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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between April and August, 2013

1241 Shimon Lang, Tel Aviv, IsraelApril, 2013

Dear Doctor Shelby-Lane,

Thanks so much for your report.

I have been very impressed by all this work you accomplished,
you and your colleagues responding with an excellent
presentation and understanding.

It is more than worthily the 77$ I paid for this presentation
who is Very Professional, Very Constructive, Very Well
Structured, Very Understandable and so much help for the present
and the future.

Thanks Again
Shimon Lang

1242 Donald Gaddis, Palm Desert, California, USAApril, 2013

I have never experienced such a complete questioning session in all my 82 years.

1243 Pam Montoya, Everett, WA, USAApril, 2013

This is the best of the 10 plus diagnostic apps I have explored.

1244 Chris Bliss, Olathe, Kansas, USAApril, 2013

I appreciate how thorough you are. I wish my MDs were half as thorough.

1245 Barbara Hamilton, Hertfordshire, BritainApril, 2013

You cover all problems well unfortunately our
doctors do not listen to you or palm you off with
pain tablets. If you cannot afford to go private it
can take months to find out serious problems,as
I have found out. I am already following all your
information.thank you.

1246 Cathy Papand, Warren, Mich, USAApril, 2013

Very impressed with your service

Thank you

Ms papand

1247 Andreana Kalmar, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaMay, 2013

Great site; the amount and depth of questioning is most unusual in today's Hi and Bye 5 minute medicine; it made me think and recall details none ever asked.

1248 Bridgette Goldstein, Compton, California, USAMay, 2013

Thank you so much for your review.  For many years I have searched for a holistic look at my health.  You have provided this to me and I am so grateful.  Thanks again

1249 Teta Mavroyanni, Ekali, GreeceMay, 2013

thank you very very much!

1250 Preet Brar, Footscray, Victoria, AustraliaAugust, 2013

You are doing a great work. I was looking for
exactly something like this, where I can get my
full-body health diagnosed, rather than me visiting
doctor with a specific problem, because I may
not be aware of some of my own problems.

1251 Jacob Falcon, Balgownie, New South Wales, AustraliaAugust, 2013

Thank you very much for my report by the Analyst and Dr. Brody. The report is very thorough and I will follow up on the recommendations in the report.

Kind Regards

Jacob Falcon

1252 Isabelle Regis, Chantilly, FranceAugust, 2013

Dear Diagnose staff,

I am very pleased with your evaluation: extremely detailed, precised and so acute.

Best regards

1253 Rebecca Eaton, Lubbock, TX, USAAugust, 2013

Hi there,

Thanks so much for the report! I'm eager to work through it.

Thanks so much,
Rebecca Eaton

1254 Ms. D. G., Boulder, CO, USAAugust, 2013

Thank You, all.  I am very impressed with and happy with your report
and links.  I have read and studied natural health quite a bit for 15
years or so (related to my own issues, of course) and have been to
Naturopaths over the same time period.  All of your info is similar to
things I have learned, but to have it prioritized like that, in
relation to my personal data is something no professional has been
able to do to my satisfaction.

Thanks again!!  I took a chance, and am glad it didn't back-fire (so
far (: ).

1255 Elaine Loeffel, Saratoga, Wyoming, USAAugust, 2013

this is amazingly thorough

1256 Marnie Bennett, Colorado, USAAugust, 2013

Thank you for the report the recommendations make sense and I shall try many of them immediately.  I liked this means of measuring my health and will recommend it to others. Thank you again.

--and later--

Thank you for this analysis.  I think the recommendations are spot-on, as I have had many of them but have forgotten.  Also I feel better already from implementing just some of them. I like that it is nutritionally based.   I have recommended your site to others.  Thanks again for the great service.
Marnie Bennett

1257 Carolyn Amor, Melbourne, Victoria, AustraliaAugust, 2013

This is an amazing site. I've been feeling completely
overlooked and hopeless recently. Been to emergency
department almost every 4 days due to severe agony. They
just keep giving me pain killers and sending me home. I'm
just so greatful you exist.

1258 Nicholas Penning, Madison, SD, USAugust, 2013

I really liked the report! I was quite surprised how informative it was. I am already making better food choices now... Thank you,

Nic Penning

1259 Ms. R.C., Citrus Heights. CA, USAAugust, 2013

this test was the best thing I have ever seen, love this site, been on for hours! thank you so much!

1260 Ansa Lange, Bloemfontein, South AfricaAugust, 2013

Thank you, I am so impressed with the service you offer.

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