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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews in 2003

1 Graham and Irene Ellis, Pahoa, HI, USA2003

Thanks for your good work......we wish you great success.  We have both used the Analyst and have found it to be an excellent service.  It has provided us with a very fast and detailed report on our health issues with recommendations for treatment from which we have benefited greatly... Unbelievable!

2 Mr. S. L., New Mexico, USA2003

The analysis performed by computer, and verified by a staff member, was incredible!  My report was comprehensive, thorough, personalized, well researched, and right on the ball.  Clearly there is no way that for the price of the analysis that you can get ANY doctor, mainstream or complementary, to perform as thorough an investigation and analysis and provide as detailed a report as they do.  I'm beginning to implement a number of their suggestions.

As a computer programmer I appreciate the amount of outstanding work that went into crafting such a system.  The concept is simple, yet elegant and powerful.  Interview the patient about hundreds and hundreds of symptoms and conditions.  Probe deeper in the patient's problem areas, correlate symptoms and sets of symptoms to current and potential future states of illness and disease.  Make solid recommendations to help the patient make better choices about maintaining and improving health.

Great idea! Excellent (and fast) service!

3 Mrs. A. T., Bradley, WV, USA2003

I just wanted to let you know, that I was very pleased with the information that you recently sent me. I could not believe all that information. It took me awhile to read. I have to say, it made more sense to me than anything I have received from other doctors. I am excited to use the information that you have given me...

4 Mrs. A. W., Orlando, FL, USA2003

I am doing so much better! I was a little concerned for a while - I was steadily gaining weight, and not on account of eating more, and could not believe I was feeling worse! I felt kind of sick to my stomach, and I swelled up even more. I don't know, but I think the stuff was cleaning my body out. I no longer have ANY cellulite on my legs, and it is almost gone from my behind. I am not so worn out anymore, and all of my bones are protruding again. (that's a good thing in my book. I like to be able to see my ribs and ankle bones) My stomach is no longer distended, nor does it hurt.
I am amazed. I have not stepped on the scale, but all of my clothes fit again, and I feel better.
I thank you so much for helping me. I was miserable before. Thank you!

5 Mr. D. P., Salisbury, MD, USA2003

This is a great resource.  If nothing else, it's made me conscious of how much I've let myself slip.

6 Mr. R. H., Osaka, Japan2003

...by the way, I appreciate both the tone of the survey (tries to keep things in layperson's terms but still gives glossary assistance) and the website (not pushy).  I have indeed been reluctant to try some other sites because they are trying to sell a product, and I'm not sure what is best.

7 Mr. J. B., California, USA2003

I'm following the diet for candida, which corresponds to my feeling about what I can eat, and feeling much much better in just a few days.  I've felt weak for several years, again thanks.

8 Dr. A. K., Hyderabad, Pakistan2003

Thankyou very much for your detailed report regarding my health.  I received it a couple of hours ago.  I shall read the report in detail.  In a quick glimpse I have found it to be helpful in making me aware of the possible conditions thay I may develop in future.

9 Ms. S. S., Evansville, IN, USA2003

"...What I have read so far gives much food for thought and lets me see myself in more of an objective way than perhaps even a flesh and blood doctor might interpret my symptoms if he were sitting in front of me..."

"...Up until just recently, I have been in a situation where I have had to try and diagnose myself and it is sometimes frustrating to sift through so much information (and misinformation) without having gone to medical school. I can't imagine what this would be like for someone with less than my background in health and healing issues. Thank you and the others involved in the Analyst for helping me and others in similar situations get information tailored to our special needs in one place- where we would have had to spend days, weeks, months, or even years finding for ourselves, trying to match up our symptoms to what we have read..."

"...The report from the Analyst is certainly worth the money."

10 Ms. H. B., Apache Junction, AZ, USA2003

Thank you for the analysis. It has been very helpful.

11 Ms. L. A., West Long Branch, NJ, USA2003

To whom it may concern.  Wow!  A hundred and two pages... I never expected anything like this.  I've been glancing over it, but I need time to delve in deeply.  Here is your check... Thank you for so much detail.

12 Ms. A. G., Charlotte, NC, USA2003

I was a little skeptical, but I am planning on going to a naturopath up in MI so I thought it might be helpful to have.  Well, I got my results back last night and it is SOOO worth it. It told me a lot of stuff I sort of already suspected... that I probably have low adrenal function and chronic fatigue syndrome.  I also found out that I am probably seriously dehydrated and thats probably a huge source of my problems!!  Yikes.  It gave me like an 80 page report back, very detailed, with tests I should get done, dietary changes to make, herbs & vitamins and minerals to take, and also gave me info on my blood type and auryvedic type.  It also thinks that I am estrogen dominant/progesterone deficient and that I should be using natural progesterone!  I just really wanted to share this bc it gave me tons of such useful information that I can now take with me to the naturopath, but also stuff I can start doing today to begin improving my health.

13 Ms. S. K., New Westminster, BC, Canada2003

The report was very useful in helping me to sort out the possible sources for the symptoms I'm experiencing.

14 Ms. S. A., Tucson, AZ, USA2003

I think you have a terrific service.  Thank you.

15 Ms. L. L., Heathsville, VA, USA2003

Thank you for this comprehensive report.  I feel it is definitely money well spent.  Thank you.

16 Dr. P. Muth, Spruce Head, ME, USA2003

I found your diagnostic system both useful and the results very well presented. The cross-references are most informative.

I started the test with a degree of skepticism, believing that there was nothing wrong with me that a remote diagnosis system could detect. I was surprised that the report alerted me to dietary and life-style habits that are in need of improvement. A most worthwhile exercise!

17 Mrs. J. B., North Island, New Zealand2003

I cannot begin to say how impressed I am at the thoroughness of the answers, comments and diagnoses given (in 54 pages!!) to my answers in the Diagnose-Me.com questionnaire. Specialists here in New Zealand are limited to the main centres of Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. Most of our country is rural and served by all-purpose GPs. I'm extremely grateful for the guidance I now have in order to pursue my goal of better health. I will also be consulting with specialists for potential conditions I hadn't even considered, but which were extremely well covered by the "packet" I received back via zipped email. Many thanks. To say that I'm overwhelmed by the sheer volume and thoroughness of your response to my answers in the questionnaire is definitely an understatement... this was certainly more than worth the cost. Sometime after the new year I'll be taking my 54-page response to my GP and discussing it with him in person.

18 Mrs. S. H., Aptos, CA, USA2003

(To her reviewing doctor:)  I wanted to write to thank you so much for your review of my health. I was extremely impressed with this report and I have now, because of you, really realized that I need to change my diet and such. I have started the anti-inflamatory diet that you suggested today... I have now realized because of your very well worded, explained, and informative report that I really need to do something to better myself and maybe then my problems will be more under control...

Again, thank you so much!!! You may just be my ticket out of the bottom.


19 Mrs. J. T., Larned, KS, USA2003

Dear Analyst Team; What a wonderful service you have!! Thank you so much. I do have an appt. with my internist so at least I am on that page with you!! I do appreciate all your diagnostic information and the opportunity for me to answer those questions. Very revealing. Thank you again, and I will let you know the outcomes!

--and later--

Dear Analyst team; First of all, I want to thank you for your service. I know that the questions that you asked me are questions that no one has ever asked. It was a pleasure to be able to answer honestly and accurately the many health questions that you presented in the questionnaire.
   First I want to say that it had a major effect on me and my health. I did answer the questions AFTER a 4 day trip and AFTER a period of about 3 weeks of not doing any of the disciplines that I normally practice. I had not been drinking my water, exercising, taking my vitamins...you name it. So I was totally honest about my condition at that time; the time immediately preceeding the diagnosis.
   Did the questionnaire and report ever straighten me up!! I learned!! It really brought facts home to me and I got with the program. Some of the habits were already in operation in my soul and I could easily get "on the wagon". Others were in need of a "tune up" and still other pieces of advice had to be chewed and swallowed. I took all of the advice seriously.
   My doctor-s listened to me, and I asked for some of the tests that you recommended. I would never have been bold enough to request these tests, had it not been for this diagnosis tool that you provide. My doctor sincerely thought that they were good ideas and that yes, I needed to have those tests. Thank you!!
   I am on a diet to lose the weight. I can't believe that I have allowed myself to get so overweight. I have a great book by Dr. Phil which helps so much because it gets "under your skin" and goes after causes...Hurrah.
   I am looking foreward to re-taking the "diagnose Me" test in the future when I have new habits and life styles to report. Thanks again.

20 Mr. M. K., Fort Gaines, GA, USA2003

I think you all offer a fantastic service, great work!

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