Iodine-Containing Food Consumption

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In the Food Intake section of the questionnaire, The Analyst™ will ask the following question about iodine-containing food consumption:
Estimate how often you consume iodine-containing foods. The most common dietary sources of iodine are seaweeds and iodized salt.
Possible responses:
→ Don't know
→ Never / rarely / I don't make a point of it
→ A few times per week
→ Daily or almost daily

What does this tell us?

Based on your response, which may indicate low iodine consumption, some iodine consumption or high iodine consumption, The Analyst™ is able to consider possibilities such as:

Amongst adults, low iodine intake or very high intakes can cause hypothyroidism.  Excessive iodine has a complex disruptive effect on the thyroid and may cause hypothyroidism in susceptible individuals.

Thyroid Cancer

Excessive iodine has a complex disruptive effect on the thyroid and may cause an increased risk of thyroid cancer.

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