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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between February and March, 2006

261 Ken Burns, CA, USAFebruary, 2006

I have found the report very helpful. I have already implemented some of the suggestions and am having very good results. I already feel 100% better. Thanks again. I will see my physician on Monday and share with him the results.

Your physician made some very key observations:

1) My physician has had me taking Mylanta each evening and Aciphex each day. This is reducing the PH in my stomach. I stopped taking the Mylanta and everything got worlds better.
2) The connection between asthma and GERD is very important. I started experiencing symptoms when my doctor changed my asthma medicine to Singulair
a year ago. I will investigate this further.
3) Reducing coffee intake has reduced my gas considerably
4) Digestive enzymes and vitamin therapy are also helping me process food. I don't need near as much fiber laxative as before. I don't bloat after meals as badly as before. I have not seen my stomach this flat for months!

Please share this with the doctor who diagnosed me. I am very grateful!!

Ken Burns

262 Diane Jones, UKFebruary, 2006

Thank you for your preliminary report.  I am writing to state my appreciation for such a great service ... your initial recommendations are a good indicator for me to start taking better care of myself.  Busy people do not make a doctor's appointment just because they feel tired, so in these modern times, I believe bibliotherapy is essential to free-thinking individuals; we owe it to ourselves to make health care our number one priority.

To my way of thinking, your service is award-wining.

Thank you

263 Phillip Clarkson, UKFebruary, 2006

Thank you for your very fast and efficient service. I am astounded at the amount of information that is included in the report. I do not want to make any comments beyond this at the moment as I have only had a brief scan through the available information. But I can see already that there are many areas that are of concern, that I knew about anyway - the smoking in particular - and once I have had an opportunity to put into practice I will give further feedback. I will certainly recommend the Site to others.

Once again thank you

Paul Clarkson

264 Jim Marney, UKFebruary, 2006

Thank you for the report. It makes for interesting reading and is more
informative than anything I have had done before. I assure you I do take the
advice most seriously. THANK YOU

265 Mrs. M. H., NM, USAFebruary, 2006

I did receive the report as an attachment. Thank you. This is amazing.

266 Ms. J. R., TX, USAFebruary, 2006

You are very kind, understanding and extremely fast in
responding to you clients.
Thank you.

267 Laura G., NC, USAFebruary, 2006

Thanks for your understanding! The report is awesome.

268 Laura W., Huntsville, UT, USAFebruary, 2006

You've been wonderful and I truly appreciate the information.  I've confirmed most of my suspicions and have dedicated myself to a more holistic path of healing and living.

Thank you.


269 Paul MacVey, Iowa, USAFebruary, 2006

Thank you very much for facilitating my retrieval of the subject missing report.  I was able to successfully print the html report you posted and I'm very satified with the results.  Thanks again for your quick solution!

270 Annie Blunt, London, UKFebruary, 2006

Thanks for this report. It was fascinating. I have picked up many useful suggestions.

271 Mary Smith, FL, USAFebruary, 2006

Thank you so much. I found very helpful this report.

Thanks again!

272 Dawn Wilkinson, UKFebruary, 2006

I was able to access and open my report very easily. Thank you very much, the information is very enlightening and I will be making a few lifestyle changes!

273 Tracy Johnson, Memphis, TN, USAFebruary, 2006

I went to the doctor and they say i have SLE like your site said. unbelievable! i'm glad i got the preliminary report because i suspected i had it all along cause my grandma and aunt does and i had been telling the doctors but they didn't suspect it. my having your report braced me for what the doctor revealed as he thinks i have lupus. i was able to put my mind in a frame that hey don't be surprised if he tells you that yes you do have lupus. i was better prepared and not so depressed or upset. he gave me prednisone but i'm gooing to do the suggested things in the report the msm, tmj, detox etc i want a natural cure. i do believe there's one.

274 Tammy Erwin, Martin, TNFebruary, 2006

Thank you.  I went to the Doctor, and had the problem fixed. Thank you for the accessibiity for checking what was wrong with me.  Keep up the good work.  Tammy Erwin

275 Gale Zadoff, New York, USAFebruary, 2006

I just received my medical report which was truly wonderful ... [The reviewing doctor] was my practictioner and she was wonderful and right on target about everything.

276 John Abbott, Oviedo, FL, USAMarch, 2006

Thank you so much-my doctor does not seem to know where to look for my health problem and your report may be a life-saver. I cannot thank you enough.

277 Ella Gilreath, Lawrenceville, GA, USAMarch, 2006

I did receive a doctor's report.  It was on target and am printing it so that I can study it.  I have triplet grandbabies and a nine year old grandson; I want to live and be a part of their lives.  Thank you so much, Ella Gilreath

278 Mr. Jason W., WI, USAMarch, 2006

I really feel like I got my money's worth out of your service so far, as without it I probably would have never taken the allergy test.

279 Toni Valiukas, AZ, USAMarch, 2006

I am so thrilled to have received my Diagnoses so promptly.  It has confirmed many of the things I have been questioning lately.  It will help greatly as I go to my Dr. to request blood and stool panel.  The Nutritional information is confirmation to what I have been reading in books and Web sites. It is confirmation to so many things, like: stop coffee, detox liver, mercury toxins, more fruits and vege's.  It also has helped so much in clarifying what is priority for me personally for supplements.  That is a confusing issue for many people.  We want to begin taking care of ourselves and we begin reading and researching but it all gets so confusing and we get overwhelmed and do nothing.  Thank you so much.

280 Gibson Owen, Chatswood, NSW, AustraliaMarch, 2006

Please thank all those involved in the preparation of my report. It is greatley appreciated and I have decided to implement the no coffee/caffeine program because I have notice before how I am affect by that substance and particularly on my sleep pattern and mental functioning. Ihave started that program today and will persist. It will have a prompt and salutory impact and my doctor will get a more innocent patient to begin the review with.

I am under the constant care of a Western GP who on completion of his degree in Australia went to India to train in Auveydic medicine. When I have settled in two weeks by getting caffeine out of my system I will let him have your report for him to implement. My diet comes from him and I constantly take the Auveydic medicines recommended by him.

I am very pleased with my investment and the impetus to get off caffeine (again). I have very few bad habits left now.

Thank you again

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