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Medical definitions of terms starting with 'F'

The (American) Food and Drug Administration.  It is the official government agency that is responsible for ensuring that what we put into our bodies – particularly food and drugs – is safe and effective.
Having to do with a fever.
Fecal Lubricant:
An example of such a laxative is liquid paraffin, which is indigestible and absorbed only to a small extent.  It penetrates and softens the feces, and coats the surface with an oil film, which facilitates its passage through the intestine.  It is considered to have a usefulness as an occasional laxative in situations where straining at the stool must be avoided, but it has several drawbacks which make it unsuitable for regular use.

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Fecal Lubricants:
See Fecal Lubricant.
Fecal Softener:
These act by lowering the surface tension of the intestinal contents, allowing fluid and fat to penetrate, emulsify and soften fecal material for easier elimination.  The feces are kept soft, and evacuation is achieved without straining.  An example is docusate sodium, an anionic surfactant that also exerts a stimulant laxative effect similar to that of the anthraquinones.
Fecal Softeners:
See Fecal Softener.
0.000000000000001 or one quadrillionth of a liter.
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Fibromyalgia Tender Points:
Specific points on the body that are exceptionally sensitive/painful to the touch in people with fibromyalgia.  There are 18 possible locations, made up of 9 pairs located on opposite sides of the body.  About the size of a penny, these points are much more sensitive than nearby areas.  The locations are (front of body): neck above collarbone, either side of breastbone, elbows, knees; (back of body): either side of base of skull, either side of base of neck, shoulder blades, top of buttocks either side of spine, outside of legs under buttocks.  Patients who have 11 or more tender points generally meet the diagnostic criteria for fibromyalgia.
First-Degree Burn:
Burn involving only the epidermis and causing irritation and edema without blisters.
See Femtoliter.
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More medical terms starting with 'F'

An involuntary, temporary reddening of the skin, usually of the face but perhaps also the neck or chest, resulting from dilation of the blood vessels beneath the skin surface.  Flushing is normally due to exercise, heat, alcohol, or spicy foods, but a variety of emotions – such as anger, sexual arousal, or embarrassment – can also cause flushing.  Flushing can also be caused by hormonal changes when entering menopause, often accompanied by hot flashes, and during pregnancy.  Flushing typically refers to a more pronounced redness of the face than blushing.
A simple sugar which occurs naturally in fruit or honey.
Inhibiting the growth of fungi.
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