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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between July and October, 2012

1201 Justine Glover, GA, USAJuly, 2012

I received my report regarding my daughter several months ago.  It provided me direction that none of the many specialists (including The Cleveland Clinic) ever mentioned.  I tell people about this website all the time.  The collaboration between specialists that should happen...does not occur.  Diagnose-me.com provided it within 2 days.

1202 LuAnn Brodman, Upper Sandusky, OH, USAJuly, 2012

Thank you so much!
I received my report today - and never dreamed it would be so thorough!!
It will definitely be a great starting point for me as I talk to my physician!
Again, thanks for all your help!!  I would recommend your service to all
my friends.  And I know my husband will be utilizing your program in the
very near future!

Certainly appreciated your help!
LuAnn Brodman

1203 Gloria B., Ames, IA, USAJuly, 2012

I received my thorough report and would like to thank [the reviewing doctor] who must have spent a great deal of time formulating her comments. Along with the computer-generated responses, I am sure this will be a helpful way for me to begin to address my health problems responsibly. Thank you very much.

1204 Lorraine Maddix, Jamaica, West IndiesJuly, 2012

I am really happy to see for once that we can get a thorough questionnaire from a medical personnel. I am indeed grateful for your response. I read [the report] and will definately take the necessary precautions as stated in the analyst. Great work I am pleased. It was most helpful. Thank you so much.

1205 Roland Lindgren, CanadaJuly, 2012

Thank you for your consideration and caring attitude.

Roland Lindgren

1206 Tony Clancy, AustraliaAugust, 2012

Thank you for your report I am impressed how thorough it is.

1207 Selena Tierce, TX, USAAugust, 2012

I think this is a great thing you all do. Thank you.

1208 Anthony John, EnglandAugust, 2012

i am most grateful to you for what you have done.
kindest regards,

1209 Valerie Baker, Newport, UKAugust, 2012

Thanks for excellent service.

1210 Alina Weber, FL, USAAugust, 2012

I must say that I am extremely happy to have found your website, questions I've always asked myself and had no idea what the connections with other symptoms were - you have them all on your questionnaire!
Great work!

1211 Karen Baxter, CanadaSeptember, 2012

Best test I have ever taken.  Very realistic questionnaire.

1212 Lori Garcia, FL, USASeptember, 2012

Thank you I received the report.  Very thorough and logically organized and presented!  Thanks again.

1213 Nancy Haney, Orange, VA, USASeptember, 2012

Many thanks for all of the information you have provided,  Sincerely, Nancy

1214 James Butler, Galway, IrelandSeptember, 2012

Dear Diagnose Me,
I acknowledge receipt of your free preliminary report on my diagnosis of my health,which I have recorded and filed and will peruse and  I am deeply thankfull for this information that I will discuss with my Dr.
yours sincerely
James Butler

1215 Raquel Gallagher, Florida, USASeptember, 2012

You have a great thing going on and you help so many people. Once agian Thank you so very much. Have a great day.

1216 Bryana Burt, Alaska, USASeptember, 2012


Can you reinstate my report or email it to me?  I found the links very
helpful.  Thank  you!


1217 Jeri Brock, Mena, AR, USASeptember, 2012

Thank you so much for developing this program - now if you can start at the top and get the local docs and insurances in on the deal.

1218 Sarah P., Ottawa, ON, CanadaOctober, 2012

Fantastically detailed. If my family doctor looked at my mental and physical health in as much detail, I probably would stop calling him Dr. Dingbat! and might be a lot healthier.

1219 Mary Livingston, New ZealandOctober, 2012

Thank you so much for your help. on the basis of what you have sent me I have followed up with my doctor in New Zealand and have now isolated my main issue.
Best regards

1220 MaryLu Tosi, Sun City Center, FL, USAOctober, 2012

Amazing choice of questions, you have covered every thing.  I can't think of anything that you left out.  I was surprised at all the information you gleaned from the replies I gave you.  Thank you for this analysis.  It is very interesting.

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