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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between June and August, 2005

141 J. Meakin, Edinburgh, ScotlandJune, 2005

Thank you very much for your report.

I am very pleased at the content therein as I was not expecting it to be so comprehensive and informative.  I also love the natural recommendations and explanations.

142 Nancy Barak, Fort Worth, TX, USAJune, 2005

In completing your questionaire and receiving a "preliminary" diagonosis to my health issue, it prompted me to see a doctor and have in the last two weeks had my gall bladder removedm which I may add was full of stones and reproducing others daily.

After outpatient surgery, during recuperation I developed an infection, through no fault of anyone, which I am now recuperating from.  Even with the infection which has prolonged my time out of work, I can eat anything and have had not one incident of hearrburn, acid reflux, or just the terrible pain I would suffer through 2-3 nights a week no matter what I ate.  Your website saved me probably months and months of suffering.  It has been invaluable to be and I have and will continue to reccommend it to everyone I can.  Thank you!!!!

143 Don, AustraliaJune, 2005

This is the most brilliant website!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are helping people all over the world.

144 Bernadette Mullen, Sparrowbush, NY, USAJune, 2005

I can't believe how thorough your questioning is.  I've never been questioned this intimately by any kind of physician.  It's like you're putting together a very specific portrait of attributes where most health care providers immediately pigeon-hole a person based on the symptom that stands out for them.

145 Doug Parks, Collegeville, PA, USAJune, 2005

I received the report and am duly impressed.  Am spreading the word about
your fine service.

Doug Parks

146 Mr. Yazeed R., Saudi ArabiaJune, 2005

I was really impressed with your diagnosis. I
developed oral thrush after sending my reports, which
corresponds to what is in the report. I don't know how
you guys saw that before I develop it.

147 Brad Sherri, ON, CanadaJune, 2005

Thank you so much for your diagnostic. I researched your result of
dehydrartion further and you where absolutely correct. I had all the
symptoms of dehydration and quickly began drinking lots and lots of
water. I had no idea dehydration could effect your mind like that, I
thought I was going crazy. Thank you so much again.

148 Natalie Walsh, Nelson, New ZealandJune, 2005

thanks - twas the most indepth medical analysis i have ever seen.  very good - the system here in new zealand is pretty ******.

149 Sarah Cosby, Washington, USAJune, 2005

I am really excited about your service, as your small overview answered more questions than I've had answered at any doctor's office.  Thank you for this awesome web-site and service.

150 Paul Astle, Nottinghamshire, UKJuly, 2005

Many thanks again for your report and subsequent follow up, your reputation for excellent quality service is well founded.

151 Marcus Grubb, London, UKJuly, 2005

Wow! I am impressed thank you for my review it is very comprehensive and useful.  I am a believer in preventive medcine (but there are no guarantees) but people will pay £200 for a meal at a resturant every few nights and not pay attention to their health.  Maybe one day people will have regular MRI/CAT scans to prempt conditions - why not?  I am a believer in the theory that if you do not/have not abused your body then you should listen if you think it is telling you something!

Thank you and with my doctor here I will be using these results to improve my health.

152 Andy Demetriou, UKJuly, 2005

(To his reviewing doctor:) I have received your diagnosis, I was very impressed with length and depth the report went into my issues. I must also congratulate you and the team for such an excellent and by far the best web site for providing both a vast in-depth information on medical conditions and how best to treat or adapt to them.

I appreciate you have not examined me personally; you can only provide your medical opinion base on the information supplied.

The information and advice you have provided, has given me the impetus to re-evaluate and change my life and the way I look after myself. That change starts to-day.

I am seeing 4 separate medical doctors for the various conditions that I have. I think there lies a problem; I don't have someone looking at the conditions as whole. And not once, has any advice been given on diet, supplements, exercise or allergies.

153 Carrol D., Ajijic, MexicoJuly, 2005

My very sincere congratulations to you and your company on the development of a health-screening process that I truly believe is absolutely outstanding.  In all my years of health education, I have never seen a better, more thorough written tool for health evaluation. I believe it should/will become a vital assessment tool for the public and I am delighted to have participated in your questionnaire.  Furthermore, I was so impressed with it, that as recently as last evening, I recommended it to some people who were here for a dinner party.

I also believe that the service you provide is absolutely amazingly affordable!  It is precisely the type of health assessment tool and information that helps create a 'partnership' between the patient and health-care provider. A critical collaboration that can guarantee the compliant client a healthier life style and more successful health maintenance and prevention plan.. I was also tremendously impressed with the fact that the participant in your site could select a health-care provider from a menu of types of health care -- IE: naturopath, MD, etc).

154 John E. Malin, Cecilia, LA, USAJuly, 2005

It has essentially saved and lengthened my life.

155 Dean Frazer, Crewe, UKJuly, 2005

Thank you very much indeed for the report, fantastic.

156 David Robinson, Highland Park, Illinois, USAJuly, 2005

I have received the analysis on my medical condition and find it very informative and more than I expected.

157 Ms. Kritee, NJ, USAJuly, 2005

Thank you for the report and your remarks.It seems like a very good
service you are doing for people who are interested in holistic medicine
but don't have money or time to visit holistic practitioners. I personally
wish my health insurance allowed regular access to doctors like you
because I simply can not afford to get all the tests done in a reliable
way using the regular insurance services.

158 Joan Speirs, CA, USAJuly, 2005

(To her reviewing doctor:) I really do like your approach to my problems and wish you were around here for me to see in person! ... I've spoken to a friend of mine about this web-site and some of your recommendations.  Is there anyway she can fill out the survey and request you be the Dr. to review it?

159 Dee Troll, Austintown, OH, USAJuly, 2005

I just have to tell you how fantastic your site is and I did pay for a diagnosis which I 'knew' was right on the button.

160 Rossana Frigo, Woodridge, IL, USAAugust, 2005

This is a really great thing, this Diagnose-Me test. I hate going to doctors only to have them prescribe drugs for symptoms but never caring enough to find & cure the underlying cause. THANK YOU

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