Egg Consumption

Evaluating Risk Factors: Eating Eggs

Evaluating your likely current (and near future) state of health means taking into account the risk factors — such as egg consumption — that affect you.   Our medical diagnosis tool, The Analyst™, identifies major risk factors by asking the right questions.

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In the Food Intake section of the questionnaire, The Analyst™ will ask the following question about egg consumption:
How high would you rate your overall consumption of eggs and egg-containing foods? Eggs are an ingredient of many foods such as mayonnaise, most cakes, many desserts, breads, other flour-based products.
Possible responses:
→ None - I carefully avoid eggs and egg products
→ Lower than average - I usually avoid eggs
→ About average / don't know
→ High - I enjoy eggs most/every day

The Diagnostic Process

Based on your response to this question, which may indicate not eating eggs, low egg consumption, egg consumption or high egg consumption, The Analyst™ will use differential diagnosis to consider possibilities such as:
Gallbladder Disease

Gallstones are caused by changes in bile, which is a fluid produced by the liver to help digest food.  When changes in bile occur, such as high level of cholesterol, it can cause bile to crystallize and form gallstones.  Eggs are naturally high in fats and cholesterol and higher intake can increase risk of Gallbladder disease.

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