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Medical definitions of terms starting with 'T'

T3 only:
Examples of T3-only thyroid hormone replacements include: Cytomel or Tertroxin.
T4 Joint:
See T4 Vertebra.
T4 Joints:
See T4 Vertebra.
T4 only:
Examples of T4-only thyroid hormone replacements include: Synthroid, Thyroxine, Eltroxin, Levoxyl, Unithroid or Levothyroxine.
T4 Syndrome:
See T4 Vertebra.
T4 Vertebra:
The T4 vertebra is fourth from the top among the 12 thoracic vertebrae at the center of the upper back, which support the rib cage.  T4 Syndrome is a rare condition involving spinal injury at the T4 vertebra causes a set of symptoms including pain and strange sensations.
Progressive decrease in response following repetitive administration of a pharmacologically or physiologically active substance.
When referring to bowel movements: Dark/black, soft, sticky tar-like stools caused especially by bleeding in the stomach or upper intestine.

More medical terms starting with 'T'

Three times a day (ter die sumendum.)
Equivalent to 5cc (5ml).
See Teaspoon.
Tender Points:
Inflammation of a tendon and its sheath.
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More medical terms starting with 'T'

Platelet defect with impaired ability to form blood clots.
The iodine-containing protein that is stored in the thyroid gland.  It is converted into circulating thyroxines when the thyroid is stimulated by TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) from the pituitary (in turn stimulated by the hypothalamus, where thyroxine levels are actually monitored).  See also T4.
Tick-Borne Disease:
A disease carried by or caused by an animal tick.  Examples include Babesiosis, Colorado Tick Fever, Ehrlichiosis, Lyme disease, Relapsing Fever, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Tick Paralysis, Tularemia (Rabbit Fever).  Ticks are small 8-legged parasitic insects that attach themselves to animals, burrow into skin, and live off blood.
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More medical terms starting with 'T'

Three times a day.
An alcohol or water-alcohol solution, usually referring to a preparation from herbal materials.
Tumor Necrosis Factor.
Surgical removal of the tonsils in order to treat chronic or recurrent infection/inflammation of the tonsils (sore throat).  The adenoids are often removed at the same time.
Total Parenteral Nutrition: Can provide all or most of a patient's nutrient requirements by intravenous means.
See Tropics.
The region of the earth's surface lying between 23°27 North of the equator and 23°27 South of the equator.
See Teaspoon.
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