Definition of Vitex:

Vitex agnus castus.  Common name: chaste tree berry.

Topics Related to Vitex

Adolescent Acne

...recommendation Vitex / Chasteberry
Vitex has been found to be very useful for treating teenage acne, preferably accompanied by changes in eating habits.”


...recommendation Vitex / Chasteberry
Vitex (as a hormone normalizer) may be considered the most appropriate of the herbal remedies for the underlying processes involved in endometriosis.”
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More topics Related to Vitex

Female Infertility

...recommendation Vitex / Chasteberry
Vitex is often used to help infertility caused by a luteal phase defect (a shortening of the post-ovulatory part of the menstrual cycle): women taking vitex for three months appear to have more...”

Fibrocystic Breast Disease

...the condition
“...Vitex has been shown to help re-establish normal balance of estrogen and progesterone during a woman's menstrual cycle...”


...recommendation Vitex / Chasteberry
Vitex is used as a way to prevent repeat uterine fibroids.”

Lithosperma a treatment
“...Like Vitex, Lithosperma may act directly on the hypothalamus to improve the regulation of hormones and promote a regular rhythm to the cycles...”

Menopausal Issues

...recommendation Vitex / Chasteberry
“...The ability of vitex to increase the secretion of luteinizing hormone which raises progesterone levels is the likely mode of action...”

Menorrhagia (Heavy Periods)

...recommendation Vitex / Chasteberry
Vitex is probably one of the most effective herbs in the treatment of menorrhagia...”
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More topics Related to Vitex


...recommendation Vitex / Chasteberry
Vitex acts on the pituitary gland in the brain to adjust levels of LH (luteinizing hormone) and FSH (follicle stimulating hormone)...”

Motherhood Issues

...recommendation Vitex / Chasteberry
“In one study of 100 nursing mothers, vitex was shown to significantly improve milk flow and milk-release when compared to placebo...”

Pregnancy-Related Issues

...recommendation against Vitex / Chasteberry
Vitex should not be used by pregnant women.”

Premenstrual Syndrome

...recommendation Vitex / Chasteberry
“Clinical studies using vitex extract show a reduction in headaches, breast tenderness, bloating, fatigue, cravings for sweets, and also feelings of anxiety, irritability, depression and mood swings, after only one month...”

Progesterone Low or Estrogen Dominance

...recommendation Vitex / Chasteberry
Vitex increases luteinizing hormone production while inhibiting the release of follicle stimulating hormone, leading to an indirect increase in progesterone and a normalization of prolactin levels...”

Vitex / Chasteberry a treatment
“Alternative names: Chasteberry, Chaste Berry Vitex is one of the most popular botanicals in Europe for treating menstrual disorders and has been recognized as gentle and effective for 2,500 years...”
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