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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between November, 2014 and January, 2015

1341 Cody Johns, Mckinney, TX, USANovember, 2014

Your service is top notch

1342 Leslie Slater, Marysville, Washington, United StatesNovember, 2014

Thank you for such a comprehensive report.  I will address what I can with my new physician tomorrow.  I've read and will reread to fully digest the information given.  Thank you again
~Leslie ~

1343 Jonathan Brauer, Silver Spring, MD, United StatesNovember, 2014

(11 months after receiving his report:) I'd just like to say that your suggestion of looking at mercury toxicity as the source of my sulfur sensitivity seems to be right on the money.  I have been doing 8 months of Andy Cutler style frequent low dose chelation and seem to be experiencing improvement although it is definitely slow going.  Thanks so much for the work you guys do! Would love to see your approach become more mainstream!

God Bless,

Jonathan Brauer

1344 Ken Sturm, Grand Haven, Michigan, USANovember, 2014

My wife originally took this analysis in 2007.  I am very impressed with your new and improved report format.  I like the cross referencing!!!  I like the prioritizing of elements in the report!  Great improvement.

I think your current system, Health Analysis, is excellent.  This makes so much more sense to me, as a patient, to contribute information to my medical doctor in this manner.  Currently, I am asked to rush thru a questionnaire on a clip board, five minutes before my doctor's appointment.  And then, THEY DON'T READ IT!  Information is only of value when it is . . . USEFUL.

With your system, artificial intelligence, takes the information, organizes it, evaluates it, rank orders it, and gives the patient a PLAN for better health.  It does not replace a face to face conversation with a health care specialist.  Your report is like having an agenda for a meeting.  It gives the meeting substance.  Insurance companies should require a Health Analysis on every patient.

Thank you for caring about my health care.

Ken Sturm

PS If Congress wishes to revise Obama Care . . . Health Analysis should be part of the new requirements.

1345 Azhar Shah, Multan, PakistanNovember, 2014

First of all thanks a lot for so quick response. Your approach is too much positive to serve humanity, indifferent to Religion, Race or color. Once again I am very very thankful to you for this precious service.
I'll surly pay attention towards one of your MD's review, if I deem it necessary.
Thanks and Regards,
Azhar Shah

1346 Mr. Cizane B., Chula Vista, California, USANovember, 2014

I'm surprise of all the well prepared questions, even though is a long questionnaire I really enjoyed it, looking forward on your response

1347 Robin Watterson, Fredericksburg, VA, USANovember, 2014

Great job, very thorough.

1348 Judy Janes, Ewa Beach, HI, United StatesNovember, 2014

The survey is time consuming, but I am welcoming
any insight into my health and well being that I can
get. Thank you for taking your time with my
information. It's more than you can get at most doctor
offices face to face now a days.

1349 Jacqui Buckley, Hamilton, Waikato, New ZealandNovember, 2014

Fabulous and very. Comprehensive.

1350 Marina Gerber, Pretoria, South AfricaNovember, 2014

Thank you so much I did get the Computer Analysis ... May your good work be blessed by the good LORD and may many people benefit and find greater health. Blessing to you. Marina

1351 Mrs. JJP, Harris, MN, USADecember, 2014

Am looking forward to what you have pooled together.  This is such a great idea and very reasonably priced.

Thanks, JP

1352 Di Murphey, Keystone Heights, Florida, United StatesDecember, 2014

Very impressive questions. Thank you, from my heart.

1353 Chris Ekstedt, High Point, NC, USADecember, 2014

(For her reviewing doctor:)  She did a fantastic job. Thanks so much and relay my thanks to her too!! Great job.


1354 Mary Racette, Rochester Hills, Michigan, USADecember, 2014

This is a very through health screening questioner.

1355 Ben Zavorka, Cheyenne, Wyoming, USAJanuary, 2015

I want to thank you so much for the health report. It looks very through and I'm sure I will benifit from it.

1356 Gary Jordan, Amlapora, Bali, IndonesiaJanuary, 2015

Many thanks for your comprehensive report . It was very helpful . I am appreciative of your suggestions and will start putting into practice certain things you have recommended.

1357 Yvonne Jacobs, Texas, USAJanuary, 2015

Dear Diagnose me,

Thanks for your quick response, and VALUABLE input and help!! I appreciate it very much!!

Yvonne Jacobs

1358 Ms. Felicia T., Satu Mare, SM, RomaniaJanuary, 2015


1359 Olivia Grayson, NY, USAJanuary, 2015

Thank you for facilitating the thorough analysis; I appreciate your time and help.

1360 Angie Baugh, West Monroe, Louisiana, USAJanuary, 2015

I like the detailed in-depth questions.

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