Definition of Iritis:

Inflammation of the iris, the colored part of the eye.  Rheumatoid Iritis: An autoimmune (rheumatoid factor) inflammation of the iris.  This is a face of rheumatoid arthritis seldom diagnosed, along with rheumatoid otitis.  Viral Iritis: A viral infection of the iris.  It appears red and swollen, and pupil contraction and relaxation is erratic and pulled.  The usual cause is a herpes infection, often resident in the trigeminal nerve, and reoccurring during times of stress or sympathetic to a larger viral condition.

Also: Rheumatoid Iritis, Viral Iritis

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...our question about eye infection or inflammation
“In some cases, pressure within the eye may rise suddenly after a blow to the eye or during an attack of iritis.”


...the condition
Iritis is a form of anterior uveitis – an inflammatory disorder of the colored part of the eye (iris)...”
...our question about Eye pain
“Although it is more common for just one eye to be affected during an attack of iritis, both eyes may be affected at the same time...”
...relationship to Ankylosing Spondylitis
“...Iritis occurs from time to time in one-fourth of those with the condition.”
...recommendation Visiting An Eye Doctor
“Since iritis is an inflammation inside the eye, the condition is potentially sight-threatening...”


...related topic
“Severe eye inflammation, including conjunctivitis, iritis, severe hay fever, etc.”
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