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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between February and March, 2011

1061 James Bruhn, Pennsylvania, USAFebruary, 2011

I would like to thank [the reviewing doctor] for his feedback on my report. It is considerably more detailed than I anticipated and I am most appreciative.

His diligence has inspired me to make some life style changes in my eating habits.

Thank you very much,

Jim Bruhn

1062 Cedric Carton, SwitzerlandFebruary, 2011

Thank you very much for an extremely complete and thorough analysis of my medical situation and for indications on how to proceed. Many conditions you pointed out are indeed existent and I shall be discussing the other pointers with my doctor with a view to investigating further some of the areas of risk you have identified.

Not insignificantly, your report was delivered in a very timely manner. Many thanks.

Best regards,

1063 Amanda Schlegel, MT, USAFebruary, 2011

Thank you so much for this report! I didn't expect it to be this thorough. I very much appreciate your time! You have covered all of my main concerns... Thank you very much

Amanda Schlegel

1064 Connie Hunter, UKFebruary, 2011

Thankyou for your analysis which was interesting to say the least.

1065 John Sukosky, VA, USAFebruary, 2011

(To his reviewing doctor:) Thank-you for the extensive evaluation you provided based on the Diagnose-Me.com survey.  I was especially pleased to get an evaluation by a Natureopath Doctor.  It seems allopathic medicine in my area is more concerned more with reacting to and trying to cure a diseased condition as opposed to prevention of illness.

Thanks again for the excellent evaluation.

John Sukosky

1066 Eric Warren, Ohio, USAFebruary, 2011

(To his reviewing doctor:) Thank you for your report. I have read through it and found it to have a great probability for accuracy ... Thanks again for your analysis. Your report was very thorough. I wish you were available locally.

God Bless,
Eric Warren

1067 John Arno, CA, USAFebruary, 2011

I find the report most helpful, insightful, and plan on referring many of my friends to your website

--and later--

I am going to send out an email with link to your website to everyone on my email list with a cogent recommendation that everyone take the questionnaire, and to allow about 2 hours to complete it.

1068 Harry Snook, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USAMarch, 2011

Diagnose Me,  Many, many thanks, that was a tremendous amount of work.

--and later--

Thank you, so much for the thorough diagnosis you were able to put on my computer, it was a real eye opener - hopefully I will be able to correct many of the items you found that needs immediately attention!

Again, many "Thanks",


1069 Constantinos Shouftas, Nicosia, CyprusMarch, 2011

I am very satisfied with your services and I will recommend you to my friends.

Yours sincerely,
Constantinos Shouftas

1070 Jane Pryce, UKMarch, 2011

I have received the report and I am totally happy with it. I intend to hand it over to my so-called Consultants this week, With regards

1071 Ben Daoust, PA, USAMarch, 2011

(To his reviewing doctor:) Thank you for your input, it opened my eyes to some valuable information. Since the report I've realized that I need to take my health more seriously and have started taking measures to do that.

I appreciate your time and information in getting my health back on the right track.


1072 Susan Knowles, FL, USAMarch, 2011

Thank you, the information that you provided was most helpful.

1073 Stephanie Tannhauser, CA, USAMarch, 2011

(To her reviewing doctor:) Thank you so much for your thorough input on my Health Evaluation.

1074 Gordon Baker, GA, USAMarch, 2011

I am very impressed with your company and service.

Do you offer an Affiliate program??

If so, I would be very interested.

Regards, Gordon

1075 Dr. Robert Schmidt, DO, Quakertown, PA, USAMarch, 2011

I have been coming across your site whenever I do research for naturalistic treatments problems for my patients over many years now. I must give you great praise because I have been impressed always. The thoroughness with which you present information, the accuracy and so many other things have helped me become a better Integrative physician.

I thank you so very much for all of the work that everyone who works for your site has done over the years. I am just guessing that it is "everyone." For all I know it could simply be one or two people, but it is usually one or two people that are the inspiration for everybody else. So once again I thank YOU!

Robert Schmidt, D.O.

Woodlands Healing Research Center

Quakertown, PA 18951


1076 Jeff Dawson, Texas, USAMarch, 2011

This is a good site for honest answers and evaluations.

1077 Jennifer Jack, Athens, GreeceMarch, 2011

Thank you very much for your Preliminary Analysis which was most helpful.

1078 Jennilee Regehr, CanadaMarch, 2011

(To her reviewing doctor:) Thank you for your time. You are doing a wonderful thing, I think. I have wondered- How does one openly tell her DC, MD about searching for and finding answers on this website? Some doctors are not very open to such!

      Once again, THANK YOU!

            Jennilee Regehr

1079 Fred Gonvil, Tucson, AZ, USAMarch, 2011

Thank you so much for your review. It was useful to know some areas of concern and how they connect with each other. For example the dehydration and how it connects with other conditions.
Grateful for your questionnaire, HG ( wife)

1080 Terry Rogers, London, UKMarch, 2011

I have received and read the report. It is longer and more detailed than I anticipated and I will revisit it shortly... as of today I will begin to follow recomendations.

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