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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between September and November, 2006

381 Anne C Grant, UKSeptember, 2006

(To her reviewing doctor:) Thank you for your excellent report. I found it so encouraging to have such a full history taken and to have such a comprehensive evaluation of my replies. Unfortunately, whilst wonderful, the British National Health Service cannot provide more than a short time for a consultation with a general practitioner.

Your report confirmed my suspicions that I may have low thyroid function, which combined with the menopause has given me several 'vague' but extremely enervating symptoms. I feel that if I can only get some energy back I can properly address my diet, exercise and lifestyle.

Thanks again

Anne C Grant

382 Shannon Garrick, FL, USASeptember, 2006

Dear Diagnose Me:

This Analyst report is just what I needed during a time when I was diagnosing that I had a toxic reaction to aspartame and artificial sweetners.  Equal, Nutrasweet, Sweet 'n' Low, Splenda.

Thanks very much.  It is always in constant view so I can pick it up and learn more.  It's very thorough and helpful!

Best regards, S. G., Florida

383 Mrs. S. Johnson, TN, USASeptember, 2006

I want to thank you for this service. I was able to take the report to my doctor to narrow out things I would not have ever thought of. This website made the process of testing and diagnosis so much quicker for me and I'm sure a lot easier for the doctor!

384 Mrs. C. F., GA, USASeptember, 2006

Thank you so much for this wonderful report!  I've been researching dietary and natural solutions to my health problems for years.  It was overwhelming to think of incorporating everything I read, and some of my research revealed conflicting information.  This is the first time I have a prioritized list to focus on, and the recommendations are very manageable.

Thanks again!

385 Sharon Boyles, Stillwater, OK, USASeptember, 2006

I am excited to have this information, so I can do positive actions to improve my health.

386 Anne Donnellan, California, USAOctober, 2006

Thank you very much for your helpful report. I really appreciate your holistic approach.

387 Leslie Hayton, UKOctober, 2006

Thank you for the extremely comprehensive and accessible report which I have just downloaded.  You have illuminated and clarified a number of aspects of my health profile about which I have had concerns for some time.

Once again,many thanks for the speed in which you have produced my report and your general professionalism.
        Kind regards,
        Les Hayton

388 Sabine Fimbres, Scottsdale, AZ, USAOctober, 2006

Thank you.
I am going to see a Doctor this wednesday as recomended by [the reviewing doctor].
I also stop drinking coffee.
I read everything, thank you.
Kind of hard to read back your life story...
I got glutten free food, and I am more fruits and veges.
I will have all those tests done too.
Thanks for caring.

389 Joshua Avia, Wellington, New ZealandOctober, 2006

This is an excellent service - well done

390 Robert G Ratcliffe, Leicester, GBOctober, 2006

many thanks for the report.it is much, much, longer than i had expected.however,i take a more than average interest in these matters,so i expect the reading will be very worthwhile. i am very impressed with the high professional standard of the report and will recommend it to everyone
thanks again and my best wishes. bob.

391 Katherine Germano, Forida, USAOctober, 2006

Hi, I found your report to be well worth it, thank you.

392 Kimberly A Murphy, Florida, USAOctober, 2006

I did receive the report and it's amazing. Thank you.

393 Zeenat Shabbir, Abbottabad, PakistanOctober, 2006

I am very grateful to the team of dignose-me. they are lookingaftrer the globle health of and cautioning people regarding risky conditions of their health.

394 Lynny Reed, Pennsylvania, USAOctober, 2006

Thanks SO much! I am astounded by the job the Doc did------thank HER so much!

395 Jay Raulin, NY, USAOctober, 2006


396 Veronica Styles, CO, USAOctober, 2006

I love you guys.  I just got the free information and even that was so nice and helpful.  You guys have an awesome product and you are truly good and helpful people.  I hope your product helps millions and gives you success and satisfaction.

397 Patricia Adams, Webster, NY, USAOctober, 2006

Thank you to [the reviewing doctor] and your site. The analysis you provided for in February 2006 probably saved my life. I acted on your advice and saw my OB/GYN, was diagnosed with endometrial cancer, and had a hysterectomy in March. The cancer was found to be stage one and I am am fine now.If I hadn't pursued the minor symptoms I was experiencing -- and if my GYN had not been so diligent in following through inspite of my apparent low-risk status --, I might not be alive and well today. I have made the life style changes of losing 30 pounds, working out 4 times a week, and making my health a priority. You analysis was the best money I have ever spent on the internet.

398 Mrs. L. L., UKNovember, 2006

I have just received your report. I can't thank you and the reviewing doctor enough. I will need to spend much more time going over the report but at first glance told me a number of things I had already suspected. However, the most important -to me- suggestion was to consider seeking further medical advice. I knew my doctor had been fobbing me off, but now I have the motivation to help myself by making the necessary lifestyle changes. You are providing an incredible service. Thank you!

399 Caitlin Cherry, Laguna Beach, CA, USANovember, 2006

Unfortunately, the analysis told me much of what I already know, but it did bring one subject to light so it was worth the money! Thanks for the service. It's been a great resource if only to really focus on all symptoms and be asked detailed questions that sometimes get lost between the years and doctors. Thank you for your help and all your work at diagnose-me.com. It really is appreciated by those who are totally lost, and totally out of places to look for answers.

Thanks again!

Caitlin Cherry
Laguna Beach, CA Age 20.

400 Ms. E. Buster, Porterville, CA, USANovember, 2006

I really loved the report.  I believe that there are several things I can do to make my health much better.  I really recommend your website and I'm going to pass it on to many people especially my husband.  I have a serious illness, but I believe some of your suggestions make sense and can really help me.  The B12 suggestions really is exciting for me because I took B12 shots one time and I never felt better.  I always wondered about it, but now, I'm going to go back to those.  Just some simple diet changes also will help with my health. Thank you and I can't wait to make some changes.  I have never had such an indepth report such as this.

I want my husband to take the test next weekend.  Although he is healthy, it would help to see what would make his body work at its best.

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