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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between March and June, 2016

1461 Patricia Worley, Kokomo, IN, United States Of AmericaMarch, 2016

I very much enjoyed doing this diagnose me tool and I found it to be very interesting. I am glad that you have this unique and greatly needed service available.

1462 Robyn Sharp, Auckland, New ZealandMarch, 2016

This would be one of the most thorough questioning processes I've ever gone through. I think you will know me better than I know myself.

1463 Peter Kanyuk, New City, New York, United StatesMarch, 2016

Thank You, This is Wonderful!!  It will take me a while to grasp all of this, but I will think over every word!

--and months later--

Thank You Dr. Fisel!

      After presenting my doctor your information, he did a thyroid test and it was way off. 16 weeks on levathyroid and seeing my old self again.

          Bless You!

                   Peter Kanyuk

1464 Karen Craig, Wittmann, Arizona, USAMarch, 2016

Ok, I think this was an excellent report I received. And I have to tell you, I was so motivated by this reality check! I think the swift kick in my butt to wake up and start taking care of myself was PRICELESS. I am glad you turned out to be legitimate...was worried this was an internet ripoff. But I googled the doc and he is famous! I was impressed that the personalization of the report wasn't a generalized, "fits anyone" report, but literally mentioned MY health as I had indicated in the questionnaire. Thank you and I look forward to spreading the word to my sisters and husband!
Karen Craig

1465 Debra Griffith, Beaver Falls, PA, USAMarch, 2016

The analysis was considerably more in-depth than I had thought it would be.

1466 Naomi Grant, BahamasMarch, 2016

Thank you so much for the report from the questionnaire I filled in. The diagnose was very informative and I have already taken the necessary steps with diet and exercise along with the help of my Doctor to make the necessary changes that I will have a better quality of life going forward.

Once again thank you.


Naomi D. Grant

1467 Wayne Myers, Chambersburg, PA, USAMarch, 2016

Thanks. Very insightful information.

1468 Karin Down, Victoria, BC, CanadaApril, 2016

A wonderfully thorough questionnaire!  No doc I have seen has asked such a thorough review of symptoms.  Certainly more info than any one doc has collected on me so far.  I look forward to your thoughts.

1469 Denis Hebert, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CanadaApril, 2016

I do think this is a valuable system because as mentioned in your notes at the start, one Doctor could not devote this amount of time to a single patient in one visit. Even with multiple visits. If all this info is entered into a database, more accurate results can be achieved in minutes.

1470 Kristi Lanzisera, Oakland, CA, United StatesMay, 2016

I've never seen anything so comprehensive. It's what I've always wished my doctors would do to try to figure out what's going on with my health.

1471 Joy Edmunds, Bicester, Oxfordshire, EnglandMay, 2016

Dear sir or madam,
I really found my diagnoses very helpful and will talk to my doctor about what the findings
have found regards my health.
Thank you once again
from joy Edmunds.

1472 Kristen Thomas, Waynesboro, VA, USMay, 2016

I'm so excited, thankful that I found your website.  This has been years of going to dr's and feeling like they just want to pass me along to another dr.  Latest appt with a rheumatologist barely listened to me, referred to my numbness as "a few aches and pains", referred me to a neurologist (haven't had that appt yet), and charged me over $1000 for appt & labs - without giving me any helpful advice!  I'm so tired of not having any answers but feeling so horrible most of the time at age 33!  I'm so excited to receive the report and any answers you might have for me!

1473 Louzana Harvey, Chicoutimi, Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean, CanadaMay, 2016

Votre site est fort utile et apprécier a mes yeux et probablement aux yeux de beaucoup d'autres personnes d'ailleurs.

(Translation: Your site is very useful and appreciated in my eyes and probably in the eyes of many others.)

1474 Donna Palmer, BC, CanadaMay, 2016

I think this site is excellent. It is a great way for many people to get help with their health issues.

1475 Andrea Naef, Wellington, New ZealandMay, 2016


Thank you for the report, which was really interesting.

Best regards,

1476 Deborah Nyman, Portland, Oregon, USAMay, 2016

This is an amazing web service you offer. I look forward to seeing my results and your suggestions.

1477 Connie Saavedra, Bandon, Oregon, USAJune, 2016

thank you for the report .... i know my situation is bad , but by applying the suggestions and getting the right vitamins in me i hope to be able to improve my situation in the near future .... thank you again for all the info in one spot .... i do a lot of research but i do not save it so now it is all here for me when i need it, as a reminder and as a reference .......i am positive my health will be better some what soon ....... before i sent for this info i found a place 3hrs away where i can get my blood tested and with the report i can now focus on the test suggested test......... thanks again

1478 James McGrath, Orland Park, Illinois, USAJune, 2016

Very comprehensive. No doctor ever dug this deep.

1479 Ross S., PR, USAJune, 2016

Great website!  I got an education just completing the questionnaire!

1480 Stanley Little, Paducah, Kentucky, United StatesJune, 2016

This site is unbelievable..love it

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