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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between September and December, 2012

1201 Jeri Brock, Mena, AR, USASeptember, 2012

Thank you so much for developing this program - now if you can start at the top and get the local docs and insurances in on the deal.

1202 MaryLu Tosi, Sun City Center, FL, USASeptember, 2012

Amazing choice of questions, you have covered every thing.  I can't think of anything that you left out.  I was surprised at all the information you gleaned from the replies I gave you.  Thank you for this analysis.  It is very interesting.

1203 Ms. N. Khan, Qld, AustraliaSeptember, 2012

Hi, I chose 'diagnose-me.com' as I have lost hope in the Australia medical system currently available to me. After seeing a number of general practitioners and being misdiagnosed with various temporary illnesses, I realised that my general practitioners were not giving me the detail I needed. I had visited doctors and told them my symptoms and even diagnosed myself wanting further tests to be done, only to be laughed at and told that I was not a medial graduate and have no right to diagnose myself.  After endless visits to doctors I was given medication which gave me a number of severe side effects- At this point I realised that it was very difficult to find a GP that was going to listen and address my concerns.. On one recent occassion I was feeling exhausted, under the weather, fatigued and weak. I decided that it was worth typing my symtoms into a search engine online to see what it could possibly be... The diagnosis was endless. It was then I realised that whatever it was/is - something was / is seriously wrong. I decided to type in online doctors - just randomly thinking that due to the world wide web perhaps it was legal for doctors to see clients online as well. It was then that I found 'diagnose-me.com'. I took the next step to fill in some important details. I was given my feedback almost straightaway and found that I had a very detailed individual report of my health analysis. I have chosen to read my report a number of times to my self and my family. My father (the worlds best critique) was very convinced and said 'In my 40 years of living in this country I have never ever met a doctor like this- what a fantastic doctor'. Hats off to you 'Dr Cynthia Shelby Lane'!

Thank you for your services - My father will be in touch soon.

N.Khan - QLD

1204 Graham Hyatt, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaSeptember, 2012

I find this a great website, and far more thorough than I could ever have imagined.

1205 Karen Baxter, CanadaSeptember, 2012

Best test I have ever taken.  Very realistic questionnaire.

1206 Lori Garcia, FL, USASeptember, 2012

Thank you I received the report.  Very thorough and logically organized and presented!  Thanks again.

1207 Nancy Haney, Orange, VA, USASeptember, 2012

Many thanks for all of the information you have provided,  Sincerely, Nancy

1208 James Butler, Galway, IrelandSeptember, 2012

Dear Diagnose Me,
I acknowledge receipt of your free preliminary report on my diagnosis of my health,which I have recorded and filed and will peruse and  I am deeply thankfull for this information that I will discuss with my Dr.
yours sincerely
James Butler

1209 Raquel Gallagher, Florida, USASeptember, 2012

You have a great thing going on and you help so many people. Once agian Thank you so very much. Have a great day.

1210 Bryana Burt, Alaska, USASeptember, 2012


Can you reinstate my report or email it to me?  I found the links very
helpful.  Thank  you!


1211 Sarah P., Ottawa, ON, CanadaOctober, 2012

Fantastically detailed. If my family doctor looked at my mental and physical health in as much detail, I probably would stop calling him Dr. Dingbat! and might be a lot healthier.

1212 Mary Livingston, New ZealandOctober, 2012

Thank you so much for your help. on the basis of what you have sent me I have followed up with my doctor in New Zealand and have now isolated my main issue.
Best regards

1213 Jon Logue, Chattanooga, Tennessee, USAOctober, 2012

Great report thanks

1214 Momodu Jackson, Asaba, Delta State, NigeriaOctober, 2012

I hav suffered nose dripping for 3yrs with little pains frm the left part of my chest some times ago. I became so allegic 2 cold n dust & I barely comprehend each time I'm faced wit this problem of sneezing cus it turns my whole life apart. I'm a law student who requires every hours of my life to study, & DIAGNOSE ME then put an end to my 3yrs of miserable life of sneezing n nose drippin with chest pain just with the aid of VITAMIN C tablet which I was beeing advice to take. I'm surprised to find that the vitamin c work for my both symptoms of chest pain n nose dripping. Ohh my God u guys are genius. I'm so hapy cus this week was my first time of sleepin for 4th night now without head warmer on me. It was like a miracle, I can now read without sneezing, I don't feel any chest pain any longer, and I'm back to my studying full time. Well, I'm still on the vitamin c treatment. Thank u so much n God bless diagnose me n God bless United State of America PEOPLE.

1215 Annie Shaffer, Denpasar, Bali, IndonesiaOctober, 2012

(To her reviewing doctor:)  Thank you for that very well done report.  I got a lot out of it.

1216 Mr. Harold B., Edmonton, Alberta, CanadaNovember, 2012

Thanks. I'm still reviewing all the material. It is most helpful. If i have any questions i will contact you.


1217 Cindy Sturgeon, Beaverbank, Nova Scotia, CanadaNovember, 2012

Thank again for all you help. It's great dealing with a company with integrity and honesty. Very impressive!

1218 Mr. J. Belhumeur, Indiana, USANovember, 2012

The basic report was emailed, and this exceeded my expectations. That was all I needed. I plan to see my family doctor and purchase the [complete report].

Really, I can't thank you enough for the timely responses. The largest reason I believe this service is superior? All the questions. It would take my doctor a very long time to collect this information in a single appointment, and we both know that isn't feasible.

1219 Roseann Cinalli, Pennsauken, New Jersey, USANovember, 2012

I have gone through the computer part of the analyst. I am one of your greatest supporters since using your advice has already significantly improved my 5 disabilities.

1220 Faith Baker, Keizer, Oregon, USADecember, 2012

I was very pleased with the report and thank you so much for such a program, Thank you

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