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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews in February, 2005

81 Mrs. A. G., Vancouver, BC, CanadaFebruary, 2005

Dear Diagnose Me Team,

Thank you and [the reviewing doctor] very much for the amazing report! I am really very greatful for it, and I will benefit from it a lot! I am also incredibly impressed! It is so hard to find a doctor who would evaluate a patient in such in depth and holistic way! I learn so much from your advise!

Thank you so much again.

Wishing you the best,
Anna Gelbert

82 Mrs. Elaine Connor, Banbury, UKFebruary, 2005

Thank-you so much for not printing it is all in my imagination. You have given me some very sound advice, and so much of it is exactly what I have been trying to get across to professionals for the past 14 years. It's amazing and so uplifting, thank-you so very very much for your time to work out this analysis and to give me hope again. I can't express how grateful I am!!!

83 Ms. N. Combs, New York, NY, USAFebruary, 2005

(To her reviewing doctor:) THANK YOU!  Of course, you scared the s**t out of me! :)  But I know that's a good thing.... THANKS SO, SO MUCH!  You're (literally) a lifesaver.

84 Mr. H. S., Washington, USAFebruary, 2005

I am giving feedback to your company as a whole rather than a specific entity of it. I cannot begin to express my graditude and gratefulness to this organization. To put this mildly, "The group of people running this company are absolutely caring, affectionate and right on to a pinpoint as far as diagnosing the needy. I cannot thank you enough, from the bottom of my heart. God bless you."

85 Mrs. H. Smith, Niagara Falls, NY, USAFebruary, 2005

I really appreciate what your site does, I think it is wonderful.

86 Ms. Dawn T., Mesa, AZ, USAFebruary, 2005

I am very impressed with the detailed, comprehensive report that I received and the vast, deep knowledge that you have. I will recommend your service to others.

87 Mrs. Amy A., Lombard, IL, USAFebruary, 2005

Thank you so much. You have been more help than the last three doctors I have seen, trying to figure out what my problem is.

88 Mr. P. Flaherty, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, USAFebruary, 2005

Thank you so much.  I enjoyed the in depth questioning because I actually feel like there is so much more to search for that I haven't tried already.  And through all of this time, no doctor or therapist has ever gone into that much detail.. they are all so quick to say "depression" or "anxiety" and whip out the perscription pad and give you anti-depressants to shut you up. You give me hope at a time when I need it.

89 Mr. J. Mulcahy, Knock, IrelandFebruary, 2005

To say I am impressed is an understatement---thanks to the reporting doctor and to all concerned -------this is the best value for money I have seen in ages.

90 Ms. S., Saratoga Springs, NY, USAFebruary, 2005

I'm sorry I didn't leave feedback or a testimonial before now.  It may be better for you that I didn't--one of the items Diagnose Me's [reviewing doctor] called my attention to was osteoporosis.  I thought this was silly--I'm way too young; I've taken calcium supplements for the last 22 years; I don't drink; I don't smoke.

[The reviewing doctor] was right.  My DEXA scan revealed osteoporosis in my lumbar vertebrae and osteopenia in my hip and elsewhere in my spine.  I'm going to keep studying her findings and maintain good communication with my physicians.  I'm also seeing a nutritionist.

I recommend Diagnose Me to anyone who just wants another pair of eyes to look comprehensively at one's health for the very thing one might miss, neglect, or ignore.  I'm very pleased with your service.

Respectfully yours,

Ms. S., New York

91 Ms. K. McDermott, Iowa, USAFebruary, 2005

Thank you very much for the service that your site provides.  I completed the survey and had a computer analysis of my results.  The recommendations were great- they cemented that I need to change my lifestyle (quit smoking, exercise more, eat healthy).  The risks are too great to not start now.

Again, thank you.
Kathleen McDermott

92 Mr. Joseph Pieri, Bishopbriggs, Scotland, UKFebruary, 2005

Thank you for your analysis of my symptons. This is quite the most comprehensive report I have ever had regarding the possible reasons for my aches and pains. The money has been well spent.

93 Mrs. Rebecca B., Pomona, CA, USAFebruary, 2005

I just want to let you know how much I appreciate all of the valuable information that this report gave to me.  It is well worth the money and time and I would reccommend it to everyone who has health concerns.

94 Mrs. Michele McLeod, Ottawa, ON, CanadaFebruary, 2005

Diagnose Me has been a great source of information and will provide me with a great deal to think about and plan. Thank you! My poor understimulated brain now has something to think about!!

95 Ms. T., Lenox, MA, USAFebruary, 2005

Thank you for an extensive and thorough report. I was more than impressed by the amount of useful information provided.

96 Mrs. Jana Allday, Virginia, USAFebruary, 2005

(To her reviewing doctor:) Thank you so much for your comprehensive evaluation.  I've spent the past nine months (intermittently, thank God) with docs who say all my symptoms are expected from the natural process of getting older.  Well, I'm 48, and I don't accept 8 -10 bouts of diarrhea a day, vomiting, zits and abdominal distention as natural process.  I'm not sure I would accept it at 68, or 78 -- or hell, 108.  I think sudden, dramatic change in the way we look and feel is alarming at any age and usually indicates disease or disorder.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being supportive and oh so human in your notes to me.  I know something is wrong with me, and I want to know what is.  You've given me a wonderful head start.

I will recommend you and the Analyst to anyone frustrated by their health care, or who just wants to be more informed about their health.  Actually, I already have. Thank you so much.

Jana Allday

97 Mrs. Joanne Gallagher, Pittsburgh, PA, USAFebruary, 2005

What an excellent review - thank you for reminding me about the importance of preventative medicine and keeping my good health.

98 Mrs. Lynn Cameron, New York, USAFebruary, 2005

Thanks so much for your prompt attention.  I've spent the last hour
skim/studying "me", and it has been a sobering experience.  I learned a
lot - and I've been studying health and nutrition for 40 years.  I shall
study it and make notes on all recommendations to get a sense of how I can
begin to digest the somewhat grim stats.  It makes vast amounts of personal
information available; I will need some time to digest and begin to apply it.
Congrats on your questions and developing the data base to tell their story.
You have given very good value for the money, and I wouldn't hesitate to
recommend you to anyone.

Kind regards,
Lynn Cameron

99 Tina R., Ludowici, GA, USAFebruary, 2005

Thank you so much for your timely responses.  I can honestly say that, for an on-line business, the customer service & response time is great.  And also, the service you offer is outstanding.  I have researched for two years, trying to find different answers for different symptoms.  Now your company has found a way to put them all together & get an educated opinion on what I need to do.  My personal questionaire was over 800 questions. This would have never been possible in a verbal conversation during an appointment.

Now I have a report w/ suggestions for all of my symptoms together, & suggestions on how to fix them, to show to my regular physician.

Please keep doing what you do, & I know your business will prosper.

100 Ann A., Parkville, MO, USAFebruary, 2005

I'm truly grateful.  Doctors have told me things like "there is nothing we can do until your numbers reach the Leukemia level and then we'll have you undergo chemo" and "there is nothing we can do for you so go home and enjoy what time you have left before you become too sick to enjoy your life." Because of my lack of faith in medical doctors I began taking supplementation and have found it to be helpful.  The information you sent me will give me a guide to follow and the ability to research optional techniques to improve my health.   THANK YOU   THANK YOU   THANK YOU.

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