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Vasomotor Cephalalgia:
Migraine headache.
Vasomotor Dysfunction:
Disorder involving blood vessel constriction.
Vascular abnormality without discernible physiological cause.
Vegetative Dystonia:
Abnormal tissue tonicity resulting from autonomic nervous system dysfunction.
Vegetative Nervous:
Vegetative nervous system: Portion of the nervous system associated with involuntary functions; autonomic nervous system.
Phlebectasia, dilation of the veins.
Venous Tone:
Firmness of tension of vascular walls.
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More medical terms starting with 'V'

Small sac.
See Virus.
Any of a vast group of minute structures composed of a protein coat and a core of DNA and/or RNA that reproduces in the cells of the infected host.  Capable of infecting all animals and plants, causing devastating disease in immunocompromised individuals.  Viruses are not affected by antibiotics, and are completely dependent upon the cells of the infected host for the ability to reproduce.
See Virus.
Inhibiting viral action.
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