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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between December, 2012 and March, 2013

1221 Miguel Font, Miami, Florida, USADecember, 2012

Up to now, nobody has gone where you are.

1222 Stacey Blakley, Merritt Island, FL, USADecember, 2012

I so wish a tool like this was part of a regular doctors office visit where further in depth discussions and explanations could be had.

I thank you whole-heartedly for you time and recommendations!!!

1223 Roger Emery, Tucson, AZ, USADecember, 2012

Last time I used your service it was the only correct diagnosis for my rib subluxation - fast with good references to an acupuncturist that was extremely effective in abating the problem.

1224 Hilary Healy, Portland, Oregon, USADecember, 2012

(To her reviewing doctor:)  I am writing to thank you for your help. I have confirmed first hand what I had already known..western medicine is not gentle with its participants. I appreciate the time, attention and guidance you have given me. You provided me a level of respect that I had not enjoyed from my providers before our correspondence. I have providers (great ones) now.

1225 Jodilee McGhee, Lacey, Washington, USADecember, 2012

Neat site--very thorough.

1226 Neidy Trozeski, New Jersey, USAJanuary, 2013

Thank you for this wonderful helping tool.

1227 Heidi Snyder, Port Townsend, WA, USAJanuary, 2013

Thanks for such a comprehensive diagnostic tool.

1228 Monica Williamson, Maypen, JamaicaJanuary, 2013

Thank you very much for your help. The information is very comprehensive and I appreciate that. I will update if I feel the need later. THANKS again.

1229 Ms. R. Leight, MN, USAJanuary, 2013

(To her reviewing doctor:)  I would like to state that I take this report very seriously (though it is all supposition that must be confirmed) and that, frankly, I was incredibly relieved upon reading it.  While some of the results were particularly unsettling, it really wasn't too surprising.  My relief stems from the fact that this is the first time in my life that any health care professional has ever seemed to take my health seriously.  I go to my local clinics and the doctors hurry me in and out, "diagnosing" me with whatever is the most common thing possibly related to only a handful of my various symptoms.  Each consecutive week that I return, they seem to grow increasingly irritated with their inability to fix me, but never seem to come any closer to a solution.

1230 Mrs. J. Baker, IN, USAJanuary, 2013

It is a unique system and I wish you the very best of luck with your venture.

1231 Sandy DeFreitas, Whitby, Ontario, CanadaJanuary, 2013

Thank you for sending this report for me.  Please thank the Doctor as well.  I have read it, but will do so again (probably twice more).  I will then ask for any information I feel I need.  I really appreciate the quick, practical and very informative report.

Best regards,
Sandy DeFreitas

1232 Jennifer March, Auckland, New ZealandJanuary, 2013

I applaud you for such a comprehensive questionaire,this is the first time ive ever come across one like it,thanks and incredibly appreciative

1233 Scott Richardson, Salt Spring Island, BC, CanadaFebruary, 2013

This seems like a really awesome service I wish I knew about a long time ago. Thank you and I believe you are helping lots of people who want to take responsibility for their health.

1234 David Wong, Davie, FL, USAFebruary, 2013

I was happy with your report as it compares with other doctor's diagnoses. It helps in confirming what I am being told.
With much gratitude

1235 Vincent L., London, UKFebruary, 2013

Thank for the report. I find it extremely helpful and have recommended your site to several individuals.

1236 Okwy Nwosu, Jos, Plateau, NigeriaFebruary, 2013

Your questions on different health
conditions are exhaustive and I am of the
opinion that you must have very
competent Doctors.please keep it up!

1237 Dave Gowling, Richmond, Surrey, GBFebruary, 2013

Thank you for your very interesting and informative report.

1238 Polly Boyajian, Lacey, Washington, USAMarch, 2013

It was long, but worth it

1239 Leo Francis, Kennedy Town, Hong KongMarch, 2013

Excellent service.  A very thorough and easy to follow questionnaire with pertinent questions.

1240 Donald Webster, Sherman Oaks (LA), California, USAMarch, 2013

I was much impressed by your insightful and comprehensive report. The report by Doctor Shelby-Lane was above and beyond, or so it seemed to me. The Analyst is a great tool and offers me some further thoughts to convey to my doctors. Thank you for he great service.
Donald Webster

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