Definition of Vegetarian:

A person who consumes no meat, fish or fowl (chicken, turkey, etc.), but who may consume animal products such as dairy products (milk, cheese, butter, etc.), eggs or honey.

Also: Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarian, Vegetarianism, Vegetarians

Topics Related to Vegetarian

Aluminum Consumption Avoidance a treatment
“...Taking mineral supplements seems to be a good idea, particularly for vegetarians, since absorption of aluminum is dramatically reduced by the presence of iron in the body...”

Andropause/Male Menopause

...the condition
“...As an example, there is some data suggesting that men on low fat or vegetarian diets have lower testosterone levels...”
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More topics Related to Vegetarian


...our question about Vegetarian, vegan or raw-food diet
“The vegetarian diet promotes stabilization or possible reversal of the atherogenic process.”
...recommendation Plant-Based Nutrition
“A low-fat, low-cholesterol diet is recommended, as is an increase fiber (especially water-soluble fibers), fruits, vegetables, and vegetarian sources of protein.”
...recommendation Nut and Seed Consumption
“A Seventh Day Adventist study that was reported at the 2002 International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition found those that ate a serving of nuts 5 times per week had half the cardiac mortality.”

Calcium Requirement

...the condition
“...Some research has indicated that vegetarian women are at less risk of osteoporosis than are omnivorous women...”

Cancer, General

...our question about Vegetarian, vegan or raw-food diet
“...They speculate that this may why meat-eaters have such higher rates of cancer and heart disease compared to vegetarians.  They acknowledge it could just be the saturated fat in meat and dairy, but maybe it is also because of the incorporation of this foreign substance (plants do not produce NeuGc)...”
...recommendation Plant-Based Nutrition
“Cancer rates for vegetarians are 25 to 50% below population averages, even after controlling for smoking, body mass index, and socioeconomic status...”

CBC (Complete Blood Count) Test a treatment
“...A plethora of additional factors can affect your test results: your intake of caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, and vitamin C; your diet (vegetarian vs. omnivorous); stress or anxiety; or a pregnancy...”

Chronic Fatigue / Fibromyalgia Syndrome

...recommendation Raw Food Diet
“In one study, 30 people participated in a dietary intervention using a mostly raw, pure vegetarian diet.  The diet consisted of raw fruits, salads, carrot juice, tubers, grain products, nuts, seeds, and a dehydrated barley grass juice product...”

Colon Cancer

...recommendation Animal/Saturated Fats Avoidance
“...Choose chicken, fish, or vegetarian alternatives such as beans instead.”


...recommendation Plant-Based Nutrition
“A vegetarian diet is generally higher in fiber than non-vegetarian diets...”

Coronary Disease / Heart Attack

...our question about Low-carbohydrate dieting
“...While the LDL in the Atkins group increased 6%, the LDL cholesterol levels in the whole-foods vegetarian group was cut in half, dropping 52%...”
...recommendation Nut and Seed Consumption
“A Seventh Day Adventist study that was reported at the 2002 International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition found those that ate a serving of nuts 5 times per week had half the cardiac mortality.”

DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) a treatment
“...Supplementation with an algae source of docosahexaenoic acid increases (n-3) fatty acid status and alters selected risk factors for heart disease in vegetarian subjects.  J Nutr...”

EFA (Essential Fatty Acid) Type 3 Requirement

...the condition
“...This news may be particularly interesting to people following a vegetarian diet or for those who do not eat fish products...”

Effects of a Low Carbohydrate Diet

...the condition
“...In the year-long comparison of the Atkins Diet to Dean Ornish's vegetarian diet, Weight Watchers, and The Zone Diet, the Atkins Diet came last in terms of weight lost at the end of the year...”

EPA (eicosapentanoic acid) a treatment
“...Vegetarians have lower blood levels of EPA due to its absence in foods of plant origin...”

Essential Fatty Acids a treatment
“...Vegetarians' bodies carry up to 25% of their body fat as LA...”

Female Hair Loss

...the condition
“...Common causes of hair loss or hair thinning in women ... protein deficiency (common with vegetarian diets)...”

Gallbladder Disease

...recommendation Plant-Based Nutrition
“In a study published in the British Medical Journal, it was shown that vegetarian women had a much lower incidence of gallstones than non-vegetarian women...”


...recommendation Reduced Protein Diet
“...Also, contrary to what many would assume, a low protein diet is not a synonym for a vegetarian diet.  There is always a risk of malnutrition with low protein diets...”


...recommendation Plant-Based Nutrition
“A more vegetarian diet is naturally lower in saturated fats (meat and dairy products) and higher in grains, vegetables, fruits, vegetable proteins (legumes such as soy), and essential fatty acids (cold-water...”

High Total Cholesterol

...recommendation Plant-Based Nutrition
“August, 2017: A dietary review of 49 observational and controlled studies found that plant-based vegetarian diets – especially vegan diets – are associated with lower levels of total cholesterol, including lower levels of HDL and LDL cholesterol, compared to omnivorous diets...”

High/Increased Protein Diet a treatment
“...Although plant sources of protein are in general not as rich in the amount or variety of amino acids as animal sources, sensible vegan and vegetarian diets will provide more than enough...”

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

...recommendation Plant-Based Nutrition
“...of 89,000 Californians – found that those who ate meat only once a week had a 23% lower rate of high blood pressure; those who excluded all meat except fish from their diets had a 38% lower rate; vegetarians a more than 50% lower rate, and vegans a 75% lower rate...”

Iodine Requirement

...our question about Vegetarian, vegan or raw-food diet
“...In October of 2003, one of many articles appeared on iodine deficiency in vegetarians and vegans...”

Laryngeal Cancer

...recommendation Plant-Based Nutrition
“See the link between Cancer, General and Vegetarian/Vegan Diet.”

Lipase a treatment
“...In some vegetarian diets, very little bile is produced since the liver is not stimulated to produce bile, with the result that the large fat molecules are not properly emulsified, making it difficult for the...”

Low Sex Hormone Binding Globulin

...recommendation Plant-Based Nutrition
“It has been observed that a vegetarian diet is associated with high plasma levels of sex hormone-binding globulin, reducing clearance of sex hormones and probably risk of breast and prostate cancer.”

Magnesium a treatment
“...baked, with skin 1 medium 55 Soybeans, cooked 12 cup 54 Peanuts, dry roasted 1oz 50 Peanut butter 2 Tbsp 50 Chocolate bar 1.45oz 45 Bran, 100% 2 Tbsp 44 Potato, baked, without skin 1 medium 40 Vegetarian baked beans 12 cup 40 Avocado, California 12 medium 35 Lentils, cooked 12 cup 35 Banana, raw 1 medium 34 Shrimp, mixed species, raw 3oz (12 large) 29 Tahini 2 Tbsp 28 Raisins, golden...”

Methionine a treatment
“...This is the most common dietary deficiency seen in vegetarians.  Plant foods contain methionine as well: beans, seeds, onions, peanuts, lentils, and some grains...”
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More topics Related to Vegetarian

Multiple Sclerosis

...recommendation Plant-Based Nutrition
“A vegan/vegetarian diet satisfies several of the requirements set out in the Swank Diet for Multiple Sclerosis.”

Osteoporosis - Osteopenia

...recommendation Increased Fruit/Vegetable Consumption
“...Vegetarians have on average greater bone mass than meat eaters.”

Plant-Based Nutrition a treatment
“A vegetarian diet has been advocated by everyone from philosophers such as Plato and Nietzsche, to political leaders such as Benjamin Franklin and Gandhi, to modern pop icons such as Paul McCartney and...”

Pregnancy-Related Issues

...recommendation DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)
“...Vegan diets are devoid of EPA and DHA, while vegetarian diets provide small amounts in dairy products...”

Problems Caused By Being Overweight

...recommendation Plant-Based Nutrition
“...The results of the biggest study on diet and obesity to date was released in 2003, comparing over a thousand vegans to tens of thousands of meat-eaters, and lacto-ovo vegetarians.  The meat-eaters were on average significantly heavier than the vegetarians, who were significantly heavier than the vegans...”
...recommendation Raw Food Diet
“...[Presented at the Third International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition, Loma Linda, California USA, March 24-26, 1997]”

Protein Deficiency

...the condition
“...Protein deficiency is generally higher among vegetarians, vegans and elderly people, and pregnant women are also at greater risk...”


...the condition
“...considerations and treatments should include: Improving digestive function, improving liver function, improving bowel ecology, alcohol avoidance, fish oil and omega 3 supplementation, fasting, vegetarianism, food allergy elimination diets, sunshine exposure and vitamin D use, a high fiber diet, and stress reduction...”

Raw Food/Fruitarian Diet Consequences

...the condition
“...Soy products do not feature prominently in the raw food diet as is often the case in alternative or vegetarian diets.  The remaining 25% (by weight or calories) should come from primarily cooked vegetables...”

Rheumatoid Arthritis

...recommendation Therapeutic Fasting
“...[Controlled trial of fasting and a one-year vegetarian diet eased symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis; The Lancet, 1991, 338]”
...recommendation Plant-Based Nutrition
“Many studies have shown that vegetarian diets can be used to successfully treat rheumatoid arthritis...”

Selenium a treatment
“...Some experts believe that vegetarians may not be getting enough selenium unless supplemented...”

Silicon / Silica a treatment
“...Silicon is readily available when pursuing a true vegetarian diet.  Most synergistic formulated combinations of herbal medications contain Silicon...”

Stomach Cancer

...recommendation Weight Loss
“During analysis of the data from a Yale study (see link between Increased Risk of Stomach Cancer and treatment Vegetarian/Vegan Diet) the research team found that obesity is strongly linked with risk of these cancers...”

Supplemental Fiber a treatment
“...Vegetarians and others who eat high fiber diets tend to eat less processed food and to eat overall healthier diets...”

Varicose Veins

...recommendation Plant-Based Nutrition
“...A diet tending towards vegan/raw-food generally satisfies all these requirements; vegetarians should watch their fat intake.”

Vegan Diet Consequences

...the condition
“A vegan diet is a strict vegetarian diet without any eggs or dairy products...”
...relationship to Zinc Requirement
Vegetarians who consume a variety of legumes and nuts will probably meet their zinc requirement, but otherwise a vegetarian diet may be inadequate in zinc...”
...relationship to Male Infertility (Low Sperm Count)
“Various theories have been proposed to explain reduced fertility among vegetarians and vegans: possible vitamin deficiencies (such as vitamin B12); increased use of soy (contains phyto-estrogens); increased pesticide consumption through a diet high in fruits and...”
...recommendation Zinc
Vegetarians may need as much as 50% more zinc than non-vegetarians because of the lower absorption of zinc from plant foods, so it is very important for vegetarians to include good sources of zinc in...”

Vegetarian Diet Consequences

...the condition
“Some people still worry about the ease with which a vegetarian diet can provide all essential nutrients...”
...our question about Weight loss surgery
“As with any diet following gastric surgery, vegetarians need to plan carefully to make sure they get all necessary nutrients in their small meals...”
...relationship to Male Infertility (Low Sperm Count)
“...Comparing 443 omnivores with 26 vegetarians and five vegans, they found that vegetarians and vegans had significantly lower sperm counts compared with meat eaters – 50 million sperm per ml compared with 70 million per ml...”
...recommendation Iodine
Vegetarians who don't eat sea vegetables or use iodized salt should consider supplementing their diet with iodine...”
...recommendation Vitamin B12 (Cobalamine)
“B12 supplementation is generally recommended for those on a vegetarian diet.”
...recommendation Test for B12 Levels
“For longer-term vegetarians who have not been careful about consuming enough B12 (in the form of supplements or fortified foods), it may be wise to have B12 levels assessed and to consider dietary supplementation...”
...recommendation Zinc
Vegetarians may need as much as 50% more zinc than non-vegetarians because of the lower absorption of zinc from plant foods, so it is very important for vegetarians to include good sources of zinc in...”

Vitamin A a treatment
“...Vitamin supplements can be an important source of vitamin A for such people, yet many vegetarian and prenatal products contain only beta carotene, which appears to convert to vitamin A at a fixed rate...”

Vitamin B12 (Cobalamine) a treatment
“...Those who don't like taking supplements can eat fortified foods, including fortified soy milks and rice milks, breakfast cereals, fake meats, sea weeds, one type of nutritional yeast (Red Star Brand Vegetarian Support Formula) and so on...”

Vitamin B12 Requirement

...our question about Vegetarian, vegan or raw-food diet
“The authors of one study note that the vegan diet provides essentially no vitamin B12, and people following unsupplemented vegetarian diets may suffer from a deficit as well due to the lower levels in the diet...”

Zinc a treatment
“...This is not usually a problem but, in strict vegetarians, when the intake of iron is low, there may be a need to take a small, regular dose of iron to prevent the occurrence of iron-deficiency anemia...”
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