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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between September and December, 2013

1261 Hunter Mason, Sacramento, CA, USASeptember, 2013

I think that this website grants the user
an incredible opportunity to expedite the process
of diagnosing an ailment without having to
spend time wasting away in a waiting room, as
well as, paint a larger picture for the physician to
look at allowing them to make connections
where a brief overview of the symptoms
experienced by the patient may leave out
essential knowledge required for appropriately
diagnosing the illness.

1262 Dale Petersen, Coopers Beach, North Auckland, New ZealandSeptember, 2013

Congratulations on a VERY Thorough and easy- to- understand Questionnaire.I will certainly be using this for some of my more difficult patients.THANK You and look forward to my diagnosis. Great Work!

1263 Jerry Olderman, Boston, MA, USASeptember, 2013

(To his reviewing doctor:) Thank you for this wise advise. I shall heed it and count the days added to my life as a gift from you.


1264 Tiana McCracken, Washington County, UT, USASeptember, 2013

I am amazed at this site. I plan to inform family members and friends about it.

1265 Whitney Rebisz, Broadalbin, NY, USASeptember, 2013

What an awesome website!  Thanks so much! :)

1266 Jessica Yorke, Barnet, United KingdomSeptember, 2013

Many thanks, the report was really useful.

1267 Iryl Corbit, Kettle Falls, Washington, USASeptember, 2013

Why don't doctors go into this much detail?

1268 Judith Diamond, Sleepy Hollow, Illinois, USASeptember, 2013

(To her reviewing doctor:) If quantity and quality are identical, this is an amazing response. You certainly put your 15 to 20 minutes into this if not more. There were some interesting comments that I will follow up on.

1269 Andre Emelianoff, West Orange, NJ, USASeptember, 2013

I am impressed by how comprehensive your questions are.

1270 Tracy Arrington, Manassas, VA, USASeptember, 2013

One thing that appealed to me so much is that the questionnaire is the most complete and comprehensive questionnaire I've seen. With your analysis, I'm hoping to gain some direction. So again...thank you from the bottom of my heart!

1271 NigelGrimshaw-Jones Jones, Auckland, New ZealandOctober, 2013

Thanks for the thorough examination. I think its a great service. Brilliant Thanks a lot.

Kind Regards,


1272 Kathryn Jones, TN, USAOctober, 2013

I like what this website is doing. A
thorough analysis of potential problems
can be very useful in diagnosing less
common or obvious diseases.

I do hope your business goes well and
you provide many people with the
information they need, and I hope
you have a great day. :)

1273 Jana Granita, Liverpool, UKOctober, 2013

Your company's test seams to be very good - I wish my doctor ask me so many questions to get the full picture...

--and 1 month later--

It's already about a month ago since you sent me the report. Thank you so much for it! Some of your questions made me think about my health condition. I am pretty sure that my problem is adrenal fatigue (exhaustion) plus Seasonal Affective Disorder. Unfortunately no doctor ever mentioned this possibility, sometimes just giving antidepressants. I don't understand this SYSTEM - why I need these doctors at all if I have to find out diagnosis myself and then try really hard to persuade a "doctor" who does not want to believe me because he (she) see nothing in analysis. And another thing - if I go to GP and they finally get my diagnosis I'm pretty sure - only advice will be hormonal medication perhaps for the rest of my life. This is not what I am looking for. Thanks to Internet I got so much information about Chinese medicine that uses herbs instead of hormonal medicines. So should I ever go to GP - there is no point (on my opinion - western doctors are good for broken bones, but they don't get imbalances what Chinese medicine check like hot or cold, dry or damp).

Thank you so much for sending me the report! It helped me to understand my condition. Please feel free to use any part of my letter for testimonials, only I don't want to mention my last name.


1274 Mary Lou Didier, North Highlands, California, USAOctober, 2013

You were the most complete test I've ever done.. awesome...

1275 Bree Tanner, EnglandOctober, 2013

I would just like to thank you for the report! It has helped me a lot as I currently hold too much of a fear to talk to a doctor. The report is extremely well detailed and I cannot express my thanks.

1276 Carolyn MacMonagle, Charlotte, NC, USAOctober, 2013

Very thorough and easy to use

1277 Irene Gamlin, Lake Cowichan, British Columbia, CanadaNovember, 2013

I really appreciate the opportunity to go through
all these question, I have never had a Dr ask all
these and of course they would never have time,
I also have had many Different Drs so my
medical history is sketchy
I really appreciate the opportunity to discuss
these problems

1278 Pierre Veillette, Whitecourt, Alberta, CanadaNovember, 2013

Thanks for your help for my health concern. God Bless you for that awesome gift of yours.

1279 Brent Scharber, San Antonio, FL, USADecember, 2013

Thank you so much for the excellent communication and follow-up questions and for your patience with me, and for everything you and your company do for people in situations like mine.

Eternally Grateful,

Brent Scharber

1280 Katherine Ireland, Wailuku, Hawaii/Maui, USADecember, 2013

Great questions...wish I could see a doctor that would ask me these questions.

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