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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between November and December, 2005

201 Michael Hulme, London, UKNovember, 2005

Very many thanks for the excellent health review report you have provided. This has been most interesting reading and certainly covers a lot of ground and in a manner which, in spite of being remotely carried out, is actually far more thorough, logical and rigorous than most normal health checks that I've ever had before! There is a lot of food for thought here and it has taken me some time to digest. In fact I'm still doing so, but I wanted anyway to thank you for what you've provided.

202 Sandie Patterson, Pensacola, FL, USANovember, 2005

I would like to express my extreme surprise at the great and indepth report I have recieved. I never thought something so complete would be available. So much information. But be assured that I will indeed study all information you sent. At last, a report that shows I am not crazy. Thank you ever so much and please keep up the great work. I will be referring this to all my family and friends. WOW

203 Annie Craig, Lafayette, TN, USANovember, 2005

This is GREAT!  Much more thorough than an actual exam in my opinion.

204 Felicia Cuthill, Brooklyn, NY, USANovember, 2005

Thank you for the comprehensive analysis...

What distresses me the most is, with rare exception my doctors (as well as my friends MD's) reach for their prescription pads upon anticipating a medical problem, real or the possibility of. There is no consideration or vocalization given to diet/nutrition, exercise or the possibility-of a more natural alternative to the all mighty prescription.  We are not talking about an emergency situation, but usually an ongoing life change or chronic condition.

It is sad to say that these men & women have lost the understanding that our bodies heal themselves with a little help that many times have nothing to do with pharmaceuticals.  Your report was & is quite comprehensive and I already do much of the changes expressed in my report.  I indeed feel that I am a target for procedures & surgeries that are questionable and am at my wits end to find more objective evaluations to my problems.

I will recommend this screening to friends. Thank you again.

205 Gemma Bilington, Stanford Dingley, UKNovember, 2005

(To her reviewing doctor:) Thank you so much for your very helpful report, I am more than impressed by this service that you offer, and more impressed at you knowledge which I am sure is going to be very helpful and encouraging for me....

--and later--

(To her reviewing doctor:) You are amazing responding so efficiently, Thank you for that message, I will just carry on taking all my goodies as i feel so well anyway.
I really cant thank you enough for you kind atention, I have passed on you name to many of my friends so lets see what happens.Its strange really they all complain about our doctors not having the time or the inclination to help but they are fearful of the internet for some reason, it will change though.
If its worth you knowing this, but I found your site by researching mastitis on our national health site and I think tht is how you site came up, and what grabbed my attention was the bit," does your doctor have only 7mins to spend with you and no time to listen to your actuall problems etc.,) something like that anyway but I just thought that you might like to know this and I really do think that your service is amazing, are they all as good as you.....?

206 April Kern, TX, USANovember, 2005

(To her reviewing doctor:) Thank you for the review of my questionnaire.  I have reviewed a lot of it, but still have quite a bit to go.  I am quite impressed with the thoroughness of the report... Thanks for you time in reviewing all of this.  This is the most comprehensive questioning and feedback I have ever received from any healthcare provider.

207 Ronald Roberts, Hamilton, OH, USADecember, 2005

I realy want to thank you for your help and concern for my problems. I had the thyroid test done. It came back Neg. My cholesterol is 169 so I'll start there. Thank you so for the Honest help.

208 Linda Tappan, USADecember, 2005

I am impressed with the analyst and have not seen any thing so thorough on the Internet or in a doctors office. "good job" thanks again

209 Patti V., Suffolk, VA, USADecember, 2005

I have followed your advice about my heartburn and I am off the Nexium... I no longer take any prscriptions and try to eat organic foods and stay away from fried foods etc... You provide a great service.  It has help change my life. I now read everything I can on holistic healing.  If I have an ulcer, I will not rely on a prescription to help it.

Thank you for everything

210 Dianne W., Marion, IA, USADecember, 2005

Thank you so much.  I am very impressed by the thoroughness of the report.  It will help me to know what specific changes to make in my lifestyle, especially with the new year right around the corner.  Some things mentioned were no big surprises, and some things confirmed suspicions that I already had.  This report was well worth [what] I paid.  The report will be very helpful in talking with my doctor.  Thank you again for offering this service!!!

211 Laurie Breeckner, Columbus, OH, USADecember, 2005

(To her reviewing doctor:) It is unbelievable how rapidly my complexion has cleared and sinus troubles are eliminated from avoiding wheat, dairy, eggs and peanut butter.  Also having significantly less digestion difficulties as well.

I couldn't be more pleased with the work that you do and sincerely take all advice to heart.

212 Mr. Walker, Winston-Salem, NC, USADecember, 2005

You have helped me out so much with this report. I had high blood pressure when I started your program 175/101 and I am 20. Now my blood pressure is 124/77 and still droping. Thanks a million

--and later--

Thank you so much and I really cant say how much diagnose-me has helped my condition. Your team has
truly saved my life. There is no amount of words in this world that could express my gratitude.  Your program has helped my health more than any doctor I have been to see.

213 Mr. Grant, Alexandria, Ontario, CanadaDecember, 2005

Wow this Analyst program really did a thorough job in doing my check up.  I was wondering if it would do a good job because there was no human doctor actively reviewing my situatuion but It still got to the root of my health problems, my diet.  I eat a lot (not junk food) and thought that what I ate was good enough but i'm not eating the right food, fruits and vegatables.  Since changing my diet I've noticed many health changes mainly along the lines of alertness and reduced headaches.  The Analyst program does a lot! It completely analyzeses you and you will get a lot even if no doctor reviews your material, (I had my family doctor review it for free).

Thanks again boys,

ps. I wish people could just believe that these revolutionary services born on the net are really true, that you really can get your health broken down by a computer program.  I had a hard time convincing my family that that is what I had done, yet they have no problem believing computer programs fly 8 million dollar air planes with a few hundred people on board over seas? or Cars that drive themselves, simple enter a destination and you're there.  Well with the Analyst simply enter symptom(s) and your problem is there (without physical proof).  Enjoy the service.

214 David Cecchi, CT, USADecember, 2005

This is a great service!

215 Ms. S. Wright, Salt Lake City, Utah, USADecember, 2005

Thank you for the free report it was very informative and gave me some information that I did need. I have been in pain for some years now and it gave me some insight as to maybe why. When I am able to get health insurance again I will be sure to take fax the report ahead of time to the doctor I will be seeing. Again, thank you for what you have given to me.

216 Ms. D., Cambridgeshire, UKDecember, 2005

Thank you for the speedy (health) report. I found it very informative and have followed six of the dietary and activity suggestions so far ...

I have also purchased the vitamin supplements suggested in the analysis and have made an appointment with my doctor for a "follow up" to the symptoms I have been suffering from (which prompted me to contact your site).

I printed the analysis for future reference and plan on eventually making all the changes!

Thank you again

217 Ms. C. Gordon, Sacramento, CA, USADecember, 2005

I feel that your wesite is excellent i really do wish that you keep it going ive never seen nothing like this before you know. Its wonderful dont change a thing its excellent as it is.

218 Erato Mamakou, Attiki, GreeceDecember, 2005

I must add that the Analysis I received was more than what I had expected and very close (90%) to my actual problems. The suggestions were accurate and summed up what I had already been advised by my homeopath doctor and prooved the ELISA test I took for food allergies that I have. Thank you.

219 Bonnie Quam, CanadaDecember, 2005

I want to thank you for the vast amount of information that you have sent me.  Some of the findings you have referenced address some of my concerns.  I will follow through with suggestions.  I am considering a more detailed report from you.  In the meantime, I thank you again for the preliminary review.

220 Jane S., California, USADecember, 2005

I've just quickly reviewed my report. I am honestly - blown away. Thanks so much

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