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These are unsolicited comments and reviews by some of our users.  We welcome all feedback, good or bad.  Although we like to hear that we are doing a good job, we also need to know how we can improve our service.

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Comments and reviews between June and July, 2007

461 Atha Fokias, UKJune, 2007

This is fantastic.
I have a health professional who knows some of my condition but there was
never an exhaustive investigation as per your 900+ questionaire, even after
CT-scans, I did not become aware of the actual situation or potential risks.

462 Eloise Duke, Enfield, Middx, UKJune, 2007

Following the free diagnosis, I made an appointment w a consultant. I
have surgery in 10 days time. Thank you, your service has certainly made
the difference to me.

463 Rachel M. McRae, New Orleans, Louisiana, USAJune, 2007

I've actually seen ads for "The Analyst" around the web and didn't think about it until I fell more and more ill and turned to the web before going to a physician. I am a skeptic, and I don't like internet money making schemes, but I love paypal and I paid the twenty five dollars.  To receive the same information again, I would pay ten times that amount. I've been getting sicker and sicker, my body falling out of harmony and balance.. And a slew of ailments are popping up left and right, which never happened to me before.
The information in your report was to the core of my existence.. It wasn't a quick fix but a total body repair workshop and I take your advice to heart. It brought to my attention issues I never realized and simple aspects of my life that I needed to change, like SUGAR INTAKE!!!!
Thank you so much for this beautiful and whole approach to total health...
It was worth every penny. I can't imagine what the more expensive reports have to offer.
I appreciate this and believe fully its going to help me on the path back to health... I'll keep you posted..
Rachel M. McRae

464 Mary Shelton, Florida, USAJune, 2007

I can't thank you enough for sending me this report! I learned so much about why I have the problems I have. i take several Supplements,and you recommended a few more. Thank you for taking the time to put this info together for me and sending it!! It really helps!! Mary

465 Chloe Sullivan, UKJune, 2007

Dear 'Diagnose-Me.com'

I would like to thank you for the recent analysis that you sent me, it was very helpful and I will be sure to speak to my GP regarding some of the concerns that were reported. I just wanted to take this time to say what a great service you have, I haven't come across any others like yourselves!! Your report came in very quickly and cleared up a lot of things for me (although I know I should go over these things with my GP also).

But many thanks go to yourselves for the speedy service and helpful website!!

Thank you again,
Chloe Sullivan

466 Mrs. J. Ramsay, Whitefish Bay, WI, USAJune, 2007

THANK YOU (and Dr Michelle Johnson) for the very comprehensive report I received ... and am gradually "digesting."

467 Julianne Robert, Florida, USAJune, 2007

Thank you!!! I wasn't expecting such a quick response, but am so appreciative. I am just looking through my report now. I appreciate your help and for your wonderful health information that you provide. I look forward to finding some helpful tools to improve my health.

--and later--

It seems I have A LOT of reading to do.. You are surely very thorough.. Thank you..

468 Amanda Cox, Banbury, Oxon, UKJune, 2007

I would like to thank you very mutch for helping me the health report.  I managed to receive quite easily.  I that now I can study my report and gain back my good health.

Once again thanks for the time and patience you have given me over the last week.

469 Vickie Culver, CA, USAJune, 2007

I downloaded the report about a week ago but just now had the chance to look it over.  I must say I am very impressed so far with what I have read.

470 Mary Hamilton, CA, USAJune, 2007

Your report was thorough, to say the least.

471 Ms. C. Mills, VA, USAJune, 2007

Thank you for the enlightening information. It has answered so many of my questions, and now I'm ready to take the information to my physician to follow up.

472 Kimberly Colby, Colorado, USAJune, 2007

This is a wonderful website and I will tell everyone I can about it. I was truly amazed how long [my report] was.,and I never expected all the recomendations and all the options. This is a good thing you are doing here, and I thank you. Kimberly Colby

473 Ms Maria Chow, Tortola, Virgin IslandsJune, 2007

I must first of all thank you for the speedy response to my questionnaire... I was not really expecting this. All the same I am very happy.

Thank you!

I did a through examination of myself through blood tests. And exactly what you found from the answers that i produced to you is what the blood examination results were, so i was not surprised.

You guys have done a good job and who would have thought that through all these questions there lies
the the answers. Thank you!

474 Jane Clark, Scotland, UKJune, 2007

Thankyou so much for the report it will be invaluable to me in my approach of other healthcare providers to have a little knowledge and foresight to what can/is happening to my body. Keep up this site it is wonderful.

Bye all the way from Scotland Great Britain xx

475 Cathy P., Cocoa, FLJuly, 2007

I want to thank The Analyst and the Doctor for such a great service. I was quite impressed and very glad I decided to answer you questionnaire. I was only expecting a few pages, but 84 pages chock full of information. It is also nice to go onto a website with hesitation and coming out of it with good thoughts.

476 Richard Leggett, Leatherhead, Surrey, UKJuly, 2007

Many thanks for the medical report. As it is extremely detailed, it will take me a while to read thoroughly. I will contact you again when I have done so. Meantime please convey my thanks also to [the reviewing doctor].

Yours truly,

Richard Leggett

477 Lesley Curd, Exeter, UKJuly, 2007

Your intial report is extremely helpful and accurate, and gave me plenty of pointers to correcting my unhealthy lifestyle. I will not require the more advanced report at this time, but would certainly return again if further health issues arose. I will certainly recommend you to others, I found the questionnaire an insight in itself, the questions you asked were a revelation in themselves ... Thank you again for the superb service.  Yours with appreciation  Mrs. Lesley Curd

478 Diana D., Louisiana, USAJuly, 2007

-t  h  a  n  k  s!!!!!! for your preliminary review, it has helped me learn a lot and to make new adjustments to my daily diet, lack of aerobics, etc. Will appreciate e-mailings in the future!

479 Joan Mackenzie, Glasgow, UKJuly, 2007

Dear Analyst

Thank you very much for this Website
I am amazed at the depth of the report and will find lots to read and consider in the future. My GP could not suggest anythingwrong with me
Please give my thanks to Dr Shelby-Lane

Kind regards


480 Dawn Allshouse, CA, USAJuly, 2007

Thank you for this website. It has taken the time to help me where a Dr. has not. I specifically did not know you should not wear a bra to bed. I also did not know which foods contain fiber. Just thank you so much for being informative to the point that I now know how to eat better.

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