amazed at the thoroughness of this information.
Many heartfelt thanks.
Elaine Cortese,R.N.

104 Sarama Minoli, NY, USA (lifeperfection -at- earthlink -dot- net)March, 2005

Your analysis is very well done and I would recommend it highly! Your staff is very thorough and very knowledgeable. I am a long-time nutritionist and usually find that I "know it all" already, but your well organized, vegetarian-friendly answers, not holistic-run-of-the-mill, are more enlightened than most; I even learned a few new things! I'd say also that you have an exceptionally smart computer, but of course your long, long, long, long questionnaire covers all bases very thoroughly. I see why it is so long and I would encourage folks to stick it out to the very end. I almost did not, but am glad that I did!

Sarama Minoli, MA, MS, Bio-Nutritionist

105 Jill Houghton, Cammeray, NSW, AustraliaMarch, 2005

Many thanks for your informative report, and access to the deeper information on your website.

It has clarified symptoms i have been fighting/ dealing with most of my life: long term severe stress with continued sleep deprivation, etc. most of these have disappeared since I have been able to give up fulltime work while having sufficient funds to eat better etc.  Also, I have been doing Pilates for 3 years, and started twice weekly gym work a month ago: weight actually increased by 4 kg in first week and still has not returned to previous level, though the external fat layers seem to be reducing and muscles increasing in size.  So your main suggestions are being implemented.

However, I need to go more thoroughly through detailed suggestions for the cause and treatment for my "reactions" - certainly, as soon as we have enough money, i intend to get the rest of my amalgam fillings removed.  I agree that I most likely have insulin resistance - when I did the "disastrous" glucose tolerance test (to check for hypoglycaemia since all said i do not have diabetes) the doctor had intended to send blood for insulin as well as for sugar testing, but when I was taken to hospital the hospital doctors refused my doctor's request!! I do not intend risking another test!

Matching information on your site with previous symptoms, i see the my adrenals have certainly taken a bashing over my lifetime, so there may well still be problems there - something else to work on.

Again, many thanks.  I feel renewed confidence that I may be able to do something positive about it all.

Keep up the good work

106 Mike Bolan, Tasmania, AustraliaMarch, 2005

Hi there,

Just received my report and, as a business and information systems consultant, I can say that I'm very impressed. I will definitely be recommending your service to others.

Thanks again,


107 David Brown, Florida, USAMarch, 2005

Just received my report and thought it was very useful. Thanks for a job well done!

108 Janette, Marburg, AustraliaMarch, 2005

Your service was exceptional, prompt and informative.  Options provided were extensive and enlightening.  The degree level of the diagnoses provided were also helpful and informative.

109 Andrew Wright, Apia, SamoaMarch, 2005

Thanks you for the diagnosis - very thorough and informative.  The weighting
to nutrition was appreciated - and I will ry and take on some of the advice!
Please relay my thanks to [the reviewing doctor].

110 Milton, Birmingham, Alabama, USAMarch, 2005

Looks great! Thanks for sending the report. I may upgrade soon and consult with one of the doctors to gain further insights. This is a very useful tool and I look forward to taking steps that the report recommends and staying healthy.
God Bless,

111 Karl Simmons, CA, USAMarch, 2005

Thanks for the very detailed report.  I received it yesterday; and today, I called my doctor to schedule an appointment to go over the medical issues raised in my health evaluation. I look forward to some very positive changes in my overall health as a result of your service.  Thanks again.

112 Ellie Green, Fort Bragg, CA, USAMarch, 2005

I'm Ellie Green, in Fort Bragg, CA, and I received your AWESOME diagnostic
e-mail several days ago.

I'm VERY IMPRESSED - yes, some of it is scary, but I'm reassured because
it's going down many of the same paths I already suspected. But now I have
some helpful direction! I have recommendations and know what I should do.
I'm starting immediately, but recognize it will be difficult to change so
many long-standing habits.

I have not had time to truly digest this report, and may find as I become
more familiar with it that I do have questions. But for now, I simply wanted

Ellie Green

113 Brenda Barclay, Berwick Upon Tweed, UKApril, 2005

A close friend advised me about your web site and when you are having difficulty being understood by others its good to know that there is something like this that we can turn to for advice.

114 Renée Giovati, SC, USAApril, 2005

Unbelievable I'll recommend it.

Thanx much!

115 Stacey, Rockville, MD, USAApril, 2005


I recently received my report and am very pleased with the quality and detail of the information provided. [The reviewing doctor] is very thorough and offered targeted and practical advice.  Your questionnaire allowed me to provide much more detail than I've ever had time to review with a primary care physician, and I feel confident that [the reviewing doctor] was therefore able to see a far more comprehensive picture of my health than anyone else ever has. He seemed to put the pieces of the puzzle together with great insight.  Further, I genuinely appreciate his holistic approach to assessing my information and making recommendations that are natural and integrated with lifestyle choices.  My doctors have always focused on my recent but seemingly unrelated "symptoms" without regard to integrated health measurements, even though I've always suspected that my recent illnesses have been related.

I have a lot of work to do, but this report served as the perfect "non-judgmental" wake-up call. It got my attention by painting an objective (and I believe accurate!) picture of my health, pointing out the probable consequences of my current lifestyle, and outlining specific actions I need to take to improve my health and avoid further damage. As a relatively young executive who often spends too much time at work, I am now clear about how my choices are directly affecting my health and I plan to use the information from this report to guide significant improvements in my lifestyle and diet. Thank you, [reviewing doctor]!

I appreciate your help and the quality of your service.  I will recommend you to everyone I know.

Thank you,


116 Gerry Rudd, TX, USAApril, 2005

I did receive the report and have already made a printout. Thanks so much for your comments/recommendations. The report gives new insights that I will seriously consider in my multi-medical problems.

117 Matt, Vancouver, BC, CanadaApril, 2005

I'm extraordinarily pleased with the quality of the report. I had not expected something even remotely as personal and helpful. I will definitely recommend this service to my friends and loved ones.

118 Jennifer J., New York, NY, USAApril, 2005

Hi, at first glance, the report looks great!  I like that the reasons are included for coming up with a possible issue and the percentages help a lot as well to try and prioritize the information.  Also, the color coding system makes it easier to digest as well.  It is also great that there are suggested natural remedies to help with the problem and also that they are often connected to links on the web.  Thank you for the report.  Brgds, Jennifer

119 Marie, London, UKApril, 2005

Thank you for the report. It is very thorough.

120 Sandra Weidner, USAApril, 2005

I did find value to your service.  It helped me focus on details about my "illness."  It got me to doing some aerobic exercises.  I found taking my omega three oils through grinding flax seeds in my coffee grinder a wonderful suggestion and far more affordable than buying the oil.  You were helpful and all-in-all sending me in the not only the best direction but the one I want to go in.

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