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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between January and March, 2016

1441 Michael Weinhaus, St. Louis, MO, USAJanuary, 2016

I think this is the most comprehensive diagnosis site I've seen, congratulations.

1442 Ahmed Jaabi, Jeddah, Western Saudi ArabiaJanuary, 2016

A good service rendered. Thanks for the thoroughness of the questions. It really covers every aspect about a human being's health concerns and issues.

--and later--

You seem to be a sincerely helpful group.

1443 Rachel Donges, Houston, TX, USJanuary, 2016

I greatly appreciate the service you're providing.  I've consulted several physicians over the last 5 years, but no exam or questionnaire was half as thorough as this one was.  I appreciate the whole-body consideration you've provided here.

1444 Jim Harris, Flagstaff, Arizona, USAJanuary, 2016

This is not to request support but to thank you for the amazing report. Knowledge is power and with medical knowledge comes the possibility of wellness. Your software is amazing and the report worth many times the small fee.

Blessings and hope for your continued success,

Jim H.

1445 Mike Taylor, Marietta, GA, USAJanuary, 2016

The report looks interesting, and I'll certainly take it with me to my scheduled appointment with my doctor.

1446 Christabel Kalemba, Lusaka, ZambiaJanuary, 2016

Dear Sir,
Thank you so much for the feedback that was promptly given as regards the questionnaire i filled in. I really appreciated the fact that a preliminary report was given at no cost. I do appreciate the information I was given.
Best regards,
Christabel Kalemba.

1447 Connie Varnhagen, Edmonton, Alberta, CanadaJanuary, 2016

Thorough questions!

1448 Lindsay Slater, Perrysburg, Ohio, United StatesJanuary, 2016

I read your recommendations and all of them are great.

Thank you,

1449 Robert Morgan, Sydney, NSW, AustraliaFebruary, 2016

Great service, many thanks

1450 Keith Aburrow, Coleford, Gloucestershire, EnglandFebruary, 2016

Many thanks for making this expert system available. As a former techie I think it's marvellous :).

Kind regards


1451 Timothy Dames, Nassau, The BahamasFebruary, 2016

The question asked were concise and to the point

1452 Tamara McWilliams, Las Vegas, NV, USFebruary, 2016

Thank you so much for this report! I would love to schedule a follow up appointment with Dr. Johnson.

1453 Suzanne Arnott, Cockatoo, AustraliaFebruary, 2016

Love this site :)

1454 Donald Bradley, Hereford, EnglandFebruary, 2016

(To his reviewing doctor, Dr. Matthew Fisel:)  Congratulations on your interpretation of my Diagnose-me questionnaire, You've got me off to a tee!

1455 Jestina Hepburn, Bahamas, New Providence, NassauFebruary, 2016

I would like say Thank you .the information i recieve, made me to understand more about my health. I spend lots of money just going to doctors and get little result. Now i need to do much more .about , thanks again, feel free to e-mail any time.

--and later--

Thanks a million for my report, in 53 years i have never ever gotten such report from doctors, very little they left you with little or nothing to go on.they rush you of, with medication(drugs) without testing.


1456 Jonathan Bridges, Manchester, UKFebruary, 2016

I really appreciate this site, and the thoroughness of the questions. Thank you!

1457 Lisa Caples, Texas, USAFebruary, 2016

(To her reviewing doctor, Dr. Michelle Johnson:)  Thank you for the extensive evaluation you sent me regarding my health condition.  I greatly appreciate the level of detail you provided and am taking your advice very seriously.

Thank you so very much for everything you've already provided.  Truly, your affirmation of it all is a relief in itself. :-)

Lisa Caples

1458 Ann Buchan, JamaicaMarch, 2016

Many thanks, Dr. Brody. I have been enlightened about my health and steps that need to be taken to achieve optimum health. I really appreciate this and will be starting my journey to improvement today.

Kind regards

Ann Buchan

1459 Melanie Matthews, Montgomery, Texas, USAMarch, 2016

This is the most intensive medical history I have ever seen. Other than going to the Mayo Clinic you may have the best questionnaire out there.Very impressive.

1460 JoAnn Massiah, St. Michael, BarbadosMarch, 2016

This is my first time doing something like this. I like how professional and informative and thorough your questions are and I am looking forward to really getting some answers and diagnoses of my ailments.

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