Hydrogenated Fat Consumption

Evaluating Risk Factors: Hydrogenated Fats

Evaluating your likely current (and near future) state of health means taking into account the risk factors — such as hydrogenated fat consumption — that affect you.   Our medical diagnosis tool, The Analyst™, identifies major risk factors by asking the right questions.

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In the Food Intake section of the questionnaire, The Analyst™ will ask the following question about hydrogenated fat consumption:
Hydrogenated oils / fats. How often, on average, do you consume them, not distinguishing good oil from bad? They are often found in margarines, cakes, biscuits, french fries, chips, and sweets for example.
Possible responses:
→ Never
→ On rare occasions / I try very hard to avoid them
→ A few times per week
→ About once a day
→ More than once daily (average diet) / don't know

The Diagnostic Process

Based on your response to this question, which may indicate hydrogenated fat avoidance, hydrogenated fat consumption or high hydrogenated fat consumption, The Analyst™ will use differential diagnosis to consider possibilities such as:
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