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Medical definitions of terms starting with 'O'

Hind-most region on the top of the head.
Eye pain.

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Optical Prescription:
The units representing the amount of correction needed to normalize vision for distance are called 'diopters'.  A higher diopter means you are more nearsighted or farsighted.  A prescription is usually written as three numbers, for example:

     OD   -4.25 -1.75 X 180
     OS   -5.50 -1.25 X 175
        +2.25 Add OU

OD stands for the right eye, and OS for the left eye.  In this example, the first number (-4.25 and -5.50) is the degree of spherical nearsightedness or farsightedness.  The sign identifies whether you are nearsighted (minus sign) or farsighted (plus sign).  The second number (-1.75 and -1.25) is the degree of astigmatism, positive or negative.  The last number (180 and 175) is the axis, or the direction of your astigmatism.  An axis of 180° means the astigmatism is horizontal.  The "Add" at the end is for the reading part of a bifocal lens.  Sometimes only one number is written for each eye when there is no astigmatism.
An oratic acid salt (nucleic acid); an effective molecule for transporting minerals through cellular membranes.  Functions as an essential part of every living cell.
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More medical terms starting with 'O'

Inflammation of a bone and its cartilage.
See Over-The-Counter.
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More medical terms starting with 'O'

Approximately 28 grams.
See Ounce.
Over The Counter:
See Over-The-Counter.
A drug or medication that can legally be bought without a doctor's prescription being required.
Pin worm.
See Ounce.
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