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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between October, 2004 and February, 2005

61 Mr. James Watkins, CA, USAOctober, 2004

I just want you to know how much I appreciate the way your company does business:  Perfectly.

Jim Watkins

62 Mr. Martyn Crosby, FranceOctober, 2004

Congratulations on an excellent service. This is using computers exactly as they should be used, for collection and correlation of data, and pointing the client-patient in the direction(s) the statistical data indicates, without being over-dogmatic. The doctor's comments, while succinct, are also very valuable.

63 Mrs. H. K., Mirdif, Dubai, United Arab EmiratesOctober, 2004

I would like to mention that the report I received from you changed many aspects of my life, positively!  It was the start of a better life for me and my family.

64 Mr. E. E., Fort Meade, MD, USAOctober, 2004

Thanks for diagnosing me!  It was as detailed as I could have hoped.  I wish you and your colleagues much success as this type of information is rarely available through face-to-face doctors with their patient loads.  I was particularly impressed with the emphasis on preventing problems, and not just prescribing pills without looking at possible lifestyle changes.

I am just starting to read and digest the detailed information and am looking forward to implementing all of the changes.  Thank you so much for this service.

65 Ms. C. S., St. Louis, MO, USAOctober, 2004

Thanks so much for your website. I have really learned alot. Of course, there is also much I do not understand. But overall, I would recommend the process to anyone. Thanks again.

66 Mr. James Dean, MI, USAOctober, 2004

Continued good luck to you and your gang at the website...it is comforting to me (and many others, too, I'm sure) to know that we can get sound advice in a relatively short time.  A wonderful concept!

      Thanks again, and God Bless.      Jim Dean

67 Ms. S. F., Dover, NH, USAOctober, 2004

I found your results very realistic. I found the information provided to be very beneficial and I plan to use the information your program has provided. Thank you very much for your time in writing back to me with the results. Thank you again.

68 Ms. G. C., Eastleigh, Hants, UKOctober, 2004

I just wanted to thank you and the team for sending me my report.  I have
successfully opened and saved it to my computer.

The report is excellent and provides me with a lot of advice that will be
very helpful for me in improving my health.

Many thanks

69 Mrs. F. Green, London, UKOctober, 2004

Excellent & very thorough report. Also very alarming bits
that I did not know as well as those (like my cancer) I did
know about.

70 Mrs. J. D., Frankfort, MI, USAOctober, 2004

I've read alot, and have more to read, but I think your site is just great!  I have a direction to go in; lots of information to help guide me and I feel a lot better about my health in the future.

71 Mr. Matthew Woolley, AustraliaOctober, 2004

I would like to thank-you so much for the extent in which you went to analyze my symptoms. I have been to many Doctors in Sydney Australia who have quickly said that there was nothing wrong and it was all anxiety related. I always found this hard because I knew what I knew and I was not feeling the same as what I used to, and it was affecting my everyday activity. So thank-you!!!!!

72 Mr. D. B., Alabama, USAOctober, 2004

My first opinion stands. This is a Powerful concept that should be free to more people. Perhaps sponsered by the AMA or something... because in my opinion patients will be more open to a form than face to face with a medical professional. This is also more thourough than any doctor visit I have ever had.

73 Ms. C. Davis, Seattle, WA, USAOctober, 2004

You helped me a few months back with a persisent and aweful Candida problem.

I wanted to write you to let you know that I followed up on the Low
Dose Naltrexone regimine (ldninfo.org) and it has been an absolute
life saver for me.  I have been on 3mg of a 1ml/mg water disolved
solution of naltrexone for over 4 months and it has completely
resolved many of my symptoms and given me the freedom to eat a much
wider variety of foods than before.  I noticed a change in my symptoms
almost immediately after starting on this drug.  I highly recommend
LDN to anyone and I am so thankful that Diagnose-me send me
information about this.  I am convinced that I would still be
struggling just for the basic functional control over my life had I
not learned about this drug.

74 Mrs. J. K., Lower Gwynedd, PA, USAOctober, 2004

Received your report.  It was very thorough and comprehensive.  I am
following up with my physician, and am now undergoing diagnostic testing.
Thank you.  Money will spent.

75 Mrs. J. Pryor, FL, USANovember, 2004

THANK YOU soooo much for your analysis!  You have given me far more to work with than any of the other medical providers I have seen over the last 10 months!!!  I will be working on all of the things you have suggested.  I cannot Thank You enough for all of the help and support you have given me!!!

76 Mrs. B. H., Gisborne, New ZealandNovember, 2004

Confirming that I have received the report in full - thankyou it is very comprehensive and interesting.  It confirms some of my thoughts.  I will certainly spend time implementing some of your suggestions.  Thanks

77 Mrs. J. Webb, UKNovember, 2004

(To her reviewing doctor:) Thank you so very much for my health report.  It is very long and very complicated and has loads in it!  I will be absorbing it all over the next few days - can't do it all in one go!

Thank you very much indeed for your time and trouble.

78 Mrs. D. G., Pretoria, South AfricaNovember, 2004

Many thanks.  Have received report and am very impressed.  This will be most helpful in changing my lifestyle/habits.

79 Mr. G. Benton, College Place, WA, USADecember, 2004

Your system for computerized on-line diagnosis is excellent. You must have invested countless hours, probably months or years of hard work into it. I really can't fault it.

80 Mrs. A. M., Saddle River, NJ, USAFebruary, 2005

Thank you for the lengthy, detailed and informative report. I wish my regular (HMO!) doctor could be half as thorough.

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