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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between April and July, 2014

1301 Kathy Rhyme, OH, USAApril, 2014

I am impressed with your report and will be forwarding the link to my doctor.  Again, I am so impressed with this report.  I just reviewed it again after receiving my TMG which was recommended.  My doctor in integrative medicine at OSU has copied pages of your report to my file. It took me days to finish all the questions, but it was really worth it in the end.  So often--and I think this could certainly be a factor in why US medical stats are in decline globally--a doctor writes an Rx for an anti-depressant when in fact the underlying cause is endocrine or something else physical but they don't bother to do any lab work other than standard which often shows nothing until you're in really horrible shape. I feel a lot less depressed now that I have a doctor that recognizes that I am actually physically ill! One of the nurses at OSU told me that they often don't find anything until the patient gets a lot sicker. What kind of medicine is that? I bet if people shifted to integrative medicine and filled out your form, they could get a Dx a lot quicker. Your questionnaire is so comprehensive that I hesitated to bring it up, but people can go years of dragging around being told it's just depression or something only to find that their RT3 is the problem and can be restored to health by a small amount of Cytomel supplementation. (Just sharing what I believe my problem to be as far as the thyroid goes).

Thanks again,


1302 Bobby Hana, Calistoga, Napa, California, USAApril, 2014

Thank you again for your amazing report.

1303 Tanya Lingenfelder, Mosselbay, South AfricaApril, 2014

(To her reviewing doctor:)

I can not thank you enough. For the first time in
My life I can talk to somebody that know what i'm
talking about. I felt helpless not knowing what to
do with symptoms changing day to day.

1304 Vivienne Daley, Kingston, JamaicaApril, 2014

This questionnaire was comprehensive and well thought out and I applaud the persons who came together to put it all together.

1305 Susan Browne, Melbourne, AustraliaApril, 2014

Thank you. I can tell from the type and depth of the questions asked that you know more than medical doctors!

1306 Helen Nishimoto, Hilo, Hawaii, USAApril, 2014

Your report was very interesting and has given me a lot to think about.  I am working very hard on improving my health and I appreciate your assistance.  Thanks so much,

Helen Nishimoto

1307 Arlene Harvey, Medford, Oregon, USAApril, 2014

I am amazed at the range of questions.

1308 Barbara Ouellette, Boca Raton, FL, USAMay, 2014

This is a very thorough site; comprehensive questions that I appreciate very much.  Would that all of our primary (and specialty) physicians could give the time for such a complete patient history.

1309 Glenda Carlin, Brunswick, Georgia, USAMay, 2014

Thanks for the detailed report.  I will contact you for furher information if I find it necessary and do thank you for your time and valuable recommendations.

1310 Anant Desai, Vadodara, Gujarat, IndiaMay, 2014

Your report was bang on target on several points, few of which I was unaware of.  I have an appointment with my family physician (MD) who will review the report and suggestions and comment it.

Thanking You

Anant Desai

1311 Patricia John, Alabaster, AL, United StatesMay, 2014

I did find your report to be very informative, and useful.
Thank you,
Patricia John

1312 Melissa Smith, VA, USAMay, 2014

This is the most comprehensive set of questions I have ever answered. Thank you.

1313 Susan Morris, CA, USAJune, 2014

Thank you for your report, it is very interesting and contains A LOT of good information.  I really appreciate your help.

1314 Juli Chen, Medan, Sumatera Utara, IndonesiaJune, 2014

Thanks a lot! This website incredibly magnificent for asking many details from hair until toes.

1315 Angela Delmedico, Nevada, USAJune, 2014

Your service looks so absolutely useful, I wish mainstream medicine was discussing this more.


1316 Marijke Hennink, Kincardine, Ontario, CanadaJuly, 2014

This was a long questionnaire, but I am looking forward to reading the results. Well worth it! Thank you!

1317 Melvin Stanforth, Greenville, NC, USAJuly, 2014

Very well designed site. Esp pleased with size of type, ease of reading. The recognition that wordy questions actually cause confusion, esp w/ seniors.
Answers to succinct questions are more reliable.

1318 Carrie Frais, Barcelona, SpainJuly, 2014

Thank you for such a detailed report - it has been so useful.

1319 Vicky Benson, Goshen, Indiana, United StatesJuly, 2014

Thanks for this wonderful service! It will probably save and extend lives.

1320 Sarah Lewis, Christiansted, St Croix, USAJuly, 2014

Dear Sir,
I am so impressed with the detail of the report. I filled out your form with my niece (using my name and all her details) and as a PhD in social work who has been doing research in medicine for over 20 years I must say I am quite impressed. I don't know of any physician that would take so much into account and take the kind of psychosocial history that you and your team have put together.  Thank you for giving my niece an excellent starting point for her care team. Medical care in the virgin islands is not all that it should be and the report is a wonderful guide for her.
Thanks again,

Sarah J Lewis, PhD
Associate Professor
School of Social Work
Barry University

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