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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between June and October, 2015

1401 Rebecca Tew, Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandJune, 2015

(To her reviewing doctor:) I just wanted to say thank-you for my diagnoses, I was so excited when I received it I read through it a little too quickly! You have provided my with some very helpful methods to improve my health and address the issues at hand that I would otherwise not have known and therefore I am very glad I paid to get your advice. Thanks again, I will update you on my progress!


Kind Regards


1402 Amy Allen, Long Prairie, MN, USAJune, 2015

Thank you!  I was worried this whole thing would be a scam but was desperate to give it a whirl for a second opinion. But your service and (the reviewing doctor's) reports were all wonderful!!  The whole experience really gave me a boost that I really needed.  Well worth my money!  ~ Amy

1403 Lloyd Hill, Auckland 1071, New ZealandJune, 2015

All I wanted to say was that I am completely blown away by your operation.

Many thanks.


1404 Ryan Rathjen, Melbourne, Vic, AustraliaJune, 2015

I enjoyed your "diagnose-me" questionnaire in regards to personal health. All questions are well written for the general public to understand. This allows users to answer with clear concise answers through your multiple choice options. This also provides your system with a large amount of quality information so it can produce the most accurate response.

Amazing site, well done!!! & Thank you

1405 Louise Nuzzi, Sanford, Florida, USAJune, 2015

Thankyou so much for THIS wonderful service, Louise Nuzzi

1406 Rayanna Easterling, Portsmouth, Ohio, USJune, 2015

This has to be the most comprehensive health questionnaire ever.

1407 Charles McCord, Punta Gorda, Florida, USAJuly, 2015

Seems to be a pretty thorough medical site. Nice job!

1408 Onika Maraj, Derby, East Midlands, EnglandJuly, 2015

Thank you so much for your service. You've been so helpful

1409 Kimberlee Ingram, Washington, USAJuly, 2015

I am a public health professional with over fifteen years working at the local health level. I am very impressed by your site and know numerous people who would benefit from this service. I will definitely refer to your site.

Kimberlee Ingram
Public Health Integration Consultant

1410 Shaun Moynihan, Morrisville, NC, USAAugust, 2015

Really loving your service.


1411 Tina Amy, Dublin, IrelandAugust, 2015

Many thanks for sending the report. It will be helpful in giving me the right questions to ask when I attend the hospital in October
Tina Susan Amy

1412 Kimberly Fields, Burbank, CA, USAAugust, 2015

Thank you so much for your service it is fabulous I can't tell you enough. I even had my mom use your service!

1413 Simone Brissard, Edmonton, Alberta, CanadaSeptember, 2015

I am very impressed with the quality , thorough , & detailed nature of this questionnaire !

1414 Carol Liglet, Los Angeles, California, United StatesSeptember, 2015

This is the most complete questionaire for suggestions
and diagnosis I have encountered.  Very impressed. I
hope for the same complete and thorough response.
Thank you.

1415 Kalyn Horney, Bokeelia, FL, USASeptember, 2015

I love this site! I am a board certified health consultant and a FDN Practitioner.  How can I train with you so I can help others like you do?

1416 Lynn Jackson, CanadaSeptember, 2015

Hello I received an excellent and very accurate report from you several years ago - the report you generated for me was done on Mar 15, 2006 and summarized by (her reviewing doctor).  At the time I was given a password for your web site in order to ask questions but I do not see a web site any longer for that purpose.   Can you help me out.  I would like to ask some questions about recent changes that have happened in my body and I have found the report that was sent to me to be very helpful.

sincerely, L Jackson (Smith)

1417 Austin Chambliss, Live Oak, Florida, United StatesSeptember, 2015

I perceive your methods will be the future for all patients, nurses and physicians.  Maybe CVS & Walgreen clinics will offer.  Keep up the good work.

1418 Kirk Williams, Colorado, USAOctober, 2015

Your site is cool and very thorough - asked me far more questions than my were covered in personal conversations with doctors.

--and later--

Thank you for the report.  It is surprisingly thorough.  I met with my doctor earlier this week and, although I feel like I get good care from him, during and office visit it's impossible for him to ask all the questions asked by Diagnose Me.  I will be sharing the Diagnose Me report with him at my follow up appointment in November.  I am most intrigued by the Low Adrenal Function possibility mentioned in my report as many of my symptoms fit within that area.  Over the past month I have described my symptoms to both my MD and my DC but neither of them mentioned the possibility of an adrenal problem.  Thank you!

Kirk Williams
Grand Junction, Colorado

1419 Mary, Delaware, USOctober, 2015

I wanted to reply and thank you for this report. While we tried to follow the suggestions and review things with our doctor.  The report was correct Jay was in a grave situation and sadly died in August due to respiratory failure which led to cardiac arrest.

Thank you for trying to help us.

1420 Ms. P. P., Midland, TX, USAOctober, 2015

Great Report

Your company is doing everyone a great service by giving me the tools I need to be in control of my health.  After all I know my body much better after living with it for 68 years that DR. I Know-It-All does after spending 10 minutes with me.
I am not overly fond of the medical profession's tendency to put people on the prescription merry-go-round, treating symptoms without investigating the cause.  I am very pro-active when it comes to my health care.  When it is time for me to leave this world, it will NOT be because I was over-medicated and died from drug side-effects.  Your report is just what I needed to clearly define what I need to be concerned about and how to go about getting those things checked out.  Thank you so very much!

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