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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between January and March, 2015

1361 Karen Quinn, Lake Havasu City, Arizona, USAJanuary, 2015

Thank you so much for all your help! This is a wonderful service, and I appreciate your prompt and thorough attention and assistance. Continued success! Sincerely, Karen

1362 Catherine Marble, Tempe, AZ, United StatesJanuary, 2015

I love how thorough you are in your range and depth of questions.

1363 Marie Boulter, Uxbridge, London, EnglandJanuary, 2015

It is a long document and thorough. Seeing the actual risks of neglected health and predictor of possible/probable outcome has motivated me. The diet starts tomorrow. Exercise starts tomorrow. Thank you.

1364 Martha Bunn, Antioch, Northern California, USAJanuary, 2015

This is the most thorough check I have ever received

1365 Nichole Wild, Jesup, Georgia, AmericaJanuary, 2015

thank you for the computer analysis. it opened my eyes and has scared me enough to make some serious lifestyle changes

1366 Hoa Hg, AustraliaJanuary, 2015

Hi Diagnose-Me,

Diagnose-Me provided me with the report generation and doctor review couple years back. I found your service quite useful and would like to discuss two prominent new symptoms with the doctor who reviewed my report originally.

Would I be able to get in touch with the doctor directly and discuss the two specific symptoms in more detail? Any format including email would work for me. Would this be possible and what is the best arrangement that you could suggest for such discussion.

Thank you very much for the service provided thus far,

[His reviewing doctor answered his questions, at no additional charge]

1367 Alcida Link, Westaustralia, AustraliaJanuary, 2015

I'm very impressed with Diagnose-me. Many thanks.

1368 Christie Orr, Auckland, New ZealandJanuary, 2015

Thank you so much again I will recommend your service to people as I am very humbled and grateful.

1369 Michelle Williams, Dartmoor, Victoria, AustraliaFebruary, 2015

Really long questionairre but gives me confidence that
you guys may have some suggestions not already put
forward by health care professionals.

1370 Lilian Haynes, Carrigallen, Leitrim, IrelandFebruary, 2015

My grateful thanks for this detailed report.

1371 Maria Jenet Capule, Jeddah, Saudi ArabiaFebruary, 2015

Thank y0u s0 much f0r the immediate resp0nse..amazing f0r me this rep0rt since its my first time do this..its quite b0thering the result but this is the truth..u asked the questi0n and i answered it with truthfullness...anyway thank y0u s0 much..

1372 Peter Brown, Ridgecrest, California, USAMarch, 2015

Impressed with band width of questions. Conventional healthcare
should all start with this type of baseline questioning and answers.
Thank you. PETE

1373 Tiffany Monaghan, Perth, AustraliaMarch, 2015

Thankyou, I have received my report and am very happy.

1374 Beatrice Taylor, Sidi Ifni, MoroccoMarch, 2015

(To her reviewing doctor:) I read your report with pleasure , but also resignation. a) because most of the tests you advised I had already done privately over the years (95%), and b) I have NEVER found a doctor willing to address ALL the information I provided.

Once again my heartfelt thanks for your report, much care and time has been taken over this. I would most certainly recommend this service to anyone.
Thank you again,
Brigitte Campbell-Taylor

1375 Colin Bailey, Port Alberni, British Columbia, CanadaMarch, 2015

Thank you for the rapid response to my laundry list!  This definitely gives me more to go on when pursuing this with my GP.

Thanks again for the wealth of information you've provided!


Colin Bailey

1376 Siba Hammami, Central, Saudi ArabiaMarch, 2015

I applaud you for this thorough test!

1377 Julie Footitt, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, UKMarch, 2015

THANK YOU very much for the comprehensive report

1378 Natarajan Palaniappan, Chennai, IndiaMarch, 2015

Pretty exhaustive questioning!
As an engineer, have always wondered why a
software was not available to identify and co-relate
medical symptoms; this is the first web site that I have
seen which comes close to doing this

1379 Dr. Khamisi Zephania, Mwanza, TanzaniaMarch, 2015

Hi Sir,

I have enjoyed a lot the analysis you did for me. It is very very unique work, and I give you a very big congratulation for this program.

Dr. Khamisi Ibrahim Zephania,
Tanzania, East Africa

1380 Paula Stanley, Missouri, USAMarch, 2015

I thought you should know that the survey results were one of the things that prompted me to ask my doctor for autoimmune tests in October. I was diagnosed with scleroderma in December. Thank you!

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