Salt Intake Level

Evaluating Risk Factors: High Salt Intake

Evaluating your likely current (and near future) state of health means taking into account the risk factors — such as salt intake level — that affect you.   Our medical diagnosis tool, The Analyst™, identifies major risk factors by asking the right questions.

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In the Food Intake section of the questionnaire, The Analyst™ will ask the following question about salt intake level:
Salt consumption. How much added salt (salt that is not already in the food) and salty foods/snacks do you eat on average?
Possible responses:
→ None
→ Very little, I try to avoid it
→ Average / don't know
→ Above average
→ A lot - I usually add salt and enjoy salted foods

The Diagnostic Process

Based on your response to this question, which may indicate no added salt consumption, low added salt consumption, added salt consumption or high added salt consumption, The Analyst™ will use differential diagnosis to consider possibilities such as:
Excess Salt Consumption

Excess Salt Consumption also suggests the following possibilities:

Alzheimer's Disease

August 25th, 2011: A study published in the journal Neurobiology of Aging has found that elderly people who have salt-rich diets and exercise little suffer quicker mental decline.  Just over a teaspoon (7.7gm) of salt a day can dull the mind and raise the risk of Alzheimer's, the study suggests.

The team from the University of Toronto tracked salt consumption and physical activity of 1,262 healthy men and women aged between 67 and 84 over a three-year period.  They also assessed the mental health of the participants at the start of the study and once a year for the duration.

The good news is that sedentary older adults showed no cognitive decline over the three years if they had low sodium intake.

... and also reduce your risk factors for:
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