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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between December, 2010 and February, 2011

1041 Deborah Morten, MO, USADecember, 2010

I was skeptical about your program in the beginning and was afraid to do something like this over the internet, but I must tell you that I am very impressed and now feel very confident in dealing with you.  This is because I think you have done a wonderful job of responding expediently to my e-mails and have shown true concern!  Thank you for everything!

1042 Ian Burrows, AustraliaDecember, 2010

just a thankyou .i got more information from you in one email than my doctor in many years.all the best ian.

1043 Diane G., Fishers, IN, USADecember, 2010

This report was much more than I expected! I'm happy to finally have a global perspective on my symptoms and possible root causes, which is something I have not been able to obtain from any physician I've visited. Right now I do not have a physician I trust to do anything but treat the most salient symptoms and ignore connections and causes, which is frustrating.

1044 Patrick Clapton, AustraliaDecember, 2010

Thank-you for the report which arrived today (Australian Time).

I was most impressed and have decided to take notice of your recommendations. The report will also enable me to discuss matters with my Doctor with much more confidence that I now have a better understanding of the posible causes of my current health problems. Well worth the effort in completing your extensive questionnaire. Many thanks.

1045 Caroline Le Roux, New ZealandDecember, 2010

I can see from what has been sent to me, that it is very in depth.

1046 Monsie Pickles, Whittington, Vic, AustraliaJanuary, 2011

Thank you very much for your comprehensive report. It will take some time to 'assimilate' it.

1047 Lesley Giumelli, Port Noarlunga South, South AfricaJanuary, 2011

(To her reviewing doctor:) I have perused your report quickly today and will definitely take on board
your suggestions.
I will take the report to my Doctor also, for her to look at.
Thank you so much, I am positive about good results that will be of benefit to me in the long term.
Lesley Giumelli.

1048 Mary Hartnett, Oakville, ON, CanadaJanuary, 2011

Thank you again. The information you have provided me with is very helpful.

1049 Tammy Drumm, FL, USAJanuary, 2011

Thank you for what you do for others who are less knowledgeable.
Warmest Regards, Tammy

1050 Mark Waddicor, Exeter, United KingdomJanuary, 2011

Thank you for the preliminary report, which is very interesting and helpful.

--and later--

I found the report, and especially the interpretation by Dr Matthew Fisel, extremely useful, and I have already made some changes to my lifestyle and my intake of herbal remedies and other supplements based on his comments.

Please would you pass on to Dr Fisel my thanks for the detailed and helpful nature of his analysis.

With all good wishes,

Mark Waddicor

1051 Pamela McDonough, NV, USAJanuary, 2011

Thanks very much. Appreciated. I will recommend your service to friends ... the info crunching is very interesting and helpful.

1052 Aidan Geraghty, Navan, Co Meath, IrelandJanuary, 2011

Thank you very much for my report which is excellent and very comprehensive. I have studied it with great interest. I have noted the key points with which I should be cognizant in future. The advisory sections under the various headings are very useful and will enable me to address the issues covered in each area.
Please thank DR. Fisel for his excellent diagnosis and tell him I will be taking on board many of his recommendations.

Yours sincerely

Aidan Geraghty

1053 Richard Leggett, Leatherhead, Surrey, UKJanuary, 2011

Many thanks for your Report dated 17th January, which is most informative.

1054 Jenny Lass, IL, USAJanuary, 2011

Im just so greatful i could afford this web diagnosis from you!! its been the closes thing to answers in years

1055 Lowell Chuba, MI, USAJanuary, 2011

(2 years after receiving his report:) I got a computer virus and lost my diagnose-me file.  Could I get a copy of it.  I like to keep records of my conditions.  Thanks to the info in the past I was able to help out some of my symptoms and problems.

1056 Gisela Rall, South AfricaJanuary, 2011

Dear Sirs

I am extremely impressed with the Computer Health Analysis and will be visiting my Homeopath with the results, there is no need for a specialist doctor at this stage.

Thank you and kind regards
Gisela Rall

1057 Elan Maioli, CO, USAJanuary, 2011

Doing business over the Web still seems a bit shaky to me, as anybody can claim anything and I am hesitant to give my money to a faceless company. Thank you for assuaging my worries, and being helpful and understanding as well. I now know that I could refer my friends to your service with confidence, as well as use the information to fully understand and take control of my own health care.

Thanks again.

1058 Wim Ten Holder, Ottawa, CanadaFebruary, 2011

What work your Team must have done to set-up a computer
that can squeeze-out the truth (untroubled by knowledgeable
I marvelled at it. Impressed. I am.

1059 Sue Renn, GA, USAFebruary, 2011

WOW is all I can say!  I have practiced Alternative health for almost 40 yrs off and on and have been to many specialists (NDs, MDs, Clinical Kinesiologists-DCs, Others) and no one compares to the volume or preciseness of info that you analyze and produce in one response.  I will refer you to many others.  Now I am free to take care of me and look forward to good health once again.  Thanks to whomever masterminded this wonderful tool.  May all of you be blessed as you bless others who are seeking health and healing.

1060 Heather Weisel, TX, USAFebruary, 2011

Thank you for this service! I've never seen anything quite this complex. With the multitude of issues I have been dealing with, perhaps this can shed some light on things and help me to make more informed choices about my healthcare!

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