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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between August and September, 2011

1121 Jake Kohler, Hinckley, IL, USAAugust, 2011

I have received the e-mail and have access to the results.  Thank you for taking the time to consider my request, as well as taking action!  A lot of big companies won't take the time to meet the needs of every single customer, but you have.  I've enjoyed working with you, and want you to know you'll be recommended by me in the future to friends and family.  Thanks!

-Jake Kohler

1122 Dennis Hatcher, Effingham, Illinois, USAAugust, 2011

Thank you, the report is everything I could have wanted. I am happy with it on how detailed it is.

1123 Dorinda Fontes, Salinas, CA, USAAugust, 2011

thank you for the report I feel it will help me and my MD make headway to find out my issue /I really appreciate your time and concern/Mrs Dorinda Fontes

1124 Mary J Tyler, Glenfern, Tasmania, AustraliaAugust, 2011

The very best site for courteous, prompt replies that contain highly in-depth professional analysis. Diagnose Me.com gave me helpful advice, peace of mind and hope. My diagnosis led me to have important (and perhaps even life saving) blood tests and for that I am most thankful.
Sincerely  Mary J Tyler  Glenfern Rd, Glenfern, Tasmania.

1125 Shalvah Carol, FL, USAAugust, 2011

Thank you for helping people.

1126 Mike Piritidis, AustraliaAugust, 2011

Many thanks quite interesting set of question which opens a can of worms.
Thanks for the information.



1127 Kathryn Barton, Sacramento, CA, USAAugust, 2011

Thank you for your report.  I am committing to making all of the changes recommended.  I will probably have more questions as I read through it all. It's alot of information.

Kathie Barton

1128 Chinedu Orji, NigeriaAugust, 2011

I must sincerely say that my heart is gladened at your disposition to help people healthwise.

1129 Noelle Pritchard Barkley, Golden, CO, USAAugust, 2011

Hello! I DID receive the full report and thank you very much for the great service! Thanks so much!

1130 Ron Chalmers, Texas, USAAugust, 2011

The report is certainly worth the $25.  Thank you.
Ron Chalmers

1131 Mylo Forsyth, Calgary, Alberta, CanadaAugust, 2011

Thank the staff I feel they did well.

1132 Anne Tennock, Qld, AustraliaAugust, 2011

Thanks for your report. I was blown away by it.

1133 Cheryl Bennett, Victoria, BC, CanadaAugust, 2011

Thank-you very much for your services it is greatly appreciated.
Sincerely, Cheryl

1134 Teresa Braswell, SC, USASeptember, 2011

The computer generated report was informative and had some good and helpful links.  Worth the $25 charge.

1135 Ginger Poupon, California, USASeptember, 2011

Thank you for this opportunity to look into my health in great depth.  I sincerely appreciate it.

1136 Cheryl Richert, FL, USASeptember, 2011

I have received my full report.  Thank you so much for working so quickly to get it to me.  I have recommended your site to others.

1137 Mark Smith, Baltimore, MD, USASeptember, 2011

Yes, I have received the report. It was very informative and useful.  Thank you, Mark

1138 Ed S., Spotswood, NJSeptember, 2011

Wow!!  What an awesomely comprehensive report.  [The reviewing doctor] was so thorough with his suggestions, I am completely confident I will benefit greatly from using this as my starting point towards total recovery.  I also have to note I was pleasantly surprised when the good Doctor offered to answer any follow-up questions I may have.  Your service is worth at least 10 times the small amount I paid for it.  I am grateful and you may feel free to utilize my feedback.

Thank you very much.

1139 Robert Perthuis, New York, USASeptember, 2011

(To his reviewing doctor:)  Once again I thank you for taking the time to respond and I greatly appreciate your comments in the first paragraph as I thought I might have overstepped my limits or boundaries of interaction with you. I know this does not replace an annual physical etc. and I know that you must have many of these to reply to so I am truly grateful.

1140 Diane Sylvain, CanadaSeptember, 2011

(To her reviewing doctor:)  A VERY big thank you for your response. Please know you may helped me heal myself by thoroughly reviewing my case, and giving me an opportunity to ask my questions in this follow-up email. Have a great rest of the evening. Kind regards, and in gratitude,
Diane Sylvain

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