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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between 2003 and May, 2004

21 Mr. Steven Kahr, Grand Rapids, MI, USA2003

I have just reviewed the report I received from The Analyst.  I found it to be quite detailed and thorough.  Much of the information has reinforced my research and conclusions of the past 19 years, regarding optimized health through nutrition.

For me, this process has not been so much a professional or casual pursuit, as one of absolute survival.  Just before my 22nd birthday, I was diagnosed with a malady that the "experts" told me would end my life within "two to five years".  I decided immediately that my strategy for not becoming a statistic would be to make lifestyle changes-- particularily in the areas of exercise and nutrition.  I turned 41 recently, and despite the chronic condition, I remain asymptomatic.

The most difficult aspect of educating myself has been finding sources of information that were credible and founded upon sound research or proven findings.  The Analyst is one of the most comprehensive I have seen.  I am just beginning the process of evaluating the information, but have already made some slight adjustments and additions to my program.  What I find most encouraging though, is those areas where The Analyst report effectively says, "Keep doing what you're doing."

Well done!

22 Mr. J. G., Kent, UK2003

I have had a quite remarkable result following some advice you gave me.

As previously stated I have had acid problems with my stomach since I was 18 years old. In the early years I used to take bi-carbinate of soda on a quite regular basis. With the advent of modern drugs I became a regular user of Zantac. Not being able to sleep unless I took a Zantac pill before bedtime. If I forgot I was woken with a gnawing pain in side after about an hours sleep. This was absolutely solid I could not avoid taking this pill regradless of what I had eaten before bedtime.

In the past 3 months I have been on a much changed diet, restricting meat intake to max 3 portions a week but even this did not alter my indigestion problem.

You mentioned taking L-Glutamine. (At the same time I started taking L-Glutathione). The results were almost immediate, after a couple of days I could sleep without taking Zantac. I have waited another 3 weeks before contacting you as I wanted to be sure that I really had been cured. In that time I have not had a single problem. Quite remarkable as this truly was a chronic complaint lasting nearly 40 years.

23 Mr. C. S., California, USA2003

I must say that this report is incredible!  I was wondering if it was for real and I must say I am extremely satisfied with your personalized product.  You provide more care and compassion in a report than many medical doctors provide one-on-one.


24 Mr. G. W., Rancho Cucamonga, CA, USA2003

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
You have been better than all of my doctor's put together.

I can't tell you how nice it is that someone believes me that the medications I took for over 10 years, damaged my body.  My doctor thinks that 3 weeks tapering off of Xanax and Klonopin is plenty of time and I should be fine a few weeks afterwards and that nothing that is happening now is related to stopping the medications.

25 Mrs. C. L., Bloomingdale, Illinois, USA2003

Thank you so much for the report. I am in awe of the information you were able to generate.

26 Mrs. S. H., Missouri, USA2003

Finally I find a source that looks at the cause of the problem, not wanting to only mask the problem with medication, I would highly reccomend The Analyst to all my family and friends..excellent service from the team...thankyou, for all your help and support....Since I have put into actions some of your suggestions on how to have a better quality of life I have found outstanding results....couldnt have never done it without you...This is a must for anyone who wants to find out what is causing there overall health problems and do something about them naturally...Thankyou so much for being available to us and the great attitude and support with staff and doctors..telling all my friends what a difference this has made in my life..quality of life..only wish I knew about you sooner...feeling like 20 yrs old again..you have helped me so much..to feel calmer..no cramps with monthly unbelievable....that such things could happen if we only listen to our bodies and treat with all natural..remedies..wow thank you again..I will always continue to send you folks..

27 Mr. A. G., Scotland, UK2003

Thanks first of all for your medical review and then the Analyst Report. I honestly do not have the time with my tight offshore schedule to see a doctor so your website really helped. In any event, I am sure the guys here would have recommended some sort of modern day medicine which I would not have taken any way since I believe 100 % in herbal remedies ... Licorice gave me the greatest benefit..Fatigue has completely disappeared..Zero fatigue after lunch ..Depression has been reduced immensely..The anxiety has gone..no longer fear walking into my boss's office..(Next step is to ask for a raise lol!) ... Take care and thanks 100 % for the help ..Now i can function effectively in my technical position...

28 Mrs. C. S., St. Louis, Missouri, USA2003

Thank you for the report. It is definately a worthwhile tool that I will use to improve my health. I am so thankful to those who put this together. Please pass this compliment on to the appropriate party(ies). Thank you again, ~~CS.

29 Mrs. C. M., Tacoma, Washington, USA2003

I was very impressed with the detail of response,also got me my results in time to bring to my doctor visit, I always wonder about which supplements i should be taking and it was very helpful..I recently had a total hysterectomy and have not been feeling well at all, answered alot of my questions and now i know what labs i should have drawn with my doctor, im sure my doctor will appreciate this,will save him alot of time...thanks for this site...worth the money....

30 Mr. J. D., Jersey City, New Jersey, USA2003

(To his reviewing doctor:)  I am so pleased with the report. I thought it was a hopless case, but it doesn't seem that help is that far away now that you've put it into perspective for me. I plan to follow the advice you gave along with the assistance of my general practitioner/Infectious Disease doctor.

Thank you again! Its made a world of difference already just in my outlook.

31 Mrs. Sue M., Indiana, USAApril, 2004

I would like to thank The Analyst and [the doctor] for the thorough and detailed report on my health.  I would and have recommended this to others who are concerned about their health.  It has given me a lot of insight on how to improve and take charge of point blank information that many people really don't want to hear, but really know inside they should be doing.  Since 1996 I have suffered from feeling like my problems were in my head and now I know that my instincts were closer than I thought.  I would like to thank you again and [the doctor] for your time and thorough report. Sue M.

32 Mrs. T. S., Troutman, NC, USAApril, 2004

(To her reviewing doctor:)  I've been waiting on some of my lab results to get back with you about the effects of the cleanse/detox. Pretty cool, actually. I did feel very, very not good those last 4 days of the detox...just very tired and malaise. 'Bout killed me to have to go to work, oh, well. But here's the good news: (lots, but I'll just give you the highlights)

1 - I quit biting my nails!  After the first GB/Liver Cleanse!  I've never NOT bitten them, and here I am not biting them and not event thinking about it!

2 - I tested my urine for blood after the second GB/liver cleanse and guess what?  NO BLOOD!  I have been having blood in my urine for 8 years!

3 - I got the results back from the thyroid test.  On 3/5/04, my TSH was 5.625 while taking 125 micrograms of Synthroid ... the results of the 5/10 blood draw are 0.582!  I guess the norm is 0.5 to 5.0, so with the Synthroid I am in the normal range ... the result of all the stuff you put me thru is that something has changed and my thyroid is producing more than before! YIPPEE!!

4 - I am having very, very few hot flashes and night sweats.  The restless leg syndrome is GONE!  My cycle went for 28 days for the first time in 2 years!  This is all without the estradiol and all those vitamins/supplements I was taking!

Now, this may seem crazy...but it seems that I am not producing as many gray hairs as I was a few months ago, and I just feel real good. Most days I feel very energetic and can get thru the day without everything feeling like such a big chore!

I also noticed that last week I bit the crap out of the inside of my mouth.  Normally, that means I am going to get some god-awful sores...but I didn't!  it just healed up!

Thanks again...you have really blessed my life so much!  I keep thinking:  It's so simple!  Why did I (and the world) have to complicate things so much!

33 Mrs. J. Brown, California, USAMay, 2004

Thanks for the informative analysis.  I will discuss potential problems raised by the report with my doctors.  I appreciate the personal response from a medical doctor.  I believe that The Analyst provides excellent tools to help patients who, like myself, have multiple symptoms, determine which of those should be brought to the attention of their regular physicians.  Thanks to your report, I now have some new ideas to discuss with my doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment of my autoimmune disorders.  Thanks again for your feedback, it really is useful!

34 M. Clarisse, Alabama, USAMay, 2004

Thank you for your extensive and detailed analysis of her condition and suggestions for improvement.  I have only briefly skimmed the report at this point, but wanted to thank you in advance before reading it thoroughly and studying your recommendations.  We are grateful that you have provided this service as a sort of "natural-method second opinion", because it opens the door to hoping that we may be able to reduce or eliminate her seizures, our most urgent concern.  We will reply again after careful study of the report. Thank you and God bless you!

M. Clarisse for A. Rizzo

35 Mr. J. C., Wheeling, WV, USAMay, 2004

Well, [doctor], thank you so much for your informative report.  And maybe a little, for freaking me out some!  LOL  And here I thought I was the picture of health!  LOL

I will take much time examining your results and recommendations, though some I already knew or suspected.

Thanks again.  Like we say....an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

36 Mrs. Michelle C., Riverside, CA, USAMay, 2004

Thank you for the report.  I will recommend it to all of my friends and clients.

37 Ms. Belzile, Ontario, CanadaMay, 2004

Thank you for the analysis report.  I found it very interesting and very accurate. I am following [the doctor's] recommendations and will take more tests to confirm her diagnoses. I am taking a multi-vitamin and increasing my exercises.

I was so happy to find your web-site and have someone I could turn to to analyse my health problems.  Continue the good work! Thank you!

38 Mrs. J. B., Roggen, CO, USAMay, 2004

(To her reviewing doctor:) Thank you very much for reviewing my health situation. I thank you for your time. Most of the analysis was self explanitory. I plan to go to a health food store and pick up quite a few items that were reccomended. I've also started walking briskly for 15 min. @ day. I intend to work my way up to 30 min. @ day. Thanks be to God. And I thank you again for all your help. In thanks I will say a prayer for you and your family. This means so much to me.

39 Mrs. S. A., Fruita, CO, USAMay, 2004

Thank you for your analysis of my health condition. I wanted to give you feed-back on what I have done according to your recommendations. I have started taking multi vitimins and minerals daily along with Vitamin C and Vitamin B Complex. I have started drinking water all day long which has solved my eye problem (dryness and eye pain).. I was obviously dehydrated. I have begun eating 3 fruits and 3 vegetable servings per day. I really appreciate your advice and I think I feel better already! I was at a "crash point"...I could barely function.

40 Mrs. P. N., Prattville, AL, USAMay, 2004

The report I received is excellent-I have a few questions I'd like to follow-up with [the doctor] at some point. I am still reviewing all of the information and find it so informative and helpful. Thanks for this service.

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