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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between October, 2015 and January, 2016

1421 Tasiana Rafailakis, AZ, USAOctober, 2015

(To her reviewing doctor, Dr. Michelle Johnson:)  I can't thank you enough for completing the review of my case so quickly.  The report is incredibly detailed, and seems quite accurate.

I'm going to take this opportunity to try to express my gratitude for what you and your company have done for me.

Not a single doctor has afforded me as much attention as you and yours have.  It makes a person feel crazy. I'm really very scared, and mostly because I haven't been taken seriously.  Having someone take the time to actually look into my situation is an extreme relief to me. I thank you from the depths of my heart.  You all may have saved my life.

Thank you SO very much, Dr. Johnson. You have been absolutely amazing to me. Thank you so incredibly much.


Tasiana Rafailakis

1422 Lynda Carpenter (Health Coach), Grand Junction, CO, USAOctober, 2015

There is no way a MD could be this thorough - even I
couldn't be this thorough and having the computer
generated algorithm is masterful. I love the concept
and how the rest is as impressive. I will begin all
coaching relationships here.

1423 Sandralitalina Bornelus, Farmingdale, NY, USAOctober, 2015

I'm very grateful for your help. I have seen 3 specialist (GI) with not much help. Life saver !

1424 Julie Jenkins, USAOctober, 2015

This is a great web site that you are offering to the public . I can't remember when any Doctor that I've seen has spent this much time getting to know Me . And I am at the physical point where I need a Doctor to spend a bit of time with me to do just that . We are all only allowed a few minutes with our doctors . Thank you for your time .

1425 Mo Green, USAOctober, 2015

I must compliment you on the depth of your research and the accurate accounting of what exactly has happened.  You nailed it.  I have been blessed to have discovered many of the things you have listed... You even solved the mystery of why, during all this I would get violently ill if I ingested the tiniest bit of garlic.

1426 Cathy Lowes, Wolverhampton, Midlands, EnglandOctober, 2015

Many thanks i received the report today.  Very happy with it.  Thanks .

1427 Christine Szigeti-Johnson, Maine, USAOctober, 2015

You have a wonderful survey. Nothing is left out.

1428 Rahul Bali, Delhi NCR, IndiaOctober, 2015

The information provided by The Analyst has helped me to restore my health in many areas. Please keep up the good work !

1429 Valerie Barnard, Fairfield, Iowa, USAOctober, 2015

I received my report yesterday and am impressed with the amount of information.
Valerie Barnard

1430 Cassie Battiata, USAOctober, 2015

Thanks for allowing me to see that their are so many over looked questions that some doctors don't have the time really to take to ensure really good adequate and much fast needed help to their patients. your Analysis has motivated me to go even more deeper in faith and prays by putting my complete trust in the Almighty God as to where true healing and restoration really comes from as suppose to man itself. Thanks for your help of encouragement. God Bless you all as you continue to help other people with their health information.

1431 Betsy Maine, USAOctober, 2015

Thank you so much for this report, this brought a lot of ideas to mind! I feel like this was very accurate and professional, thanks again I'll be recommending you to friends

1432 Bruce Osgood, Sun Valley, CA, USANovember, 2015

Your survey seemed very thorough. Straightforward and clear questions. Thank you

1433 Elie Stephan, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaNovember, 2015

I've never seen anything that thorough; Wow. You have redefined Professional standards.

1434 Michelle Stevens, Bakersfield, California, USANovember, 2015

I have read your report and agree. Now trying to get my healthcare professional to listen is another story.

1435 Ann Burgess, Boquete, PanamaDecember, 2015

I was impressed with the depth of questioning and believe the report will be very useful in future treatments for me.
Thank you very much,
Ann M Burgess

1436 Bertley Fredason, Disney, Oklahoma, United StatesDecember, 2015

This has been the most comprehensive medical review I have ever had.

1437 Carter Fleming, Philadelphia, PA, USDecember, 2015


What a wonderful service! You have a GREAT system here, and I'm excited to have found it.

Thanks so much for your help.


1438 Phyllis Cummings, Geelong, Victoria, AustraliaDecember, 2015

I have found the report very useful and intend to make changes to my diet. Please thank the doctor very much and I will be in touch later.

Best wishes and thanks

Phyll cummings

1439 Ron B. E., NY, USAJanuary, 2016

This is brilliant.

1440 Neville Leroy Smith, Nassau, The BahamasJanuary, 2016

I certainly think that your service is an excellent gesture.

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